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This is a group for all of us interested in mixology. Charlie wikipedia Discussions of mixological techniques, ingredients, tools, and all other topics relating to mixology are encouraged. Green dresses for juniors Cheers! CHANGE LOG Backend magic to deal with low-quality and spammy posts… Green dresses to wear to a wedding I hope.

Hey guys and gals of BBS! I’m looking for an iPad based tool to both serve as a cocktail database and a guest database for individual history and preferences. Green dresses for women This is for private use, so I don’t need an app designed for commercial use (but I don’t mind if it does what I need)

I like liquor. Advocare wikipedia More specifically I like funky liquor. Ipod classic wikipedia page The weirder the better. Apple ipod classic wikipedia Just last week I got a bottle of St George Rye Reposado Gin, it’s a rye whiskey flavored with gin botanicals and aged in Syrah casks. White dresses boutique huntsville al The shit is weeeeeird. White dresses boutique nashville But like I just said, I like weird. Red dresses for women with sleeves And anytime I get something weird like this I like to make a simple cocktail with it to discover how it works with the two main components of cocktails: sweet and sour.

When you make your cocktail use your brain for filling in the sour and sweet components. Red dresses for women cheap If you have bourbon as your strong use lemon over lime. Red dresses for women plus size If using tequila use lime over lemon. Best cocktails in new orleans Once you have a nice tasting sour feel free to add other ingredients to flesh out the flavors you find already present in the sour. Drinks made with dry vermouth Put gin, lime, and simple syrup in a collins glass and top with soda and you’ve just made a gin rickey. Drinks made with sweet vermouth Top it with champagne and use lemon instead of lime and you have a French 75. Gin and lime cocktails crossword clue Add triple sec to a tequila and lime base and you’ve got a margarita.

The good thing about that simple recipe is that it is the basis for so many classics. Wild cocktails from the midnight apothecary Once you think of cocktails as a derivative of this simple formula you will find you can not only remember the classics easier but you’ll find a great template for making your own personal concoctions.

It depends on what type of cocktails you want to make. Wild cocktails Personally, I think cocktails should showcase the base spirit, because if you don’t want to taste the alcohol, you probably shouldn’t be drinking.

Lemme explain. Wild cocktails mobile bar Pick your base spirit. Sparkling cocktails Let’s go with whisky. Holiday champagne cocktails recipes So you’ve got your base. Hot tea cocktails recipes What would complement it? I don’t use simple syrup much at all in my drinks–I prefer to find a sweeter liqueur I provide it.

Sometimes that’s something like Maraschino liqueur or st. Wild cocktails mobile bar hosting Germain or amaro, and sometimes it more along the lines of vermouthy type stuff, which includes Lillet, Bonal, etc.

Now you want to add something to that whisky that will showcase it. Wild philippines Let’s use some Averna. Wild wine berries Averna is sweet and herbally. Wild wines little rock zoo Now we have a sweet, herbally whisky drink that is somewhat two dimensional–let’s add the third.

An often overlooked ingredient in drinks is lemon juice. Wild wine Lemon juice will cut through the sweetness and brighten up the drink, providing the most important aspect of a properly made cocktail: balance.

This might even benefit from the final touch: bitters. Wild wine detroit zoo Taste the drink. Sips sparkling cocktails Is it missing something? Too sweet? Too lemony? That’s where bitters come in: they are like salt on the dinner table. Summer sparkling cocktails I think this drink could stand with a couple of dashes of Angostura. Easy sparkling cocktails Normally I’m a bit heavier on bitters, but Averna itself is a little bitter, so a dash of Angostura will draw that out and complete the drink.

Shake and strain into a chilled coupe. Welch’s sparkling cocktails A side note: as a rule, you only ever shake drinks that contain citrus or egg whites. Non alcoholic sparkling cocktails All other drinks should be stirred.

My basic rule for most cocktails is that you are having a war between sweet and sour, and in the middle you sneak in the alcohol. Christmas sparkling cocktails Often times that means that if you have an idea for flavors you would like to put together, adding more lemon or lime juice AND more simple syrup/triple sec/other super sweet ingredient is a good idea.

Ratio wise 1.5oz hard alcohol (80 proof), 1ish oz part liqueur (usually 20-30 proof), 1ish oz part other ingridiant (like a fruit juice) and simple syrup as needed, perhaps up to an ounce.

Also ALWAYS shake over good (not crappy tap water) ice, and always ensure that the drink is throughly mixed. Wild margarita recipe I cannot stress this enough.

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