Cooking fish

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Lots of recepies for fish out there, and when many people think fish I think they imagine it fried. Marinade for steak However in this thread I would like to know what fish you like and how you like it prepared.

Best steak marinade It would be nice if you had recepies and instructions as well to help some of us that are learning or might want to try something different.

Restaurant or kitchen, with spices or no, oven, pan, grill, smoker, or on a stick by the fire. Flank steak marinade Bonus points for pictures.

Since moving to Florida a few years ago I too have been learning to prepare fish other than just frying. How to marinate chicken I’ve found my grill to be a great way to broil/grill fish. How to cook steak in oven I’ve found that “steaky” fish filets like tuna, swordfish or amberjack are better for grilling as those are easier to handle. How to cook tuna steak And then there is what has become a staple around here… Steak marinade Shrimp skewers/kabobs!

Care should be taken when using marinades with seafood. Steak marinade for grilling Seafood takes up the marinade much faster than other meats and rarely will you want to marinade for more than 30 minutes to avoid overwhelming the seafood flavor itself.

I use this for salmon and some other fish. Steak marinade recipes Especially good on Sockeye salmon:

Wisk all together until well blended and brush on both sides of fish. Marinade steak I sometimes let it marinade for 20 or 30 minutes.

We fry fish a lot down here in the South. Bbq steak marinade I have gone back to Zatarain’s fish coating and Wesson vegetable oil. Best marinade for steak Zatarain’s gives you a light coating that does not smother the taste of the fish. Grilled steak marinade I use a big cast iron skillet, real hot oil. Beef steak marinade Drain on paper towels.

Make a white sauce (add a tad more flour than normal so it is a bit thicker), add lemon juice, capers, just a little white wine and a skinch of basil. Good steak marinade Bake fish first, then top with sauce to serve. Overnight steak marinade Sometimes, just before serving, I add a mix of white crab meat and chopped shrimp to the sauce. Marinade for flank steak This will work with any fish, but salmon is particularly good this way. Pork steak marinade I use grouper some.

Let me see if I can dredge up an old camp favorite on the Outer Banks. Ribeye steak marinade I used it for small shark (typically sand shark and they can be quite yummy). Skirt steak marinade You’ll have to work on this one and make it your own…..

– Melt a little butter in the skillet and toss in a couple tbs of flour. Sirloin steak marinade Stir and thicken for a couple of minutes

– Salt, pepper and any spices to bring it up to “zippy”…..Cajun seasoning preferred, Texas Pete is obviously required

Simmer and thicken for a while. T bone steak marinade Once it reaches a reasonable consistency….let’s say 2-3 beers worth of puttering over the camp stove, place fish on top of the mix and cover. Steak marinade easy Keep on low heat for 20 minutes or so….. Easy steak marinade You’ll have to keep checking the fish to see that it’s cooked to your liking.

Meanwhile, whip up a pot of rice. Steak tip marinade I prefer brown rice but whatever you like.

Serve over the rice and get out of the way. Simple steak marinade If the boys have only had beer and pretzels since breakfast, you’ve cooked up a camp favorite.

This is how I fry all my fish. Homemade steak marinade First, I cut the filets into thin strips.

The batter consists of House of Autry Seafood Breader with a little bit of salt. Tuna steak marinade Add in Budweiser beer and whisk until it has the consistency of pancake batter. Quick steak marinade Dry the strips with a paper towel first so that the batter will stick. Steak marinade soy sauce Dunk the strips in and fry in about an inch and a half of vegetable oil (or whatever you prefer). Best way to marinate steak It makes for a light and crispy batter crust on the fish, and there’s no taste of beer at all.

As long as you have hot oil, I recommend another southern treat – fried squash. Best flank steak marinade Cut the neck off the squash and toss it. Bbq chicken marinade Then slice the body vertically into thin strips. How to marinate chicken breast Lay them out on paper towels and salt them to draw the moisture out. Simple chicken marinade Once they start sweating, wipe the water and salt off. Marinade for lamb chops It’s important to really get the salt off, otherwise they’ll be too salty. Beef jerky marinade recipes Do this for both sides of the slices. Best grilled pork chops Then coat each slice in corn meal and a little bit of pepper. Pork chop marinade grill Fry until crispy around the edges. Chicken marinade for bbq Yum!

