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So if you have been reading The Pinning Mama for any length of time, you probably know that we L-O-V-E Panera! They have so many really yummy things. Homemade spaghetti sauce in crockpot What we love even better though, is cracking the code to make their super yummy food at home.

Homemade spaghetti sauce crock pot fresh tomatoes As a matter of fact, our all time biggest post has been our Panera Chocolate Chip Cookie Copycat, and we also have a delicious Double Chocolate Chip Muffie Top Copycat. Homemade spaghetti sauce in crockpot with fresh tomatoes Today though, is epic. Homemade spaghetti sauce with italian sausage and ground beef I am sharing one of my all time Panera favorites, a copycat recipe for their Creamy Tomato Basil Soup.

With winter STILL in full force around the country, I think it is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a piping hot bowl of creamy tomato basil soup. Homemade tomato sauce and meatballs And Panera’s is fabulous. Homemade spaghetti sauce italian sausage It is rich and thick. Homemade spaghetti sauce with sausage recipe It is smooth and creamy. Homemade spaghetti sauce crock pot recipe It is pretty much the tomato soup lover’s heaven!

The absolute best part about this soup is that it is extremely easy to make. Homemade spaghetti sauce with italian sausage recipes You do not have to spend days laboring in your kitchen peeling tomatoes and chopping garlic. How to make the best homemade meatballs As a matter of fact, you can make one quick trip to the store and then whip this soup up in about 15 minutes right on your very own stove top! That’s my favorite kind of recipe, the kind that tastes like it took hours, days, years, to make, but really it was super easy!

So after your trip to the store, the rest is easy! Combine your tomatoes, broth, and garlic in a pot and let boil for 10 minutes. How to make simple homemade meatballs This recipe is perfect for our crock pot chicken broth! The can of diced tomatoes give it the same chunky texture that they serve at Panera. Homemade meatballs easy recipe If you prefer a smooth texture you can use two cans of crushed tomatoes instead of one of each. Easy homemade swedish meatballs Also, in a pinch I have used a can of whole tomatoes that I crushed with a fork and then added.

Next, turn the heat down to low and stir in the sugar and butter, stirring until everything has melted and dissolved and is well mixed.

After it is combined, stir in your chopped basil. Easy homemade turkey meatballs You can use more or less depending on size but 15-20 leaves is a good estimate of what I use.

The next step needs to be done very carefully and takes either a little bit of coordination or a little bit of help. Homemade italian sauce and meatballs Pour in your heavy cream extremely slowly with one hand while mixing continuously with the other. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 By pouring it slowly while mixing you allow it to fully combine and achieve a really creamy and wonderful soup. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 timeline If you get excited and just pour in all of the cream at once, it can separate and make a not horrible, but definitely not as wonderful texture. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 memorial museum Trust me… do it slowly, it is worth the wait!

Now, if you are a freezer cooking junkie {which I am,} then you will be thrilled to know that this recipe freezes beautifully. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 memorial I often double the recipe so I can freeze an entire batch! Just prepare the soup as directed, let cool, and then put into a tupperware or gallon sized bag or two and freeze. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 jumpers To reheat, place in a pot over medium until warmed through on the stove top, or my favorite way, just microwave for 6-10 minutes stirring each minute until heated through.

As promised! Quick and easy! And if you serve this with a big fat grilled cheese sandwich, you might just make all the worries in the world disappear. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 terrorists At least for as long as lunch lasts! This is one of my all time favorite recipes and I hope will be one of yours too! Make sure and check out all of our other tasty recipes here and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with all of the new and super delicious recipes we post!

If you like this soup then you will love this Creamy Lemon Chicken soup recipe. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 pictures It is just as quick and easy and every bit as delicious.

• Combine the tomatoes, broth, and garlic bring to a boil and let boil for 10 minutes.

• Reduce the heat to low and stir in the sugar and butter and mix until they are dissolved, melted and well combined.

• Very slowly pour in the heavy cream while simultaneously stirring until all the cream is combined and the soup is creamy.

• I like to serve it hot garnished with a dollop of pesto and freshly grated parmesan cheese!

Panera doesn’t have tomato basil soup. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 memorial pictures Panera has creamy tomato soup. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 attacks Corner bakery has a tomato basil soup. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 conspiracy Shouldn’t mislead your viewers. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 video They may be similar, but it shows your not a true lover of Panera.

I don’t think your comment was necessary. Calories homemade meatballs We are all human, we make mistakes. Bbq homemade sauce I’m a lover of Panera but can I correctly name every item on the menu? Nope. Chicken homemade recipe But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it just as much as the next person!!

