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Damas, an upscale Syrian restaurant located on Van Horne Avenue is worth trying out. Growing cornichons You will be charmed by the Oriental decor and most impressed by their refined and rich cuisine. Les cornichons This modern but authentic gastronomy will make your mouth water with all their specialties starting from the fattouche, the appetizing mouth-melting lamb leg to the cherry kebab. What are cornichons The blend of aromas and the tasting of the delicious preparations will make the experience worthwhile

Free parking may be found on neighboring residential streets.


Excellent restaurant a tous egards. Cornichons with herbs Cuisine savoureuse, tres bien presentee par un personnel aimable et connaisseur. What is cornichons Il est possible de partager des plats entre amis et de gouter des entrees de quatre varietes et servies avec un excellent pain pinta maison. Cornichons substitute Belle carte des vins. Les cornichons reims Beau decor. Les cornichons lyrics Atmosphere conviviale.

Delicious as always . Cornichons definition Our server Alan was a gem , professional , funny and knowledgeable , all his suggestions from the wine to the food were on point .

Damas has been a favourite of my out of town guests so we booked a table for a special evening. Mini cornichons We found ourselves at the edge of a busy room and after ordering exceptional cocktails and a cold appetizer menu to start (with extras) we waited 20 Minutes for accompanying bread. Des cornichons I was uncomfortable but committed to smiling through – and found the service to be minimally available. Cornichons what are they It was 400 dollars for five light eaters and although the food is very good I rather go to any number of other fantastic Montreal restaurants who have more time for service and a better wine list.

Nous avons passe une tres belle soiree. Les cornichons paroles Le service a ete impeccable mais surtout chaleureux et agreable. Substitute for cornichons La nourriture etait delicieuse, tres gouteuse. Cornichons wiki Nous avons ete bien guide pour les vins. Cornichons meaning Je recommande cet endroit et je compte bien y retourner.

Best meal I have had in a while. Cornichons australia The cocktails and food were amazing. What is cornichons in english I had an Aleppo Sour cocktail with gin, coriander, pepper, cucumber and some other ingredients and it was honestly, the best cocktail I have ever had. Cornichons pronounce We both ordered a lentil soup with fresh turmeric, a fattouch salad, an octopus dish, two plates of hummus (had to order a second one because it was so delicious!) and the chicken shish taouk to share as our main course. What are cornichons in australia The portions are very large, and great value. How to make cornichons Service is great. What is a substitute for cornichons They bring a beautifully presented plate of food to your table, and explain the ingredients. How to pickle cornichons They really seem to take pride in what they do. Define cornichons I love the open kitchen concept. Trader joe’s cornichons You can see what is going on and they can’t hide anything!

Damas continues to be an outstanding restaurant, from the food to the service everything is exceptional and of the highest quality. Cornichons trader joe’s My boyfriend and I regularly make the trip from Ottawa to eat at Damas! From the moment you walk in, it’s an experience you won’t want to forget or end. Les cornichons song The team is always so welcoming and takes the time to talk to you and really make you feel at home. Les cornichons nino The food is constantly amazing and stays one of my favourite restaurants in the world! The best syrian food you will ever have, the best meal you will ever have. Are cornichons sweet or dill Always looking forward to our next visit. Recipes using cornichons The passion these people have for their food and service is admirable and shines through.

Absolutely incredible. Recipes with cornichons Stunning flavours, beautiful presentation, creative use of authentic Syrian ingredients. Cuisiner les cornichons Tasting menu is well worth the $$$: you are presented with ample food so important to bring a healthy appetite! Having said that, dishes are healthy and light so you will leave feeling all the better for having eaten every morsel. Cornichons english My new Montreal favorite.

Valentine is usually a bad night for judging restaurants but I was veeery impressed by the efficiency, the cordiality (we asked for a fast dinner because we had a show) the waiter (young, thin fair haired …forgot the name) was very attentive to our needs and gave us good advise on the food and the wines we requested.

