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View Poll Results : Do you put the leftover pizza box into the oven?

Yes, the large unwieldy box goes into the oven until I’m hungry again.

No. Jacksonville florida pizza delivery Who puts greasy cardboard into a device that can go to 500F?

I don’t order pizza and thus do not have leftovers to consider.

I eat my pizza in one sitting and thus do not have leftovers to consider.

Nearly started a couple of house fires after moving in together with my IT Guy. Naples florida pizza hut He puts the pizza box into the oven to store the leftovers, and I, being an “out of sight out of mind” type will not only forget that there’s more pizza (and get unnecessarily hungry) but also consider the oven to be a cooking implement and not storage device.

Grease soaked flammable cardboard should not go into the MakeHot Box, says I. Naples pizza hours Meat or cheese containing leftovers go into the fridge, says I.

His mother is staying with us and apparently that’s how he was raised, because that’s where she pops any leftover pizza, too. Naples pizza in san antonio (So it’s not just a guy thing or bachelor-who-never-cooks thing.)

Just like you never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, you never put anything in the oven you do not intend to bake.

And if it’s long enough term that the counter isn’t suitable, then obviously you’re putting it in the fridge.

None of the options apply. Naples pizza phone number I store the pizza, not the offending box. Miami pizza phone number It takes me eight days to eat eight slices of a Little Caesar’s Hot and Now, one slice each day for lunch. Jacksonville florida pizza hut I separate the pieces, stack them up in a plastic bag and rewarm one each day from the fridge.

My oven “can go up to 500” only if I tell it to, and I don’t.

As Chronos wisely says. Venice pizza in chesapeake va Nevertheless I always open the oven to look before turning it on.

There’s no upper limit to the dumbness and laziness of some people. Rome pizza delivery In their very small defense, many take-home pizza boxes had (have?) printed instructions to put the pizza and the box in the oven at 200-250ish for a few minutes to reheat the pizza.

Which plants the seed in lazy minds that pizza boxes go safely & properly into an oven. Orlando fl pizza delivery What’s lost is the implicit context and implicit restrictions on time and temp and reason.

This is why it’s so hard to write instructions. Naples fl pizza delivery If they’re long and detailed idiots won’t read them. Naples pizza san francisco ca If they’re short & sweet, idiots won’t understand the whole situation.

It never once occurred to me to store pizza in the oven, much less with a flammable box around it. Rome italian pizza high point nc Leftovers (pizza or otherwise) go into the fridge, or the garbage; not out in the warm where they can start to rot.

When I buy pizza I always get a larger one than I need, specifically to obtain leftovers. Venice pizza and restaurant linden nj These pieces get wrapped in plastic wrap, then placed into ziploc freezer bags and put into the freezer for when I want more later in the week.

I’m borrowing this. Johnnies new york pizza venice I couldn’t quite articulate why this practice bothered me so much, aside from the “didn’t see box, so forgot I had leftovers for breakfast” angle.

We had a fun thread a couple years ago about a older couple who stored all their Tupperware in the lower oven they never used. Chicago italian pizza They had a small kitchen, lotsa kitchen equipment, yadda yadda.

When their daughter & SIL came to visit for a holiday & helped to cook a feast needing both ovens much hilarity ensued because the SIL (our OP) didn’t know about the family secret. Houston pizza delivery Daughter never thought to mention it because she’d grown up with it and it seemed totally normal to her.

Turns out that a sizeable fraction of Dopers (or their parents) use the oven as a storage cabinet for seldom used items. Houston pizza restaurants Who’da thunk it?

Someone I know always left leftover pizza, in its box, on the kitchen counter.

OK, I read that a few times trying to find the problem. Houston pizza I usually do not bother refrigerating leftover pizza overnight; no problems to date.

My pizza stays on the kitchen counter — in the box if it’s bought or covered with a kitchen towel if I made it — eaten the next day at room temperature.

I never store things in the oven but am aware that some people do so I’ve made it a habit to always look inside before turning it on.

In the box in the oven. Chicago italian beef & pizza If I choose to reheat it, I do take it out of the box.

At work the leftovers are kept in the box on the Break room table. Chicago italian beef and pizza I was eating a leftover cold slice one morning and a co-worker came into the room. Chicago italian beef and pizza houston I don’t think she could have been more aghast if I were standing there nekkid.

