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If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe you’ve found it in this Corn Bacon Casserole! Cream cheese, chiles, and big Tex-Mex flavors combine to make this recipe addictively delicious! Serve it as a side for your TexFest celebration! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. how to cook back bacon in the oven All opinions are entirely my own .

If there’s one thing Texans do well it’s celebrate. how long do you cook bacon in oven We celebrate all kinds of things from remembering the fallen heroes of the Alamo on on March 6 to San Jacinto Day on April 21 — any excuse to get together, eat great food, and visit with friends and family.

As you may know, Texas Independence Day is March 2. how long should i cook bacon in the oven Well, sometimes we call it Texas Independence Day, sometimes Sam Houston Day, and sometimes Texas Flag Day – it doesn’t matter a bit. how to cook bacon in the oven video It still means some meat on the grill and a crowd at the table!

In honor of Texas Independence Day HEB is kicking off a two-week celebration and calling it TexFest.

how do you cook bacon in the oven They’ll be honoring all things Texas with local products, Texas style events, and big savings! Just look for the “Go Local” tags.

One of the additions to my TexFest menu is a creamy-dreamy Corn Bacon Casserole. how long to cook thick sliced bacon in the oven It’s made with a generous amount of hickory smoked Wright® Brand Bacon to give it that smoky flavor we all love. how to cook bacon in oven uk I was able to run into HEB, grab the 40-oz package, and head on home to cook in no time. how to cook peameal bacon roast in slow cooker They also make an Applewood Smoked flavor in the 24-ounce package.

Naturally smoked Wright Brand Bacon is made in Texas so it has that bold smokiness that balances the big flavors found in our favorite recipes. how long to cook peameal bacon roast in slow cooker It’s thick sliced, too – no disappearing into the casserole. how to cook back bacon roast The big, thick slices of high quality meat give this Corn Bacon Casserole recipe substance, a richer bacon experience for sure!

While you are planning your menu think about how you want to decorate your table. what temperature do i cook bacon in the oven I didn’t want it to be too fancy because there needed to be room for the food!

We’re a pretty casual bunch so I used a narrow roll of burlap fabric to make a table runner then topped it with a wide red and white gingham ribbon. how to roast bacon joint in the oven I found some small red, white, and blue Styrofoam balls to add color and give the dogs something to chase when they rolled off the table.

Dried black eyed peas and dried kidney beans were poured into canning jars to be used as candle holders in the center of the table. best temp to cook bacon in oven I just pushed a fat red candle in one, a fat blue candle in another, and a fat white candle in the last. what temp should i cook bacon in the oven A quick bow of the red and white gingham ribbon finished off the look.

Adding a pitcher of drinks in the center of the table isn’t very festive until you add bright red strawberries, blueberries, and apples cut into stars to the pitcher. how do you cook bacon in a toaster oven Suddenly water, sparkling water, clear soda, or your favorite clear beverage becomes a part of the tablescape.

To make the apples into stars you’ll need a star cookie cutter. how to cook perfect bacon in oven Get large apples and slice horizontally through them to make rounds with the seeds in the center. how long do you cook bacon in the oven for Use the cookie cutter to firmly (but gently) cut through the apple slices. how long to cook bacon in microwave oven Reserve some of the apple stars to garnish the glasses.

Make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite Texan dish. how to cook bacon in microwave oven This keeps you from having to do all the work and it allows you to try other families’ recipes passed down through the generations. best way to cook turkey bacon in the oven That’s a win-win!

This Corn Bacon Casserole can be put together up to two days ahead of time and baked just before your guests walk in your kitchen door. how long do you cook bacon for in the oven I also sometimes make it right in my big iron skillet and skip the baking part. best way to cook thick cut bacon in the oven It kind of depends on how hot it is when I’m cooking, you know?

Cut the bacon in big chunks. how to cook thick cut bacon in the oven Bigger bites mean more concentrated bacon flavor and you need that to stand up to the richness and bold flavor of this dish. how long do you cook bacon in the microwave oven I like to reserve some of the bacon and some of the peppers to add to the top when I serve it. how long to cook bacon in the microwave oven There’s more color that way and it’s just prettier.

I like to use vintage linens, old wood tabletops, rusty stars, Mason jars, burlap, and other worn looking items to keep everything looking countrified. how to cook bacon in the microwave oven Red, white, and blue might mean 4th of July celebrations to others but here in Texas those colors scream Texas Proud. how to make bacon in the oven crispy Just add some big stars here and there, some Texas flags, and maybe a cowboy hat or two.

We often have beautiful weather so consider having your shindig outside. cook bacon in oven parchment paper Just remember, our weather is also very unpredictable so be sure to have a non-soggy plan B.

This casserole is full of the good, smoky flavor of Texas’ own Wright Brand Bacon. cook bacon in oven how long Adjust the heat to your own liking by adding jalapenos if you wish. how bake bacon in the oven Click to get your coupon from HEB for the 40-ounce hickory smoked bacon you need for this recipe! You’ll find more recipes and ideas at the website.

…I’m from North Texas. how to make bacon in the oven with parchment paper I love to share from scratch recipes inspired by my vintage cookbook collection and family recipes.

Around here we keep it real, we keep it fun – and if I can make it you can too. what temperature do you bake bacon in the oven at Thanks for visiting and please come back…

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