Disneyland address and how to get there

Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California. Little caesars pizza venice fl Anaheim is in Orange County, part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Where is Disneyland located? The official Disneyland Address is 1313 S. Pizza hut venice florida Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA. Venice pizza canyon country Some say the double 13’s in the Disneyland address stand for M. Marco’s pizza in venice florida M., Mickey Mouse’s initials (M is the 13th letter in the alphabet).

The best we can tell, there’s no sign or any other marker at the official Disneyland address.

We hope the mailman knows where to find them. Venice pizza ridley park Ways to Get to the Disneyland Resort

Having the Disneyland address by itself isn’t a big help unless you know how to use it. Venice pizza ridley park pa No matter how you want to go, we’ve got the information for you whether you want to drive, fly, take a train or bus.

Once you get to Anaheim, you still need to get to the park. Venice pizza ridley park menu Read about how to get around.

Disneyland Resort is located just off I-5 in Anaheim. Venice pizza in ridley park pa Exit at either the Harbor Blvd. Pizza restaurants in venice fl or Disneyland exit. Gluten free pizza venice florida I-5 is the freeway closest to the Disneyland entrance, but you can also get there on CA Hwy 22, exiting at Harbor Boulevard going north, from CA Hwy 91, exiting onto Harbor Blvd south or from CA Hwy 55 or 57, exiting at Katella Avenue going west.

If you have a GPS system, enter the Disneyland address: 1313 S.

Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA. Venice old style pizza manchester nh It will take you to the front gate, and you can follow signs from there to the parking areas.

If you’re traveling across Los Angeles to get there, you’ll have a ton of options for routes. New venice pizza elkins park Check traffic reports on the radio or using your smart phone before you set out to figure out which route is least congested.

Once you get to Disneyland, parking is very efficient. New venice pizza elkins park pa Just follow signs and friendly people directing you and you can’t go wrong. Abbot’s pizza venice ca If anyone in your party has mobility concern, just tell the parking attendant as you go in. Little caesars pizza vincennes indiana They have special parking places and vans to take you to the entrance.

There are five commercial airports in the Los Angeles area. Marco’s pizza venice florida Los Angeles International (LAX) is the most common arrival point for Disneyland visitors. Venice pizza utica ny It’s one of the world’s busiest airports, offering the most airline choices and flights. Venice pizza & pasta lancaster It’s the only choice for most international flights. Little venice pizza rochester ny On the downside, it’s busy and noisy – and 35 miles from Disneyland.

John Wayne/Orange County (SNA) is only fifteen miles from The Disneyland Resort.

It’s a convenient option if you can find a flight to it that meets your needs and it’s quieter and easy to get around in.

Other airport options include Long Beach, which is served by budget carrier Jet Blue, Burbank and Ontario. Little venice pizza hollywood fl Also consider San Diego if you’re planning to spend part of your vacation there. Little venice pizza menu Cheap Flights to Disneyland

Any of the big-name travel sites are worth a try to look for low airfares. Venice pizza shop williamsport Keep in mind that the airlines that may have the cheapest flights to Disneyland don’t participate in those big sites, so you need to check their fares separately: Try Jet Blue or look for package deals at Southwest Airlines.

The “red eye” flights leaving between 10:00 p.m. Venice pizza in glendale az and midnight are often the cheapest flights from Disneyland to the East Coast, where you’ll arrive the following morning. Venice pizza newark tx You can stay at Disneyland for most of the day and may save on a night in a hotel as well as getting lower airfare. Venice pizza newark texas Although some people hate flying all night, others find a good way to conquer jet lag.

If Disneyland is your only destination and you can get to it on foot or by public transport from your hotel, you don’t need a rental car to get there and you may save money by using other options. Venice pizza newark tx menu If you can’t or don’t want to drive, a shuttle is likely to be your best method of transport. Pizza of venice altadena ca Shuttle Companies

Taking a shuttle to Disneyland is more convenient than using public transit and cheaper than taking a taxi or limo.

At LAX or the Orange County airport, you’ll find transportation coordinators who can help you get a shuttle.

On the downside, you may share your shuttle with up to three other parties, circle the airport 2 or 3 times while the driver tries to find more passengers and make multiple stops before reaching your hotel. Pizza of venice altadena All of that could add an hour or more to your travel time. Pizza delivery venice california Disneyland Resort Express from the Airport

The Disneyland Resort Express offers bus service from LAX or John Wayne Airport to Disneyland. Venice gourmet pizza caloundra Lots of people recommend it and it may be a good idea for some people, but it has some serious drawbacks and it can actually cost you more than other options.