If you don’t think it needs to be refrigerated then why not store it in the pantry or cupboard with all the other food?

Not that I’d ever do such a silly thing as putting carboard in the oven but, per the poll entry, it’s so the whole box fits. Godfather’s pizza venice blvd I’d sooner leave the pizza box on the range. Piece o pizza venice blvd I prefer room-temperature to chilled for my leftover pizza.

As Chronos wisely says. Rome italy pizza restaurants Nevertheless I always open the oven to look before turning it on.

Ditto: two case studies were what it took for me, because I didn’t realise people outside of my family ‘stored’ stuff in the oven.

1. Naples italy pizza restaurants back home visiting my parents after I’d graduated and moved out, decided to preheat the oven to do a bit of baking. Miami’s best pizza miami fl Over preheats to whatever, I open the doors to put in the baking trays and what the fuck the oven is filled on every shelf with baking trays, pots and pans all of which are now 350F. Miami’s best pizza coral gables Because my dad thought this was an excellent place to store the overflow of saucepans, pots, six skillets, &c &c that he was constantly bringing home from yard sales.

He couldn’t understand why I was so pissed off to find myself confronted with a fuckton of blazing hot metal cookware and nowhere to put it until everything cooled back down.

2. Paris best pizza Staying with a friend in her tiny efficiency while we were still both in grad school. London best pizza Few days while I revised a dissertation chapter, and she lived near campus. Atlanta best pizza places She’d done all of the cooking (stovetop) so far usual student-type cooking, so hey, one night I thought I’d bake a pizza for us.

Turned on the oven to pre-heat, and thank fuck I thought, argh, forgot to bung the pizza stone in while the over’s preheating and fuck me ragged, she stores BOOKS in her oven.

She gave me holy hell for not looking first. Atlanta best pizza She never used her oven, it was a tiny efficiency apartment, so der hey, the oven would make a great place to store papers and books.

So I make zero assumptions about what people get up to with their appliances. Atlanta best pizza restaurants (For the record, leftover pizza, which does not arrive in cardboard boxes at our house anyway, goes in the fridge so that it can become Italian breakfast pastry).

I’m not one to store things in the oven, but I can see how others might if it works for them. North miami beach pizza delivery However, all you oven-store-ers out there, put a piece of tape or something over the control which turns the oven on. Miami’s best pizza coupons That way any guests will not burn your house down.

When were kids, my made her own pizza on Friday nights. Chicago pizza hours Bisquick crust, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovies. Miami’s best pizza closing We put the leftovers the oven overnight and ate it cold the next morning while watching cartoons. Miami’s best pizza coral gables fl It was left in the baking pan overnight. Naples florida best pizza We didn’t have the big pizza chains with delivery.

Now, when I have leftover pizza, I put it in the fridge. Dallas best pizza delivery I reheat it in the microwave, so there’s no point in storing it in the oven.

Put a rack in the bottom of a cast iron frying pan, and get it good and hot. Chicago best pizza delivery Put a slice of pizza on the rack, put about a tablespoon of water in the pan, and cover it. Chicago best pizza restaurants It takes about two minutes, for the pizza to heat through thoroughly, remelting the cheese, and the steam will keep it from crisping or drying.

If there are only a few slices left, they get wrapped in foil and left on the countertop. Chicago best pizza downtown If, for some inexplicable reason, we should find ourselves with most or all of a pizza leftover, it would most likely get stored in the oven, where it would be safe from the dogs.

The one place pizza never goes in our house is in the refrigerator.

Seriously. . . London ontario best pizza what is the source of Salmonella, and if it is present, what effect does refrigeration have?

The most likely source of Salmonella in pizza is cross-contamination from something else being served in the same meal, such as improperly washed salad greens or other fresh veggies, or on the same countertop or utensils. Chicago best pizza (It can also be found in meats and cheeses, but the original cooking of the pizza should have killed any there.)

While Salmonella will survive being chilled, it does not readily reproduce at temperatures below 10 C (50 Fahrenheit), and your refrigerator is supposed to be set around 38-40 F or a little lower. Chicago best pizza places At room temperature or a little warmer (such as in a cooling oven), though, the bacteria can multiply rapidly.

