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My favorite salad is super easy, and honestly doesn’t need a recipe, but I love it so much I had to share it as a full post. Roast chicken uk There aren’t any process photos, because you’re just putting stuff on a plate! So the only effort here is to get your produce in-season and your add-ins of good quality.

The best part about this salad is that it doesn’t require a dressing recipe! This doesn’t mean that it’s dry or flavorless though— The sweetness of the strawberries and sea salt takes care of flavor, while the avocado and olive oil serves to make the raw leafy greens moist and palatable. Kentucky fried chicken uk The sesame seeds adds just the right amount of crunch and adds a textural contrast to the creamy avocado and crisp strawberries.

Dixie chicken uk Every ingredient gets a chance to shine their individual abilities, and so it’s as close to truly tasting the season as you can get. Hunters chicken uk As opposed to avoiding and masking the real taste of the leaves by drowning everything in a milky opaque dressing mess, I find that a naked salad like this actually conditions me to enjoy the flavor of raw leafy vegetables.

Now, I’m not totally literate in my leafy vegetables yet (I’m working on it! When I get a hang of it I promise to post an index) but I’m pretty sure that my particular mix had more or less of the following..

mizuna, baby green romaine, baby red oak, baby red tango, arugula/roquette, escarole, romaine, redleaf/batavia, baby green oak, whole head frisee, baby green tango, baby red romaine, butter/boston lettuce, curly endive

Any combination of the above is up to you! It just depends on where you are and what’s locally available. Southern fried chicken uk If you live in the Baltimore city area, I got my greens from a local network of organic farms called Big City Farms. Chicken cloaca I’m using their greenhouse “Salad Mix” that is sold at Eddie’s of Mount Vernon market.

In-season strawberries are best! You could also use blueberries, raspberries or even grapes. Chicken cloaca anatomy Actually, any sweet juicy fruit diced up small is acceptable here. Chicken cloaca function So you could also try tangerines, pineapple, apples, pears and mangoes too. Chicken anatomy chart And of course, you could mix and match!

This is more of a personal touch, I love sesame seeds both toasted and untoasted, they add the very slightest crunch but moreover, they make for a gorgeous garnish when sprinkled on just about anything. Hunters chicken recipe uk Eating with your eyes is half the satisfaction! A small amount of nuts can be used too, my favorite are pecans or walnuts, but make sure they’re considerably chopped. Kentucky fried chicken ukraine I like pecans and walnuts in particular because they’re a bit on the softer side with ridges making them easier to poke at with a fork without having it fly off the plate (I’m looking at you, almonds and pistachios)

Getting good quality olive oil is a must here! I get mine from a local 3 generation running Italian deli named Trinacria that gets it imported from Italy every month. Kentucky fried chicken uk prices If I trust anyone with selling me olive oil, it’s those guys. Texas chicken uk In addition, I find that extra virgin olive oil is an acquired taste (I used to hate it) so if it’s not your thing, consider looking for regular (not extra-virgin) olive oil. Organic chicken feed uk I haven’t tested the difference myself, but it’s apparently lighter in flavor.

A creamy ripe avocado is what really pulls this salad together for me. Chicken pox definition for kids Make sure its cut into small pieces so you get some with every bite.

The grand finale is sprinkling on some sea salt to taste. Kentucky fried chicken menu uk prices You’d be surprised how much sweeter your strawberries will taste when its put into contrast with some sea salt.

Here are two different serving variations for this same recipe, the one on the left has strawberries that are halved while the strawberries on the right are quartered. Chicken cloacal prolapse The avocado is sliced thin on the left and mashed on the right (this is simple achieved by pressing down a fork on a really ripe piece of avocado)

Here is one with thinly sliced apples (appropriately served in a pie dish)…

Sorry for so many similar photos! I’m actually trying to make up for the fact that this recipe doesn’t require any process photos… Either way, I’m just trying to show that there are tons of options and different ways of prep for this salad, and it’s fool-proof as long as you start with fresh ingredients and stuff you like. Chicken diagram For example, my favorite fruit is mango, and I find that whatever it is I throw some fresh mango in, I’ll end up liking. Chicken infection So have some of your favorite fruit help you eat more raw veggies!

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