The first thing to know about the service is that it only runs about once an hour. Venice pizza caloundra menu When planning my last trip, I wanted to use it, but its limited schedule would have cost me too much time. Venice pizza menu huntsville al My flight arrived just 10 minutes after its scheduled airport pickup and I would have had to wait another hour for the next one. Pizza hut venice beach It was a similar situation on the return trip.

For someone traveling alone, the express barely saves money when compared to using Uber or Lyft. Old venice pizza co oxford ms For two or more people, the bill for those ridesharing services will be much less, and you can travel when you want to.

Taxis are more expensive than ridesharing but may still be an economical option if three or four people are traveling together. Old venice pizza menu Alternatives to Disneyland Shuttles

If you’re traveling in a larger group, shuttles charge by the person and you may find that it’s cheaper to rent a car.

The long trip from LAX to Disneyland in a taxi is likely to be your most expensive way to go, but taxi service from the John Wayne Airport to Disneyland is also available. Venice house pizza warman menu Find the current cost at the airport website. Venice house pizza sutherland Rates are given per mile and the airport is about 15 miles from Disneyland.

All of Anaheim’s transit lines meet up a the ARTIC transportation center. Venice house pizza menu It is located at 2150 E Katella Avenue, about 5 miles from Disneyland. Venice house pizza prince albert menu If you arrive at ARTIC by long-distance bus or train, you can catch local transportation to Disneyland in the same place. Venice house pizza saskatoon sk Taking a Bus to Disneyland

The Greyhound and Crucero USA Anaheim bus depot nearest Disneyland is at 100 West Winston Road, about a mile from Disneyland.

From the bus station, you can catch Anaheim Resort Transit Route 10, which goes to the Disneyland Resort – or get a taxi if you’re in a hurry.

Direct bus service to Disneyland is also available from downtown Los Angeles and San Diego, although these buses make multiple stops along the way. Venice pizza menu yorkville ny You’ll find the details for them by going to the pages in this guide that describe how to get to Disneyland from Los Angeles and San Diego. Venice pizza menu ridgefield ct Taking a Train to Disneyland

If you want to take a train to Disneyland, you may find it’s not as easy as some people make it sound. Pizza of venice altadena menu Some are short on information and we’ve even seen writers so confused that they mistake the local resort shuttle bus for a train.

The truth is – you can get close to Disneyland by train, but don’t expect to step out of your coach and onto Main Street USA. Venice pizza house menu The Disneyland entrance is a good 45-minute walk from the Anaheim train station, or a somewhat-shorter bus ride.

If you’re arriving at LAX and hoping to take the train to Disneyland, you’re likely to be frustrated by the process, which requires getting to downtown LA’s Union Station before boarding the train and then taking a bus at the other end to reach Disneyland.

This trip is much better done by shuttle or bus as described on the previous pages of this guide.

The ARTIC station is served by the Pacific Surfliner route, which runs from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. Venice pizza house daily specials If you’re coming from further away, you’ll have to change trains in one of those locations. Venice pizza and pasta lancaster pa Amtrak offers travel discounts to students, veterans, AAA and AARP members who present their ID or membership card when purchasing a ticket. Venice gourmet pizza caloundra menu Get Amtrak fares and schedules at their website.

Depending on your schedule, it might be faster to get to Disneyland on the regional Metrolink train. Venice pizza ridgefield menu It’s also a good option if you’re traveling from within the LA metro area and not near an Amtrak station. Venice pizza ridgefield ct Metrolink uses the same train stations as Amtrak. Venice pizza menu san diego The downside is that this commuter train runs infrequently on weekends. Venice pizza and pasta hastings Getting to Disneyland from ARTIC

You could call a taxi to get you there, but we’re guessing that if you took the train to Disneyland, you’re the type who might prefer the bus.

To get to Disneyland from the Anaheim train station, take Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) Route 15 bus to the Disneyland Resort, which runs about once an hour from mid-morning through midnight. Venice pizza hastings menu OCTA (Orange County Transit) also operates buses from the Anaheim train station, but that option requires a change of buses en route, making it a good choice only when ART is not running.

Some resources suggest using the Fullerton stop instead of Anaheim if you’re taking the train to Disneyland. Pizza hut venice fl From the Fullerton train station, Orange County Transit buses go to Disneyland, starting earlier and running more frequently than Anaheim Resort Transit from Anaheim station.

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