No, it goes in the refrigerator, but sometimes it gets left on the counter. Austin best pizza delivery Cookie sheets go in the oven. Nyc best pizza restaurants It can be inconvenient if I forget they’re there, but worst case scenario is a hot cookie sheet, not fire.

Years ago, I went to in-laws for Thanksgiving. Chicago’s best pizza 2016 They were accustomed to leaving the leftover turkey carcass on the counter for nibbling. Nyc best pizza places I complained about possible germs, so they put it in the fridge. East of chicago pizza hours Hours later, I went to the kitchen, and discovered they’d taken out the turkey again. Old chicago pizza hours TRADITION!

Just like you never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot, you never put anything in the oven you do not intend to bake.

And if it’s long enough term that the counter isn’t suitable, then obviously you’re putting it in the fridge.

I never put it in the oven but I don’t put it in the fridge either. Naples pizza lasalle phone number I usually put leftovers in a plastic ziplock bag or just put an upturned plate over the plate holding the pizza. Chicago pizza phone number It’s so rare that we have leftovers, and they’re always going to be eaten for breakfast. Jacksonville fl pizza delivery If it was enough to save longer I might put it in the fridge.

I’m pretty sure all the toppings on our pizza (pepperoni and cheese, sauce and crust) are okay sitting out like that for a few hours.

Someone I know always left leftover pizza, in its box, on the kitchen counter. Johnny’s new york pizza venice Apparently, that’s how she always did it. Venice pizza ridley pa Our leftover pizza goes into the fridge, either in its box, or wrapped in foil.

Counter objection the first – our very large dogs. Old chicago pizza buffet hours They don’t need to actually put paws on the counter to retrieve the tasty treat we clearly meant for them.

Counter objection the second – actually this is BOX objection – it might work great for transport, but it’s terrible for storage. East of chicago pizza phone number The pizza always dries out. Chicago style pizza phone number We transfer to a plastic wrap or Tupperware to keep the pizza edible.

Yes, it goes in the fridge. Old chicago pizza phone number Food safety, no burning, less me teaching the kids new words while I clean up after the dogs.

Seemed a bit strange but neither of us cooked. East of chicago pizza buffet hours So it worked out fine.

Pizza goes into the fridge now. Pensacola fl pizza delivery Usually in the box. Atlanta ga pizza delivery It’ll be eaten anyhow within 18 hours.

It’s always important to look inside before turning on the oven. Chicago 24 hour pizza delivery Our cookie sheet and fry pan are stored there.

I, and everyone I know, goes fridge except for a couple folks I remember in college who went under the bed. Venice pizza in newark tx About the only way it goes in the oven is when there just isn’t counter space while we’re still eating at it.

When we have leftover pizza, I wrap it in plastic, usually 2 slices to a pack, and put it in the fridge. Houston 24 hour pizza delivery Then the box gets flattened, folded, and crammed into the recycle bin.

The only thing stored in the oven are a few pans that won’t fit in the drawer at the bottom of the stove.

It hurts my brain to try to figure out why someone would not store a food with lots of cheese and meat in the fridge,…

Well, it depends on the timescale. Abbot’s pizza venice menu There’s obviously some amount of time where leaving it out is OK, or you’d never be able to serve it. Abbot’s habit pizza venice I won’t weigh in on what that timescale is, but if you’re within your standards for that time, then the oven is still a worse choice than the counter.

Most pet issues with this can be solved through a combination of closing the box and training your pets properly.

The great thing about pizza is that when you first get it, you get to enjoy hot pizza for dinner. Venice beach pizza But cold pizza for breakfast is just as good.

I never look in the oven before turning it on. Pizza in venice Therefore I would never store it there. Pizza venice fl When I bestir myself to make pizza (I never order it), I always make lots and freeze the leftovers to reheat when we want a quick dinner.

Then the box gets flattened, folded, and crammed into the recycle bin.

Wherever I’ve lived the recycling folks explicitly request that people not try to recycle stuff with food stuck to it such as grease-impregnated paper or cardboard. Venice pizza delivery So your box-top might be OK, but definitely not the greasy bottom. Pizza delivery venice That’s garbage.

They just have to pick that kind of stuff out of the recycle stream and put it in their dumpsters going to the landfill. Venice fl pizza And it draws vermin to what ought to be a fairly clean stream of recyclable materials.

YMMV of course; there’s as many sets of recycling rules as there are recycling programs.

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