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Cooking has been my passion ever since I was a girl growing up in monterrey, mexico. Hello, my name is elizabeth treviño, owner of la playa fajita grill in harlingen and mcallen.

My grandmother, her mother, my mom, and my uncle all owned restaurants. I grew up with three other sisters and our mother was adamant that we needed to know how to cook, and it turned out to be an art that came naturally for me. I loved it from the bottom of my heart.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I cook and serve others. When I was married, my husband wouldn’t let anyone else cook for him. My kids were the same way. That was pretty cool. Growing up in mexico, that’s what they really teach you: to serve others.

My grandmother was the one who first taught me how to cook.Mexican cooking I was probably eight or nine years old and she was preparing salsa in a molcajete and I can still recall the bright colors and wonderful aroma of ground chile.

Although I love cooking, my first aspiration was not to be a restauranteur. It wanted to go to college, and I did. I actually became a lawyer in mexico and I did that for a while until I came to the united states with my husband in 1985.

It was here in texas that I raised three very lovely, smart, and successful children: israel, ana, and daniel. I went into business in the beauty supply and clothing industries and both were very successful. I also was involved in real estate with my husband and all these experiences helped me grow as a business owner. Following my divorce, I decided to invest my savings, return to my passion, and go into the restaurant business with my sons.Mexican cooking

So we opened our first restaurant in harlingen, la playa mexican café, in 2006. Then in 2013, we opened las fontanas mexican kitchen in new braunfels. Our newest restaurant is la playa fajita grill in mcallen, which opened in september, 2016.

All of our recipes are not just about what I learned as a little girl. They’re the result of years of experience and continuous improvement on what we’ve learned about cooking as a family. Even my sons are always trying to elevate their game.

The treviño family strives every day to bring authentic flavors from , central, and northern mexico, and south texas. To us, mexican food is not just about enchiladas and tacos. It’s a lot of things. I have traveled extensively and I’ve learned so much about mexico.Mexican food so much so, that I’m happy and proud of it. We feature different chiles, different meats, and different seafoods. And we educate our servers in an effort to open people’s minds about the landscape of mexican food and mexican cooking.

The array of mexican cuisine is varied and rich. This must be emphasized, because people often view mexican food as too spicy, or too greasy. That’s a shame, because as someone who has studied mexican cooking, I can tell you that its tastes and textures, the imagination used in combining ingredients, and the manner in which it is presented, rivals any cuisine in the world.

For example, a dish that originated in oaxaca is not always going to be prepared with the same recipe. Mexican cooking isn’t about specific dishes.Mexican food it’s about an entire concept, an entire outlook on cooking. I still travel a lot in mexico and I’m constantly focused on food and always trying to expand my own awareness of different cooking styles and incorporating that into the foods we serve.

Even our system for running the restaurant is constantly changing. These are the things people don’t see, like how we order our food, how much we order, developing and improving our recipes, tracking our most-popular dishes, how much we sell, everything. It’s just amazing. All three of us are involved.

In 2016, I was honored to be chosen as “la reina linda” by lo bello de san antonio women’s association. I only mention this because I’m proud to be part of an organization that helps empower women through education and scholarships.Mexican food this is still one of my main goals: to contribute to the communities that have contributed to the success of our business.

We care a lot about our communities and we care a lot about the quality of our product; those are the most important things for us. It’s not just about making money. Our employees come from the communities we serve and we are committed to hiring and cultivating the best people in the restaurant business. We provide good training. We have had employees start out as busboys and work their way up to become managers. You can have the best food, but you must also have good service. We make them part of our success, make them comfortable, make them happy, which makes our customers happy.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or catering an entire banquet, I want people to see that we love what we’re doing.Make them if you don’t love what you’re doing you’re never going to be successful, no matter how easy or how hard it is.