Determination of the native subunit pattern of gizzard tropomyosin using antibodies specific to each subunit1

The gizzard tropomyosin molecule is composed of two subunits at 1:1 molar ratio. Best chicken marinades for grilling Possible composites of the tropomyosin molecule are two kinds of homodimer (one for each subunit), a heterodimer of two subunits, or a mixture of heterodimer and homodimer(s). Healthy chicken marinades for grilling We tried to evaluate the native subunit composition of gizzard tropomyosin by cross-linking experiments and immunological methods using specific antibodies to each subunit. Easy chicken marinades recipes For the cross-linking experiment we used dimethyl suberimidate, an amino group-specific cross-linker, in the presence of dithiothreitol to avoid artificial oxidative intersubunit cross-linking. Healthy chicken marinades for baking When gizzard tropomyosin was cross-linked, it generated several products which might correspond to dimers formed by intersubunit cross-linkage.

Best chicken marinades for baking When the reaction was carried out for a long time, non-cross-linked subunits completely disappeared and two or three major cross-linked products arose. Chicken egg diagram for kids All of these cross-linked products were recognized by both of the specific antibodies to each subunit. Chicken easy meals These results indicated that the predominant part, if not all, of gizzard tropomyosin is present as heterodimer.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The fragment of smooth muscle alpha-actinin, comprising the four spectrin-like structural repeating units, has a high alpha-helix content, similar to that of spectrin, and a hydrodynamic frictional coefficient, indicative of an elongated, probably bent or kinked rod-like structure, as found for spectrin dimer and tetramer. Chicken easy crock pot recipes The fragment exists in solution as an extremely stable dimer, which is dissociated only under denaturing conditions and is much more resistant to dissociation by urea than is the spectrin heterodimer. Chicken easy to digest High-resolution proton magnetic resonance spectra reveal that a part of the polypeptide chain gives rise to sharp resonances; this is also true of spectrin and it implies that the individual structural repeating units contain segmentally mobile elements, which may be required to generate the elastic properties of the spectrin family of proteins. Chicken easy dinner Again like spectrin, the alpha-actinin fragment contains multiple binding sites for long-chain fatty acids, as revealed by quenching of tryptophan fluorescence by 2-bromostearate (though not by 9(10)-bromostearate). Chicken easy recipes The results point to extensive structural and functional similarities between the repeating units of all the proteins of the spectrin family.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Tropomyosins from rabbit skeletal, chicken gizzard and earthworm muscle all exist as dimeric, ca. Heart of the chicken 100% alpha-helical coiled-coil species in benign media. Chicken marinades for the bbq Two major tropomyosin isoforms from each muscle source have been identified and can be conveniently designated alpha (fast) and beta (slow) based on electrophoretic mobility under denaturing conditions. Best chicken marinades for bbq The ratio of alpha to beta chains is ca. Chicken garam masala curry recipe 3-4:1 for rabbit skeletal and ca. Chicken tandoori masala curry recipe 1:1 for chicken gizzard and earthworm tropomyosins. Spicy chicken masala curry recipe Each chain from the former two muscle sources has been sequenced, thus providing a molecular basis for interpreting the in vivo population of homo- and hetero-dimers. Chicken tikka masala curry recipe The characteristics of each purified tropomyosin in weak-anion exchange, strong-cation exchange and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography are described. Indian chicken masala curry recipe Binding to and/or elution from the reversed-phase matrix results in dissociation into highly helical monomeric chains. How to make chicken tikka masala curry This mode of chromatography separates the alpha and beta chains of earthworm and chicken gizzard tropomyosins, but not those of the rabbit protein. Is chicken easy to digest Both anion- and cation-exchange chromatography use mild (benign) elution conditions under which the native, in vivo dimer population should be preserved. Simple chicken marinades for baking Only the rabbit protein exhibited peak separation on the anion-exchange resin, with peak assignment corresponding to the known molecular organization of homo- and hetero-dimers. Chicken easy dinner recipes In strong cation-exchange analysis, all three tropomyosins exhibit a chromatographic transition near pH 6.5, possibly the result of histidine(s) titration. Chicken plucker drill attachment Collectively, the chromatographic data confirm the present understanding of the in vivo mixture of dimers for tropomyosin from rabbit skeletal and chicken gizzard. Chicken plucker fingers It is concluded that native earthworm tropomyosin exists predominantly as an alpha beta hetero-dimer.

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