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There are various types of food you can cook in RuneScape. Baked salmon fillet in foil By eating food, you regain lost Life Points. Baked salmon fillet recipes The amount depends on the type of food you eat. Baked salmon fillets recipes As you train your cooking, you will be able to cook more varieties of food, and you will also burn less.

To cook food you can use ranges which can be found throughout RuneScape, including your own house kitchen. Easy baked salmon fillet recipes You can also make fires or use existing fireplaces, on which you can cook most types of food.

To cook meat, chicken or fish, simply use the raw item on a fire or Range.

Note: You can deliberately burn things if needed. Calories in baked salmon fillet After you cook them, you can cook them again, and will see the message “You deliberately burn the nicely cooked meat.” No exp is gained for burning meat deliberately.

The table below will show you the foods you can cook, the level requirements to cook them, and how much each food heals.

Additional miscellaneous info: if you burn a pizza, you get a “rebate” boost of an additional 74 xp for the next two pizzas you make (180 xp for each of next two pizzas versus regular 143 xp, which is 37 xp additional for each pizza). How long do you bake salmon fillets This “rebate” does not seem to occur on anything else.

Meat and anchovy pizza xp shown is just for adding topping to an existing cooked pizza. How long to bake salmon fillets Chocolate cake xp is just for adding chocolate to existing cake.

The experience given for potatoes includes making all the toppings. How long do you cook salmon fillets So to get the full experience from, say, a tuna potato, you would have to cook the tuna, cook the sweetcorn, make the topping, bake the potato, and then place the topping on the potato.

• Pick some grain, and take it to the windmill to make flour.

• You will need to use a pot to pick up the flour you have made.

• Buy a bucket, jug, or bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.

• Buy some chocolate and add it to the cake, to make Chocolate Cake.

• Obtain a bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.

• Before cooking the stew add 1 Spice (bought or thieved from Spice stall in Ardougne market square), or 3 Curry leaves.

You can find Oomlie Birds (lvl 45 – look like brown chickens) inside Kharazi Jungle. How to cook a salmon fillet The Kharazi jungle is the area you explore while doing the Legends quest (you can’t enter the jungle unless you’re doing or did the Legends quest). How to cook a fillet of salmon It’s the most southern part of Karamja Island.

Kill an Oomlie Bird. How to cook salmon fillet in the oven It will drop a Raw Oomlie Meat which looks just like a raw chicken.

Go to the totem pole (if you did the Legends quest – you’ll know what it is) which can be found on the western part of the jungle (not on the shore) or look near the Water Pool. How long to cook a salmon fillet You should see a big tree near it with the option to shake it.

Cook the Oomlie wrap on a fire or range. How long to cook salmon fillet in oven (Unwrapped Oomlie will always burn.)

• You can find Ugthankis (lvl 42 – look like camels) wandering the desert south of Shantay Pass. How to cook a whole salmon fillet This is located south of Al Kharid.

• Kill an Ugthanki. How to cook salmon steaks in the oven It will drop a Raw ugthanki meat which looks just like raw meat.

• Get a bucket of milk and churn it into either cream, butter, or cheese. How long to cook a salmon fillet in the oven Churns may be found in various places throughout RuneScape.

• Cream can be churned into butter or cheese, and butter can be churned into cheese.

• Use Gnome Spice and Garlic on a bowl to make Spicy Sauce; yields 25 EXP per Spicy Sauce made.

• Add in a piece of Meat while having a knife in your inventory to make your topping.

• Add an Egg and a Tomato to separate bowls with a knife in your inventory.

• Cook the Bowl of Eggs on a range or a fire to make Scrambled Eggs; this yields 50 EXP per egg.

• Use the Bowl of Tomatoes with the Bowl of Scrambled Eggs to make your topping.

• Add an Onion and a Mushroom to different bowls while holding a knife in your inventory.

• Cook your Bowl of Onions and Bowl of Mushroom on a fire or a range to fry them; this yields 60 EXP per onion or Mushroom fried.

• Use the Bowl of Onions on the Bowl of Mushrooms to make your topping.

• Add a pat of butter to your potato, as it always precedes other toppings.

• Add one of the following toppings to your potato. Best way to cook salmon fillets You can find out how to make toppings in the Potato Toppings and Ingredients section.

For a potato with chilli-con-carne, add a bowl of chilli-con-carne to your potato.

For a potato with cheese, add a slice of cheese to your potato.

For a potato with egg and tomato, add a scrambled eggs and tomato topping to your potato.

For a potato with mushroom and onion, add a bowl of mushrooms and onions to your potato.

For a potato with tuna and sweetcorn, add a tuna-and-sweetcorn topping to your potato.

Levels required to not burn fish Cooking levels required to not burn fish

When cooking on a player created bonfire, you get a 10% cooking xp boost. How to cook salmon fillet with skin This bonfire can be created by you or by another player.

Cooking gauntlets can be used. How to cook salmon fillets in foil These reduce the chance of burning what you are cooking.

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

Once you have reached level 99, speak to the Head Chef on the first floor of the Cooking Guild to obtain your cape.

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