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Really meant to get back here sooner to share this recipe that actually came out much better than expected and not the disaster that I thought it might be! It’s been a very busy few weeks here as Kenny and I decided to have a garage sale that started with one weekend and ended up two with people coming even in between! Digging stuff out from sheds, the barn, closets and anywhere else you could think of, we filled our carport plus the back porch with all kind of goodies no longer of use to us. Beef chuck steak recipes food network Even thinking about doing it again in the beginning of April to downsize our junk a little more; you know, one man’s junk another man’s treasure!!!

We also lost both of our chickens to some kind of varmints, opossums most likely and that was not a pretty picture. Recipes beef chuck shoulder steak We have since replaced them thanks to our wonderful neighbors and are getting eggs again. Beef chuck steak recipes grill There are also baby chicks in a box in our home waiting to grow up and go out to their own coop for more eggs down the road! And now let me get on to what I fixed and you’re gonna have to trust me on how they came out as my photographer (husband) has somehow lost the pics somewhere between cyber space or the camera,,,,,,,, gonna have to trade him in, haha! But trust me that the next time I bake them off, I will get more pictures. Beef chuck steak recipes stove top I am not going to write this in the form of an actual recipe as it is can vary in many ways!

In my thoughts on this, I didn’t want to make the traditional pepper stuffing of meat and sauce as I thought the sauce would have too much liquid with adding the corn bread mix on top. Beef chuck steak recipes oven Instead I made a large stir-fry pan of pork sausage (our home made sausage) with chopped bell pepper, onions, seasoning, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, ground ginger and a little soy sauce.

Beef chuck steak recipes slow cooker You will need to season to taste with the amount you make. Best steaks for grilling marinades I figured it this way, if the peppers were a bust, I at least had more food that was edible, ha ha! Made a big pot of rice and mixed some of the pork mixture with enough rice to fill three good sized bell peppers. Best steak for grilling recipes I made a batch of our Country Corn Bread for the topping or any corn bread recipe you use, and just baked off the extra batter for use later on. Best steak for grilling at home I did not cook off the bell peppers prior to filling, just cut the tops off and remove the seeds and proceed to fill them with the pork and rice mixture to about 1-1/2 inches from the top. Best steak for grilling kabobs Filled the top with corn bread batter to almost the very top. Best philly cheesesteak recipe ever Placed them in an appropriate sized dish and baked them off in a 350 degree oven until the corn bread has risen and is golden brown on top! Well, I will be making these again real soon because they were a big hit here at home. Meat for philly steak sandwich The peppers by not precooking them were nice and crunchy as you would have in a stir-fry dish and totally delicious.

P.S. What to make with leftover cooked steak Just bought one of those Power Air Fryer as seen on TV and be prepared for more of that as we are addicted…….

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I managed to find my way back to the computer to share this little simple thing I did during the holidays. Beef steak marinade pinoy I’m not going to write it up recipe style as it’s just too damn simple. Beef steak marinade tenderizer I had managed to freeze some of these brownies hence today’s picture and tonight’s after dinner enjoyment, mint brownies, mint chocolate chip ice cream and last but not least, the Champagne! You noticed that I didn’t expand on the after dinner part too awfully much, ha ha!! The fire place is also ready to go and as we toast to our love, our latest addition in our battery operated toys, Valentine Bears to serenade us with “I Say A Little Prayer For You”! What more could you ask for other that the perfect mate to share it all with!!!!! This year will mark our 28th year of being together for Valentine’s Day and we both wondered how we put up with each other for so long! Just a whole lotta love and prayers…………….It’s just that simple!

To go back to these wonderful brownies, all I did was add one cup of mint chips that you can find during the holidays and online now and add them to one box of brownie mix. Beef steak marinade bbq You can use your favorite brownie mix and add the mint chips to it or if you can’t find the chips, some mint flavored chocolate bars broken into small pieces. Beef tenderloin steak recipes skillet These were a big hit to all who enjoyed them with us. Beef tenderloin steak recipes easy Like I said, simplicity at work!!!! Well I’m off to start our Valentine din-din and as I’m experimenting tonight, it could be great or then again, a disaster! Whichever happens, I’ll let you know and if the worst happens, maybe you can straighten me out ( God knows I need all the help I can get) or give me some subtle hints as to how to fix the problem I created…………. Beef tenderloin steak recipes oven Happy Valentine’s Day again and enjoy!

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