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Had a very nice dinner at Mochica tonight. Italian pasta recipes It’s very comfortable inside – with the warmth of the red walls and lots of artwork on the walls. Mexican recipes with quinoa Our waitress was very helpful and enthusiastic – giving us a good recommendations and chatting with us about our recent trip to Peru.

Indian recipes with quinoa The free dish of garabanzos was very savory and a great way to get things started. Mexican recipes with chicken The passionfruit drink (maracuya) was refreshing. Mexican recipes with chicken thighs Followed with the ceviche sampler: ceviche mochica…. Mexican recipes with chicken breast a trio of ceviche with peruvian corn and potato….the halibut had a nice briny sweetness to it….the three varieties were not radically different but that didn’t stop us from enjoying this dish. Mexican recipes with chicken and black beans I had the Pescado a lo Macho – halibut with a seafood tomato sauce (mussels, shrimp, squid…) with a side of rice. Mexican recipes with chicken and rice The seared tuna entree was one of the best versions of this dish ever – a good sear had embued it with a nice smoky flavor. Authentic mexican food recipes easy It came with a rice cake, fried plantains, lentils and some aoli. Mexican side dish recipes Portions were ample – maybe even large enough to share. Mexican side dish recipes corn All the dishes were very well seasoned. Italian side dish recipes We were seated near a large group that was a bit boisterous but they quieted down once they got their food. Easy peruvian recipes desserts Would definitely go back.

I totally agree with you. Mexican cooking recipes videos I love Mochica! Went there on Saturday evening (just walked in at 7 with no reserve) and had a lovely experience as well, and the food was fabulous as ever, this being my 4th visit. Mexican easy recipes The Ceviche Mixto with shrimp, octopus, squid was excellent and meal size. Peruvian food easy recipes I like their ceviches best of all that I have had in S.F.They are so fresh, extremely limey with just the right amount of hot, and the accompanying corn (chucho) and sweet potato is divine, provides the perfect balance. Indian desserts recipes easy My dining companion had the Ceviche Pescado and agreed with you, well seasoned, lively flavors, fresh and generous.

We started out with a beet, corn and cheese salad (ensalada peruana) and a chile soup (special) that were both spectaular. Mexican recipes in english and spanish Also sampled two Spanish red wines by the glass that had us swooning. Mexican recipes in english Moderate prices, lovely warm service and atmosphere, tasty food. Mexican recipes chicken fajitas Go there!

I love this place too. Mexican recipes chicken enchiladas Environment is very warm, as every one has said. Mexican recipes chicken And the fish is really really good. Mexican recipes chicken mole The halibut in particular, also that beet, corn and cheese salad as above, and the Argentinian red wine…

Prices have definitely gone up at Mochica over the last year or so, it’s no longer quite the bargain it used to be. Mexican bread recipes bolillos But when I ate there a few weeks ago, I still had a very good meal. Mexican bread recipes My favorite dish as usual was the beef heart anticuchos, by far the best rendition of this dish I’ve had anywhere. Mexican bread recipes conchas The ceviche Mochica, which has three slightly different halibut ceviches on the plate (yellow, green and red, which I believe are Aji Amarillo, cilantro and Rocoto respectively) was stellar as well. Indian cooking recipes for beginners We didn’t order the chicharrones this time, but they were always great on past visits.

The entrees were good but not outstanding, I think the strength of the menu lies in the appetizers. Italian pasta recipes video We had the Lengua Envuelto (halibut wrapped in a banana leaf and baked) and the Lomo Saltado, which was better than the last time I had ordered it there. Italian pasta recipes easy The wine list has also improved, though it’s still not great.

By the way, when chatting with the chef after dinner, he mentioned that he’s planning to open a Peruvian Tapas place in Bernal Heights soon. Italian pasta recipes from italy Something to look forward to for Mochica fans.

I think the lime-based ceviches are better at Mochica, but Limon’s are quite good nonetheless. Indian food recipes in english Mochica no longer has any creamy ceviches (they used to have a ceviche in crema de rocoto). Chinese food recipes in english Limon has creamy ceviches, I didn’t like them when I tried them a couple of months ago. Mexican food recipes in english Note that I don’t see them anymore on their online menu, so they may have stopped serving them as well.

The lomo saltado used to be a lot better at Limon than at Mochica, but the one at Mochica has been getting better, and the one at Limon worse, so they’re pretty close now. Italian pasta recipes chicken The Picante de Mariscos was one of my favorite entrees at Limon, but they don’t seem to make it anymore.

At Mochica, the problem is that the menu is fairly large, and some of the dishes are not great, so it’s quite possible to end up having an underwhelming meal if you order the wrong things. Mexican drink recipes non alcoholic I posted my favorite dishes above, though there’s other dishes I’ve enjoyed there, plus I haven’t tried everything on the menu.

It’s good to know that there are some great dishes interspersed with bad dishes. Mexican drink recipes alcoholic That must have been the problem when I went there with 3 friends, so none of us were impressed. Mexican drink recipes for kids The dishes were heavily reliant upon gooey starchy components that did not add much to the dish.

In light of these recommendations, I’ll have to give it another try. Mexican drink recipes Thanks!

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