I love fish and try to avoid the fried kind (because it’s so delicious I could eat buckets of it loaded with ketchup and die early). Barbecue chicken marinade Tilapia gets broiled with either dill/lemon or pineapples. Flank steak recipe oven Salmon gets grilled with a 50/50 mix of hoisin sauce/honey or dijon/honey. Chicken marinade soy sauce Sometimes I’ll just pick an online recipe and go for it, like a blackened salmon.

I usually purchase whole tilapia to grill. Beef jerky marinade I put it in aluminum foil with a little salt, pepper and sprinkle or two of Louisiana hot sauce.

Then I chop up some red, green and yellow bell peppers and stuff the fish with that and baby shrimp.

Just got to make sure the aluminum foil is sealed really good. How to cook steak in a pan It’ll be like popcorn, when the foil pops up it’s done.

I do salmon fillets on the grill at about 500 degrees. How to cook sirloin tip steak I squeeze a lemon over the filet then a liberal dose of sea salt and black pepper and let it sit for about 15 minutes then put it on the hot grill. Marinated flank steak 5 minutes for the first side then flip and and about 3 to 4 minutes depending on the thickness. Grilled pork tenderloin marinade Pair with you favorite vegetables and you are good.

For those of you who care about your gut health and want to avoid genetically modified products, Wesson oil is a blend of 4 oils, all of which are from GMO plants. Pork loin cooking time Personally I would go without oil rather than use it.

This is not meant to be a discussion/argument about GMO’s. Chicken marinade for grilling It is for information only.

P.S. Best grilled chicken marinade I usually put serving size pieces of cod in a corning casserole with a little ghee (or butter) smeared on the bottom, a little salt and paprika on top and small dots of the ghee or butter and bake it uncovered at 350 for 20 minutes. Good chicken marinade That is more than plenty of cooking time. Best pork chop marinade In a skillet it takes about half that time. Grilled pork chop marinade Cod gives off a lot of liquid and falls apart easily. Baked chicken marinade But it is very sweet and if you don’t overcook it, very tender.

I have dozens of jars of homemade pesto in my freezer and sometimes I put pesto on top of the cod to bake it also, and then serve it with pasta and more pesto. Cooking steak in a pan That is a real treat.

Where we live cod is the only non farmed fish we can normally find and it is not always fresh, so we don’t eat it very often. Cooking steak in the oven The last time Gramps brought home cod it smelled so bad that even the vinegar and mint oil in a bowl couldn’t clear out the stink for almost 2 days. Marinade for pork chops Very discouraging.

I do not buy farm raised fish because what we can get here is all from countries where “farm raised” means worse than in a city sewer. Easy pork chop marinade And I do not buy frozen fish from Kroger because it comes from China. Best way to cook flank steak ‘Nuff said there.

Disclaimer: I don’t really measure ingredients, I just kind of eyeball. Steak marinades So the measurements I provide are a best guess at what I use on average.

Bourbon (to taste – some like a shot, some like a few. Chicken brands I normally put a double in my marinade and a double in my belly)

*Cut salmon fillet into equal-ish pieces. Recipe for pepper steak I’d guess mine come in somewhere between 6-8 oz.

*Pour soy sauce and soybean oil into mixing bowl and whisk very hard. Chicken marinades Add brown sugar, whisk again. Chicken easy recipes Add pepper, pineapple juice, and bourbon; whisk until you’re arm hurts (or a couple minutes – it’ll continue to separate when it sits, so keep the whisk handy). Steak marinade beer Make sure to taste the marinade at this point, and add more of any ingredient to your personal taste. Easy marinade for steak If I feel the marinade is a little too thin I add more brown sugar to thicken it.

*Whisk the marinade and pour enough in a pan (1.5″-2″ deep, somewhere in that neighborhood) so that there’s about 1/4″ of liquid covering it.

*Place the salmon meat-side down (skin-side up) into the pan. Recipe for steak marinade Whisk the heck out of the marinade again, pour about 1/2 cup into a separate container and set aside. Steak marinade sauce Pour the rest of the marinade over the salmon.

*Fire up the grill to about 400 degrees F (or whatever temp you’re comfortable with). Marinade for sirloin steak If you don’t want to, or can’t grill, you can also broil in your oven. Best grilled steak marinade Make sure the grill is very clean and seasoned with oil or fat.

