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Deviled Egg recipes number in the thousands maybe even the tens of thousands. Best smoked salmon recipe You’ll find them in most any culture that has eggs. Chicken best recipes In Russia, they’re made with cooked beets.

Delicious baked salmon recipes While China has one made with tea eggs and soy sauce. Easy baked salmon recipe Furthermore, Brazilians make one with ham, cover them with cheese and broil. Easy canned salmon recipes You may be thinking, why another deviled egg recipe? Because, this one has a Scandinavian twist.

Our “Delicious Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs” is wonderfully decadent. Easy delicious salmon recipes It has a smoky, yolky, creamy yumminess and combines the deliciousness of the smoked salmon with the luscious perfectly cooked egg yolks.

Yes, I said “perfectly cooked egg yolks”. Easy oven baked salmon recipes Until recently, we used the stove top “place, cover, cook, drain and cool” method.

First of all, set large eggs into pot large enough to hold them in one layer. Easy recipe for salmon patties Cover the eggs with an inch of cold water. Easy salmon burger recipe Bring the pot to a boil. Easy salmon dinner recipes Remove from heat, cover the pot and let it set for 12 minutes. Easy salmon patty recipe After 12 minutes, immediately put eggs in an ice bath for 12 minutes or more. Easy salmon recipes baked Drain and dry.

Wait a minute! We have an Instant Pot, so why not pressure cook the eggs. Easy salmon recipes oven We found a great “pressure cooker” egg recipe over at the “Pressure Cook Recipes” site. Easy smoked salmon recipes When cooking our eggs, we used the suggested 13-minute low pressure procedure. Fresh salmon cakes recipe We’re sold on this method, it was easy peasy. Fresh salmon patties recipe The eggs turned out beautifully and yes, “perfectly cooked”. Grilled salmon burger recipe Let’s make some deviled eggs!

Therefore, we think, no matter how you boil your eggs, you’ll really enjoy our “Delicious Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs”. Grilled salmon recipe jamie oliver HAPPY DEVILED EGG MAKING!

• First of all, carefully cut the cooked eggs in half (long ways), removing the egg yolk to a medium bowl. Grilled salmon steak recipe Select the best twelve cooked egg white halves for use. Grilled teriyaki salmon recipe The remaining four can be reserved for another use.

• On a cutting board, remove the the smoked salmon from it’s skin (note 1). Healthy salmon cakes recipe Next, using a sharp knife remove the dark bloodline down the center of the filet. Healthy salmon recipes baked Using the same fork, shred the smoked salmon.

• Place the capers (if using), half of the creme fraiche, snipped dill, half of the lemon juice and pepper in the bowl. Japanese teriyaki salmon recipe Stir to mix.

• Taste and see if you need more lemon or pepper. Oven baked salmon fillet recipes Also check the egg mixture for consistency. Oven baked salmon recipes The consistency needs to be smooth so it can pass through the pastry pipe. Quick baked salmon recipes Add additional creme fraiche if needed.

• Transfer the yolk mixture into a food processor(note 2) and pulse the mixture until it’s very smooth and creamy.

• Fill a pastry bag (fitted with an open star tip) with the egg mixture . Quick easy salmon recipes Pipe the mixture into and on top of the egg whites (note 3). Recipe baked salmon fillet Make it pretty.

1 – Use equal parts of egg yolk and the flaked smoked salmon.

2 – Mixture can be mixed by hand, but you’ll need to finely dice the shredded salmon so it passes through the pastry pipe.

3 – If prefered, mixture can be placed into and on top of the cooked egg white half using a spoon.

These can be made a couple of hours ahead of your guest arriving; just omit the garnish and cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Recipe for baking salmon Just be sure to bring the eggs to room temperature for a half hour or so prior to serving. Recipe for fish cakes Garnish with the dill as you serve.

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