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one of our biggest goals as photographers is creating connection with our audience, through our photography. Banana bread recipe australia photographs that make our audience feel and think are the photos that are the most successful and powerful. Easy banana loaf recipe they are the photos that leave a lasting impression on our audience and are remembered long after they stop looking at them.

Banana bread vs banana cake so how do we go about creating connection with our audience to create those powerful and lasting impressions? it is much easier than you would think, if you just incorporate one of the following 7 things into your images.

do you want to improve your photography, but don’t have time to pick up your camera every day? here are 3 things that i do daily to improve my photography that don’t involve taking pictures.

this post contains affiliate links. Best banana muffin recipe thank you in advance for supporting bethadilly photography. Banana walnut cake recipe Creating Connection : 7 Ways To Create Photos That Connect With Your Viewer

there are a variety of ways you can create connection with your viewer, but i tend to build connection through the following 7 ways.

a viewer can be quickly drawn into an image that captivates their five senses. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless you can do this by adding texture to your images, making your viewer want to reach out and touch a loaf of banana bread. Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor although obvious, food photography is a great way to connect with the viewer’s sense of smell and taste. Easy banana cake recipe if you are wanting to connect with their sense of hearing, don’t be afraid to photograph things that are both loud and quiet in nature, like giggling children or a peaceful waterfall. Starbucks banana loaf recipe there are so many ways to connect with the viewer’s 5 senses and it’s an easy way to accomplish a photography goal of creating connection. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch 2. Starbucks banana bread recipe Bring the Viewer Into Your Image

think of how you can compose your image so that the viewer is pulled into your image. Banana nut cake recipe pulling a viewer into an image means that they are quickly moving from the edges of the frame to the intended subject, and also feel like they are move towards the subject. Banana bread cream cheese recipe this can be done easily with leading lines, as the lines accompany the viewer quickly to the subject. Banana bread without butter in the photo above, i brought the viewer into the frame through my use of light. Banana bread food com i purposefully darkened the edges of the frame to provide a contrast between the unimportant dark areas and the important bright area, where i wanted the viewer to look. 5 star banana bread through my use of light and leading lines, i am creating connection with my viewer as they visually enter the frame.

using a wide angle lens can help with creating leading lines, as you are able to include more of your surroundings within the frame. Banana bread greek yogurt 3. Almond flour banana bread Have Your Subject Connect With Something

creating connection can be as simple as having your subject connect with something, such as a toy. Coconut flour banana bread this adds a little more purpose and connection to your image, versus a baby being by themselves. Spelt flour banana bread the most common way to create connection with another object is by waiting for the subject to interact with it. Coconut flour banana bread vegan in the example above, the subject is connecting with the toy. Oat flour banana bread it is important to note that this connection doesn’t have to be huge, it can be a simple touch. Almond meal banana bread 4. Baking soda substitute for banana bread Have Your Subject Connect With Someone

one of the easiest ways to create connection in an image is to have two subjects, connecting with one another. Banana muffins without baking powder not only does this show obvious connection, but it allows you to encourage emotion within the frame. Banana bread with cream cheese frosting and emotion is a very powerful connector to your audience. Banana bread cookies 5. How to keep banana bread fresh Make Your Viewer Feel Something

images that make me feel something are images that i remember. No egg banana bread recipe whether they make me feel happy or sad, scared or confused…images that evoke some type of thought or feeling are creating a connection with the viewer. Banana bread cookies recipe in the image above, i connected with my viewer by creating the emotion of wonderment. Banana bread with pecans through the use of light, shadows, and leading lines i am pulling the viewer into the image and allowing them to focus on the wondering gaze of my subject. Low sugar banana bread recipe 6. Icing for banana bread Connect Your Subject To You Viewer

eye contact is a powerful way to create connection between the subject and the viewer. Banana and walnut bread recipe you are looking at one another! just as eye contact is important and powerful in real life, if can be important and powerful in an image when creating connection. Banana bread bread maker most of the photos i take of my subject do not include eye contact, but when they do it’s a wonderful way to connect with the viewer. No baking soda banana bread 7. Famous banana bread recipe Connect Through Relatable Moments

be real. Resep banana cake breadtalk bring realism into your images and create a connection with your viewer by being relatable. Banana bread in bundt pan you can do this by creating real emotion with your photography and photographing moments that make your viewer think, “i know exactly how that feels.” in the image above, my goal was to not only create a connection with my daughter, but as a whole i was creating connection with my mama audience when portraying the heartwarming moments of motherhood.

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