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When my kids don’t feel well, one of the only things they will eat is chicken soup – my homemade chicken soup.

But do they want the soup because it represents a strong comfort food they have known all of their lives, or is there something more?

The answer is yes, and the old wives’ tale is right. How do you cook chicken gizzards and hearts Chicken soup really is good for you.

Dr. How long do you cook chicken gizzards Stephen Rennard and his team of researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha conducted a series of tests to study the health benefits of chicken soup.

“Everyone’s heard this from their mother and grandmother in many cultures,” Rennard said.

How long do you fry chicken gizzards and hearts “We found chicken soup might have some anti-inflammatory value.”

After examining blood samples from study volunteers, the researchers found that homemade chicken soup reduced the movement of a type of white blood cells, called neutrophils, which help defend against infection. How long to cook chicken gizzards and hearts By inhibiting movement of these cells in the body, chicken soup can help reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms, Rennard theorized.

“Researchers suspect the reduction in movement of neutrophils may reduce activity in the upper respiratory tract that can cause symptoms associated with a cold,” the University of Nebraska said in a press release.

The study used a soup made by Rennard’s wife, Barbara. How to make fried chicken gizzards tender (The recipe is below.) But is also compared results of the homemade soup with several commercial brands of chicken soup and found similar results. How long should you cook chicken gizzards The brands tested included Progresso chicken noodle, Knorr chicken noodle, Campbell’s Home Cookin’ chicken vegetable, Lipton Cup-a-Soup chicken noodle and Campbell’s Healthy Request chicken noodle.

Although they were not able to pinpoint exactly what ingredients made the soup so effective against cold symptoms, the research suggested that it is the combination of chicken and vegetables that does the trick.

An earlier study conducted by researchers at Mount Sinai in Miami found that consuming chicken soup helped sick study volunteers to breath better and to have less mucus. How to cook tender chicken gizzards The 1978 report, which, like the 2000 Rennard study was published in the medical journal Chest, found that chicken soup boosts the function of cilia — the microscopic hair-like projections that help prevent germs from entering the body.

Given the nickname “Jewish penicillin,” chicken soup has been a mainstay for generations of mothers and grandmothers from many cultures who seek to comfort their families.

Some scientists theorize that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties and that the soup provides the fluids needed to flush out viral infections in the upper respiratory tract.

Staying well-hydrated is a key part of recovering from a cold or the flu. Chicken giblets gravy recipe Research suggests then chicken soup may provide better hydration than either water or commercial electrolyte drinks. What is chicken gizzards made of Here are other reasons chicken soup heals:

• Chicken soup usually contains salt, which in a broth can help soothe your throat much in the same way that gargling with warm salt water can.

• The soup’s warm liquid can help clear the sinuses with its steam.

• Chicken provides lean protein to give your body strength when you are sick.

• The vegetables in chicken soup can help heal the body. Liver of a chicken Carrots contain beta-carotene and celery contains vitamin C, both of which help boost the body’s immune system and help fight infection. What is a gizzard of a chicken Onions help reduce inflammation and can act as an anti-histamine.

Convinced? Here is the recipe for the soup used in the study:

• Clean the chicken, put it in a large pot and cover it with cold water. Free chicken gizzard recipes Bring the water to boil.

• Add the chicken wings, onions, sweet potato, parsnips, turnips and carrots. Chicken gizzard recipe pinoy Boil about 1 and a half hours. Liver chicken recipe Remove fat from the surface as it accumulates.

• Add the parsley and celery. Chicken definition Cook the mixture about 45 min. Chicken uk longer.

• Remove the chicken. Wings of a chicken The chicken is not used further for the soup. Chicken anatomy cloaca (The meat makes excellent chicken parmesan.)

• Put the vegetables in a food processor until they are chopped fine or pass through a strainer. Chicken anatomy diagram Both were performed in the present study.

Matzo balls were prepared according to the recipe on the back of the box of matzo meal (Manischewitz).

What is your favorite chicken soup recipe? Do you eat chicken soup when you are sick? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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My wife has prepared chicken soup for years. Chicken anatomy vent She and I learned about this marvelous cure from our own parents in the Midwest. Chicken anatomy and physiology And, yes, it was called “Jewish penicillin” way back then. Chicken anatomy gizzard She keeps a couple of containers of this soup in our freezer. Brain of a chicken Whenever any of our kids come down with a cold, she gives them enough to feed them and their own kids. Heart of a chicken Colds don’t stay around long in our family.

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