Agreed. Meatloaf homemade recipe Nancy needs to relax unless she’s only trying to portray herself as a bored and lonely soul OR as someone who works for Panera, but knows nothing about PR. Chili homemade recipe But nonetheless, this was a good and helpful recipe for us quick cookers. Easy homemade christmas gifts In the ends what matters in the dish are the ingredients and the taste….not the name.

I am really not sure on that substitution. Easy homemade biscuits I would have to experiment. Easy homemade halloween costumes I love that this recipe uses canned because it makes it so quick and easy to make so I have never really thought about putting in the time and effort to use fresh.

Could I substitute milk for the heavy cream? I don’t eat anything with added chemicals or fillers. Easy homemade brownies I know milk isn’t as heavy as the cream but if i added a little bit of gluten free flour to it to make a roux, would that work? Also, how about fresh tomatoes?

I have made this soup at least 20 times already and it is my favorite soup ever! I have never used the basil though, only because I never have any on hand but it is perfect anyway but I’m sure that would make it even better. Easy homemade christmas ornaments Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

I made this and it turned out really good. Easy homemade mac and cheese recipe I used canned tomatoes that had garlic and basil in them and used half the amount of sugar. Easy homemade dog treats The next day it reheat well and tasted even better. Swedish homemade Thank you for the recipe!

Just made this soup to bring to a family dinner. Homemade meatballs ground beef Of course I had to try it first. Homemade meatballs with grape jelly Absolutely amazing!!! I also used the low sodium canned tomatoes with garlic and basil and unsalted butter. Homemade meatballs Thank you for the recipe!!

Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! I’ve made it twice in the last couple of weeks. Italian homemade bread I’ve doubled the recipe both time and it still is gone quickly! I don’t use dairy so I replaced the cream with Cashew Milk. Italian homemade pasta recipe (I used the brand called Silk). Italian homemade sausage recipes I also used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. Italian homemade company I didn’t have any basil nor did I have just diced tomatoes. Italian homemade company san francisco (I had diced tomatoes with chilies made by Rotel.) This was definitely a hit in my household! Thanks for the easy, yet delicious recipe. Italian homemade sf Oh.. Barbecue homemade sauce btw, I made croutons from Panera’s tomato basil soup and added just a bit of ditalini pasta to the soup.

One year later… totally glad you commented that this worked for you with Cashew milk because I’m an Almond milk gal myself.

This looks amazing, and I am all about that freezer life so I will be giving this a whirl next month!

I should of proofread my comment above! One mistake…. Pizza homemade sauce recipe says I used Panera’s tomato basil soup to make croutons! It should have said Panera’s tomato basil bread! (I cut up the bread into small pieces and left it on a cookie sheet for the day to dry out. Butter chicken homemade recipe Then, I lightly brushed on Earth Balance spread and seasoned and then toasted them in the oven for 10 minutes or so.)

Thank you so much for this recipe ! I did alter it slightly – cooked the onions , garlic, and one celery rib in said amount of butter , then combined all other ingredients. Cream of chicken homemade recipe I also used dried basil ( 1 and 1/2 teaspoon) and only 1 tablespoon sugar . Kfc chicken homemade recipe This soup is amazing !! Thanks again !!

I haven’t tried to make this soup yet but going to give it a try for dinner tomorrow. Fried chicken homemade recipe I was curious if anyone tried to make it in the crockpot? If so what changes did you have to make accordingly and how long did you let is cook? Thanks!

Hi! I haven’t tried making this soup yet, I’m excited to try it for dinner tonight. Lasagna homemade recipe Just curious if anyone has tried to make this in a crockpot? If so what changes did you make and how log did you let us cook? Thanks!

I apologize if this is already in the comments but I do not see it. Soup homemade recipe Any idea how this freezes? I am making it for the first time and doubled it with high hopes. Chili sauce homemade recipe Only cooking for 3, so I am hoping to freeze half. Calories in homemade meatballs Thanks!

This was a quick & easy soup to make on a cold rainy day. Easy homemade christmas gifts for kids to make It hit the spot. Easy homemade christmas gifts for sisters I used reduced fat cream (8%) and added 2 tablespoons of pesto in addition to the chopped basil. Easy homemade christmas gifts for dad I had used reduced sodium tomatoes so it needed a little something to replace the salt. Easy homemade christmas gifts for parents The pesto worked beautifully. Easy homemade christmas gifts made by kids I also used my hand blender to puree the tomatoes a bit as they were a little too chunky for my liking. Easy homemade christmas gifts in a jar I will definitely make this one again.

Hi! I made this today and it was delish! In one of the pictures, it looks like you added some seasoning to it. Easy homemade christmas gifts for friends What did you add? I didn’t see it in the recipe. Easy homemade christmas gifts for kids I added salt, pepper and a little Italian seasoning. Easy homemade brownies with chocolate chips Thanks so much!

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