D?ch v? d?ch thu?t, d? an d?ch thu?t, va d?ch gi? t? do

The default XML filter in Trados is only sufficient for files with a simple structure. Buy bulgarian food online For more complicated stuff, you may want to create a custom XML filter as

I have a localization project where I have to process xml file in Trados 2015. Bulgarian traditional food When I imported the file everything was

I have a localization project where I have to process xml file in Trados 2015.

Bulgarian street food When I imported the file everything was messed up, xml tags were mixed with main contents, which ma

Discussion for ProZ.com 2016 virtual conference for International Translation Day session (2016): The beauty of machine translation

Machine translation can be the future of the translation industry

The tool is indeed powerful. Bulgarian restaurants in usa The tool has great potential. Bulgarian restaurant shanghai As is any other tools, it has its risks. Bulgarian restaurant penang Fathom the risks, aim for the sky, we are the users, the power is in our hands. Bulgarian restaurant nyc Use it Chau Nguy?n

Poll: Have you ever tried the Bates method (improving eyesight naturally) to improve your eyesight?

I had experienced neck pain and eye strain until I switched to using dual monitor.

It is hard to remind yourself to look elsewhere or to make some head movement when you’re immersed in

Poll: Which part of the computer is more important to you regarding your work as a translator?

Select your TB => Properties => New term defaults => Select source or target language => Select

I’m glad you found a solution. Bulgarian restaurant new york If you want to use just one rule for all cases you mention and similar ones, this should work: (d+)/(#month#)/(d+) [/quote]

I only preview my regex. Bulgarian restaurant los angeles ca Since it did not turn out as I expected, I did not use it in editor mode. Bulgarian restaurant los angeles Now that you mentioned it, I will try and see what happened.

Could any one help me to write an expression to convert a date string from format ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ to ‘mmmm dd, yyyy’? e.g: 01/01/2014 Chau Nguy?n

cash would be the preferred method, out of the eyes of the taxman, but unfortunately none of my clients would ever entertain that suggestion!!! (and it would

Poll: Do you think that freelancers working from home tend to eat more than other people?

I realize that working in a static environment (hours of translation in front of the computer) significantly slow down my metabolism rate. Bulgarian restaurant london It took me more time to digest all the food than<

Nh? m?i ngu?i tu v?n: Khach hang nh?n b?n d?ch xong khong xac nh?n hay tr? l?i email

Rut kinh nghi?m thoi b?n oi. Bulgarian restaurant las vegas nv Ai m?i d?u ch? v?p vap vai l?n 😀 Cai nay v?a la ch? d?ch v?a la ch? d?i nen c?n t?c vo uu.

I would contact my client right away for clarification. Bulgarian restaurant las vegas If client’s response is unsatisfactory or ambiguous, I will reject the job. Bulgarian restaurant in new york I had a case where I continued with the poorly writt

In my country, the benefit is not worth the investment so I don’t care. Bulgarian restaurant in los angeles Better have a saving for that than pay for an insurance service.

[quote]-n?u co ac co th? chia s? file trans memo va term base khong ??[/quote]

Theo kinh nghie?m cu?a mi?nh thi? day co? the? la? lo?i do mo? file kha?c phien ba?n Office. Bulgarian restaurant in des plaines Truo?ng ho?p minh thuo?ng ga?p pha?i nha?t do? la? su? du?

Poll: Do you translate differently depending on whether you are paid based on the source or target text?

Is “differently” means “different translation quality” OR same quality but “different phrasing” in order to increase translation fee?

Poll: Which item would you give to a translation time capsule?

Google Translate thi free 200.000 character, nhung c?n ph?i dang ky thong tin thanh toan vi qua t? la no t? d?ng tinh ti?n.

General Question – Client Track Changes – Is there way to keep them?

Word has a function called “Compare” that might help you work around this problem.

Ngoai MS translator thi con co Google Translate va Translated.net cung co d?ch v? MT cho Trados. Bulgarian restaurant in atlanta B?n len tim hi?u th?.

Co anh/ch?/b?n/em d?ng nghi?p nao nh?n proofread tren file PDF chua

Oi, minh go nh?m ten. Bulgarian restaurant des plaines il Ph?n m?m minh dung la Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Bulgarian restaurant des plaines Khong ph?i Adobe Acrobat Reader dau b?n nhe. Bulgarian restaurant chicago Adobe Acrobat Reader ch? dung d? d?c file PDF th

Co anh/ch?/b?n/em d?ng nghi?p nao nh?n proofread tren file PDF chua

Minh dung Adobe Acrobat reader h? tr? ti?ng Vi?t Unicode r?t t?t.

