Destiny 2 1.1.4 update makes players deadlier and faster grilling sirloin tip steak

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The overall theme, in case the name isn’t clear enough, is making things happen more quickly-and by "things" I mean the infliction of death and destruction upon everything that moves.

If you have played destiny 2 for a while online, alone or with your friends, you must know this when you find a new weapon which does more damage than others or a perk that makes it better than every other gun; everyone starts grinding for it and then you’ll see that weapon being used by everyone, it’s all nice until you get exhausted of dying quick and then everyone starts complaining about it and then bungie brings a patch by nerfing that particular gun.

You can check out the full patch notes on bungie’s site. As outlined in a recent video (below), bungie wants players to feel more empowered. Super progression systems have been sped up, weapons have become stronger (for the most part), and destiny 2 has added more power weapon drops to go along with a more sophisticated strike map randomizer.

Each class has also been touched to varying degrees; hunter’s arc staff super and warlock’s dawnblade super should be more effective, and the various warlock glide abilities have been improved. More speed. More power.

When bungie released destiny 2, the game was heralded as a triumph, with the faithful finally experiencing a well-crafted story and a gameplay experience unlike any other. You’ll also no longer face the same nightstrike back-to-back when playing through a strike playlist. This update consists of a variety of changes to the destiny 2 sandbox and crucible, while also bringing with it unique nightfall rewards. Quickplay matches now have a 10-minute time limit (with score limit adjustments to match). Power weapons-rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and other such heavy hitters-should take on a larger role as well, as ammo respawn timers have been cut and players carrying power ammo will now drop half of it when they’re killed.