*Place salmon skin-side down on the grill. Good marinade for steak Remember the thinner pieces will cook pretty quick so keep them in a cooler spot on the grill. Marinade recipe for steak Cook for 3-5 minutes on skin-side, or until the meat is visibly lighter in color about a third of the way up.

*Take the marinade you set aside, mix it up, and brush it on to the meat – it should flame up pretty good for a second. Great steak marinade Flip the salmon on the the meat side, remove the skin (it should just peel right off now) and discard.

*Cook for another 3 or 4 minutes on the meat side, brush with marinade, and flip again. Recipe for marinade for steak Leave this side down just for a little bit to get some char on the bottom, brush with additional marinade, remove and serve.

I cook my salmon somewhere in the neighborhood of medium, so you may want to adjust the time and temperature to your preferences. Quick and easy steak marinade recipes A slightly lower temperature for a longer time will give you more well done salmon without charring it too much. Basic steak marinade Just be careful, because it can dry out on the grill pretty quick.

Like I said, I don’t really measure I just eyeball. Simple marinade for steak So you may want to adjust the quantities of the ingredients. Steak marinade for bbq I normally use about a 1:1 soy sauce : oil ratio, though.

ETA: Whether on a charcoal or gas grill make sure you get some hickory or mesquite (or apple, or whatever you prefer) on the fire if you can. Marinade for beef steak Soak the wood chips while the salmon is marinating and either spread a good handful right onto the hot charcoals, or make a little foil try to span two gas burners and put them right on the foil. Best ribeye steak marinade The smoke adds a nice touch.

Growing up two hours from the Gulf of Mexico and having lots of stock tanks close by I have cooked a lot of fish. Steak marinade bbq One of my favorite ways to cook fish is in the bbq pit. Recipe steak marinade Generally I fillet the fish but leave the skin on if I can. Steak sauce marinade This works great with bass and red fish. Easy steak marinade for grilling Get the grill nice and hot and lay a piece of foil over the grill. Marinade for grilled steak Then lay the fish skin side down on the foil. Marinade for bbq steak Cook until the fish is flaky. Bbq marinade for steak Don’t flip it. Quick marinade for steak I generally season with lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Poached as in the method of cooking, not in the sense of illegal fishing.

About a pound to a pound and a third of salmon makes two nights dinner for my wife and me.

Sprinkle with lemon pepper and garlic powder, not garlic salt.

We serve with rice or orzo, something green, bread for dipping in oil & balsamic vinegar, and corn relish or pepper relish. World’s best steak marinade In season corn on the cob done in a microwave.

Normally I either grill fish or smoke them in an electric smoker. Steak marinade quick I personally like salmon or Mahi Mahi.

As of late, my wife bought a fryer that works well. Fillet steak marinade We bread the fish in flour or House of Autry. Marinade for fillet steak Swai fillets from Wal Mart are really good.

Fresh caught perch. Grilled steak marinade recipe Filleted & cut into strips. Steak marinade grill Steam the strips until cooked and chill. A good marinade for steak Serve with cocktail sauce. A good steak marinade YUM!

We call this Skaneateles Shrimp.We don’t get perch down here. Beef steak marinade recipe What you’re describing sounds like it’d work really well but perch like cold water and we don’t get much of that. Steak bbq marinade It’s interesting what water quality and temperature will do to fish. Simple steak marinade recipes In Germany I had, what I was told was, carp and it was incredible. Easy steak marinade recipe Maybe in translation, all was lost.

Convection or microwave with little Hot Pocket sleeve thingys? Inquiring minds want to know “how”?Microwave, and believe it or not, they come out like oven baked. Quick and easy steak marinade Put those filets on a bun with tartar sauce and a slice of cheese and it’s heaven on Earth.

And a hell of a lot less fuss and you don’t even have to bait a hook.

There’s a restaurant nearby and if you order by Thursday they will have fresh crawfish and fish flown in for their Friday order. Marinade for top sirloin steak Mostly freshwater stuff but it’s fresh. Steak marinade ideas Caught and cleaned and then iced not frozen. Healthy steak marinade I haven’t tried it but I want too.

Was never much of a fish eater until I ate deep fried cornbread battered catfish served at the Houston County Texas volunteer Fire Dept annual picnic. Rump steak marinade It was being served directly from the pot to the plate. Soy sauce marinade for steak At home it’s Swai, baked with paprika, coarse ground black pepper and endive and a small amount of lemon juice, served over buttered rice.

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