Poll: Do you have a dedicated room/office for your translation work?

Do I still need to write this Vietnamese tax code number when I sign the contract even I live in The United States?

If the agency does not accept payment through PayPal or International bank transfer with transfer fee paid by the agency you should not work with this agency. Bulgarian restaurant boston Since there will be a lot Chau Nguy?n

N?u b?n co di?u ki?n xai hang b?n quy?n thi co r?t nhi?u l?a ch?n:

I have encountered many difficult situation when I met client who want to calculate the rate differently. Bulgarian restaurant atlanta The most common method is to calculate by source words, but some times clients Chau Nguy?n

Th?nh tho?ng trong qua trinh d?ch minh g?p m?t s? tru?ng h?p cau dang ti?ng Vi?t thi tac gi? m? ngo?c, gi?i thich nghia b

Don’t let the Ctrl + Enter to slow you down. Bulgarian restaurant You need to do that only if you want that translation unit to go into your TM. Bulgarian presidential elections 2016 But if time is of importance, I usually export the file to a Chau Nguy?n

[quote]-Co cach nao d? bi?t em da d?ch du?c bn% c?a tai li?u k? nh?ng dong nao chua du?c d?ch k?[/quote]

– Uninstall Java from your computer (use iobit uninstaller to make sure it is cleaned out of your system)

M?i ph?n m?m d?u co cai hay va cai d? rieng va tuy vao nhu c?u s? d?ng va

Free webinar – memoQ translator pro: Productivity boosters in memoQ 2013 R2

…that they clearly state: “Previous experience with memoQ is a must, as this webinar won’t tell you how to use memoQ.” Well, capability of reading plain Chau Nguy?n

Discussion about Poetry with a tune: “Translation of Lyrics” in English to Vietnamese – Entry #14962

I like the translation, wild and moody just as the source text. Bulgarian national food Provided he had more time the translation would even be better. Bulgarian made cars Congrats!!!!!

Let’s say you’re currently working as a in-house translator for a famous company (the company is not a translation agency) then should you include that into the signature? or in other word

I’m interested to know your opinions about a professional email signature for a freelance translator. Bulgarian guns Signature template (like what information should be include and how should

We have like 3 people working in an office so we tried to store TM & TB on a shared computer and then everyone can work on the same TM & TB. Bulgarian guitar That way everyone can have the same updated TM

M?i chi?u hom qua em v?n nh?p file Bilingual Review vao Trados binh thu?ng nhung khong hi?u sao sang nay nh?p khong du?c n?a. Bulgarian food uk online V?n ch?n file, process binh Chau Nguy?n

Em co t?o m?t TB lau r?i, nhung g?n day m?i nh?n ra la luc t?o khong d? y nen thu?t ng? nh?p vao b? phan bi?t ch? hoa/thu?ng. Bulgarian food uk Vi d? thu?t n

SDL MultiTerm/Studio 2014 add/edit terms not working after Java 7 Update 45 installation

I’ve just uninstall Java and everything works fine again. Bulgarian food store online Marvelous! No more Java update for me in the future. Bulgarian food store barking Only use the one that goes with the Trados installation package.

Nhung l?i b? l?i Java ma da lam theo r?t nhi?u hu?ng d?n nhung khi<

Con m?t cach n?a la Chau t?o m?t file Excel v?i hai c?t, 1 c?t ngu?n va 1 c?t dich, ki?u l?p 1 danh sach thu?t ngh? tren

Vi em dang nghien c?u thu?t ng? c?a m?t nganh m?i nen c?n ph?i co song song hai b?n ti?ng Anh va ti?ng Vi?t d? da

Phien b?n c?a em khong hi?u sao tinh nang do no b? vo hi?u hoa. Bulgarian food store Nen lau nay em cung khong d? y.

Em co hai t?p tin ti?ng Anh va ti?ng Vi?t b?ng Word. Bulgarian food shop london M?i ngu?i co bi?t cach nao nhanh nh?t d? em co th? l?y term t? 02 t?p tin

PerfectIt helps deliver error-free documents. Bulgarian food shop karlovo It improves consistency, ensures quality and helps to enforce style guides. Bulgarian food shop in london It’s a powerful tool for pro users, and comes with the assurance of a 30-day money back guarantee.

Translation Office 3000 is an advanced accounting tool for freelance translators and small agencies. Bulgarian food shop TO3000 easily and seamlessly integrates with the business life of professional freelance translators.

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