Dark secrets ivana trump revealed about the trump family easy healthy banana bread

As the first wife of donald trump , it’s no surprise that ivana trump has some dirt on the family. She was married to donald from 1977 to 1992, which, for the record, is the longest-standing of donald’s three marriages (so far). Even though it’s now been decades since they were together, she’s far from being out of the trump family picture. After all, she is the mother to the three most well-known trump children: ivanka, eric, and donald jr.

Ivana had some dark secrets to spill about the trump family, from raising their children to donald’s unromantic marriage proposal. Plus, you won’t believe how long donald has actually been planning to run for president. 1. She doesn’t give donald credit for raising their kids

Ivana’s divorce from donald was certainly a messy one. According to politico, “the divorce was granted on the grounds of ‘cruel and inhuman treatment’ of ivana.” although reports claim she initially accused donald of rape, she’s since disputed those allegations.Ivana recalled

she explained that she never meant “rape” in a “criminal sense.”

In a statement to CNN, she claimed, “I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from donald . The story is totally without merit.” she added, “donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of.”

When ivana and donald’s divorce was a fresh scandal, their family went through some tough times. Donald jr. Stopped talking to his father altogether, which pushed donald to take extensive measures. He sent a bodyguard to escort donald jr. Up to his office, and he promptly called his ex-wife.

Ivana recalled that donald threatened to take donald jr. And raise him by himself. She responded, “I have two more to raise. Keep him!” after only fifteen minutes, donald jr. Was apparently on his way home to his mother.Trump family

Donald and ivana’s marriage might have ended in controversy, but it apparently started out on rough terms , too. Ivana recalled the moment donald proposed to her while on a ski vacation. He apparently threatened, “if you don’t marry me, you’ll ruin your life.”

When it came to planning the wedding, ivana wasn’t involved whatsoever. She apparently knew six out of the 600 guests, so she likely felt like a stranger at her own wedding. Plus, their honeymoon was cut short, lasting only two days — thanks to donald’s need to return to new york for a real estate deal.

According to ivana, donald has been planning on running for president for years. He was seriously considering it toward the end of their marriage, but thanks to the scandal surrounding their divorce, he decided to put it off.

She claimed, “we talked about it 20 years ago and we probably could have done it then because president (ronald) reagan wrote donald a letter and said you should run.”

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“so we were playing with the idea of becoming president,” she added, “but then we got the divorce and there was a scandal and americans they loved me and they hated donald so he would never really win, so he postponed it.“