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Being pregnant can bring the discomfort of unsightly stretch marks caused by the sudden stretching of the dermal layer of the skin.

The areas most affected are usually the thighs, stomach, buttocks and breasts.

This can be because too much weight is gained and too quickly.

Chocolate chip banana nut bread It can be a fine line between “eating for two” and dieting too much – leading to nutritional deficiencies that can endanger both the mother and her unborn child.

Looking for a healthy banana bread which is minus both the gluten and the white processed sugar, then this might be your solution? Oats are used in place of wheat flour.

Just be aware, in case it is relevant, that many oats are manufactured in facilities that also handle wheat, and some people with gluten intolerance also cannot tolerate avenin, the protein in oats.

Arthritis is one of the many autoimmune conditions and, as a result, it can be seriously affected by what you eat.

Although there are many different types of autoimmune diseases, at their core they are all similar in that they are an immune response caused by systemic inflammation that leads our body to attack itself.

Our immune system has a highly sophisticated way of keeping us safe by identifying all or any foreign …

The various natural health sites have been warning of the dangers of high sugar consumption for years but it is only very recently that the mainstream media has started to agree. Oatmeal banana bread recipe The dangers of sugar have now been well publicized so that most are only too aware that they eat too much of this sweet poison. Banana bread low fat But many are in denial and just do not want to cut down or cut out.

Glycation is a natural part of the aging process but is the chemical reaction that occurs when sugars in the body attached to the proteins in the body.

The sun is not the only culprit in causing wrinkles. Banana bread with applesauce In fact other causes can be smoking, alcohol, sugars and grains. Chocolate banana bread But part of the problem is the glucose or sugar circulating in our body. Banana bread muffins While glucose is an important fuel for our bodies, it can be damaging in the long run if …

Diet is surprisingly important when you are suffering from asthma. How to cook banana bread Whether you are an adult or a child, it can make all the difference between triggering or avoiding an asthma attack.

Even if you do not suffer from this condition yourself, you probably know someone who does – today 1 in 12 of those living in the USA will have this condition.

It means having airways that are inflamed, making you and them especially sensitive to substances ranging …

We have written about the use of acronyms before in our posts. Banana bread sour cream Examples include STROKE, ICE and more. Banana pineapple bread They can be very useful to help people remember what to do in certain circumstances.

Even so, it is still a good idea to refresh the memory from time to time.

BRAT is yet another acronym and it helps you to decide what you can safely eat when you have been ill when symptoms include vomiting and/or diarrhea. 2 loaf banana bread recipe This bland-food diet is suitable for …

According to Wikipedia, glutathione (or GSH) is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi and some bacteria and archaea, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides.

But some natural health experts will go on to say that glutathione is so much more than important, even calling it “the mother of all antioxidants”.

“This is a powerful detoxifier and immune booster and is crucial to …

For how many decades has the long-suffering dental patient been suffering at the hands of the dental profession? Think of all the drilling and filling of holes in the teeth, the root canal procedures and the teeth extractions. Banana bread with chocolate chips Isn’t time (with the help of modern technology) that some radical changes were made?

A new tooth-rebuilding technique has been developed at King’s College, London, England, where fillings are disregarded and our teeth are to be encouraged to …

Two things happened today that made me decide to write this post.

First was the death of Stephen Sutton from bowel cancer – whose inspirational story went viral on social media and touched the hearts of people around the world. Bananas for banana bread For those who do not know his story, this 19 year old teenager with incurable bowel cancer tried to enjoy life as much as possible, while raising funds for a charity to support teenagers with cancer.

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• Lauren plenty of singers and actors have moles. Whole wheat banana bread An example is George Michael he uswd his 5 oclock shadow to cover them up. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar Lots of stars have them ~ Anonymous

• I have no moles at all. Banana bread cake recipe None. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk Never had any ever. Banana banana bread I must be a rare case ~ Anonymous

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