I misunderstood something in the price list and when the bill arrived I asked for details to the waiter. Difference between cornichons and gherkins I was explained and I confirmed immediately it was alright but the waiter still got to the manager and got we a little discount, served with a smile! All this on one of the busiest evening of the year…Veeery impressed. Restaurant les cornichons The food was creative and incorporated a lot of fresh spices in the lines of traditional middle eastern fares. What are cornichons cooking The high quality of the food leads to a high-end price, it is not your everyday diner, but it is absolutely worth it.

nous avons pris le menu degustation et nous avons adore les melanges de saveurs, la qualite des produits, la finesse des assaisonnements, la qualite du service…

nous ne pourrons pas y manger tous les jours car la facture est elevee mais nous reviendrons pour deguster d’autres plats c’est certain.

Absolutely great experience, wonderful service and very attentive. Difference between gherkins and cornichons The staff went out of their way to be accommodating to our larger group. How to pronounce cornichons The food was fantastic as always and we were all very satisfied!

This was not our first time at Damas, and we love it there, but the cost this time was prohibitive and it will make us change the way we order in the future. What is cornichons food We had ordered three appetisers which were all delicious and to be honest i was quite full after eating all of them, because of the three appetisers were had just decided to share a main course. Are cornichons the same as gherkins We chose the fish which did not list the price on the menu; the waitor told us it was a small fish, about 1/2 lb. Calories in cornichons THe fish was delicious but when we got the bill we were shocked; $56 for a 1/2 lb fish is crazy. Les cornichons restaurant I will go back to Damas but I will stick just to the appetizers and I would have appreciated the waitor telling us the cost of the fish, had we known we would definitely not have ordered it, and we were wrong too for not asking.,

Cuisine a decouvrir. Preparer les cornichons Sur le menu degustation, belle variete de plats bien presentes . Cornichon definition Sans etre genereuses, les portions sont raisonnables.

Sur une note plus mitigee, sensation partagee par les 6 convives que le temps nous etait compte a la minute pres. French cornichons recipe Il est meme arrive que nous n’ayions pas termine un plat alors que le suivant nous etait deja presente.

Suggestion: Le menu degustation est peut-etre trop serre dans le temps pour un groupe de 6 au premier service du samedi soir.

Un plat a la carte aurait probablement du etre propose en regard du temps alloue.

En resume, decor chaleureux et invitant, niveau sonore acceptable, variete de plats bien presentes, service courtois et souriant malgre la trop grande vitesse de presentation des plats.

Nous avons pris en plat les deux propositions de jarrets d’agneau. What is a cornichon pickle Pour ma part, le Bamia. Les cornichons nino ferrer lyrics Tres bons plats, aromes complexes et savoureuses. Les cornichons nino ferrer Service correct mais, au dessert, le cafe est arrive de longues minutes avant le plat. Cornichons baby sour gherkins Deux notes negatives: 1) l’entree chaude et les deux plats principaux etaient a peine chauds 2) le prix des vins au verre: rien en bas de 14,00$ et la plupart a 16,00$. Substitute for cornichon pickles Le restaurant est haut de gamme mais quand meme…

It is quite authentic but with a twist. What are cornichon pickles A good factor to judge a restaurant is “on how likely I am to go back”, right ? That gives a good indication of the experience. Youtube les cornichons In the case of Damas, I wouldn’t, unless someone else wanted to go.

We had the tasting menu which given the first time, it is something I like to do at new restaurants, as it gives a representation of the variety and are specifically selected items that the restaurant is proud to showcase. Des cornichons au chocolat The ambience was good although we had an extremely loud group next to us, that is no fault of the restaurant, it’s a trendy spot for an evening out, the waiters knowledgeable and helpful, the food was good but not phenomenal and not something that gives you that “I have to have that again” or even left me curious to try other items on the menu, which given the prices was not be expected.

It is for sure something unique and different on the Montreal food scene and an experience to taste foods from Syria, however they need to up the food/creativity game to demand/justify the prices they do.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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