Duck donuts franchise is the fourth in new jersey how long should i bake bacon in oven

For friends nora branconi and jennifer hollander, franchisees of the marlton crossing location, duck donuts has long been the first stop when their families hit the outer banks on vacations.

So when the two, who met when their children attended the same bordentown day care, brainstormed investment opportunities, they bypassed other ideas — everything from day care centers, wine and paint businesses – and went with the duck.

On thursday morning, prior to the weekend grand opening, branconi, who lives in chesterfield, and hollander, who lives in springfield, sat on stools facing the marlton crossing parking lot to chat about friendship, family, entrepreneurial dreams, giving back – and, of course, doughnuts. Sweeter future

They say their husbands (alan hollander and victor danyi) “have lived through the blood, sweat and tears’’ of getting the business going, although the women are the principal proprietors.

“they are always here, hanging something up or helping with something or other,’’ says branconi.Banks vacations “this is a family effort, a neighbor effort, everyone has a role.’’

Speaking of neighbors, the women say they were warmly welcomed by other independent business owners with whom they share one side of the sprawling shopping complex.

When she’s not talking doughnuts, branconi works in customer service for quest diagnostics, while hollander is director of nursing at princeton medical center.

They wanted to branch out into being small-business owners as a way to have more flexibility in the future as their children grow, and as hollander puts it, “something nice that we can hand down to them and it can stay within the families.’’

“we are both in healthcare,’’ says branconi, “so we are very focused on the experience customers are going to have. We want them to always have a great experience! And a little bit of fun. Sometimes, life can be hard. So, we’re excited to bring them a really great experience, and a really great product for families to enjoy together.Banks vacations

“we both had the opportunity to enjoy duck on outer banks vacations, and my family would go every day. The people were always so nice, and the doughnuts were delicious. We looked at a lot of franchises, and they were delivering a superior product while keeping it really focused. We really believed in the brand.’’

“we don’t even have shelves to keep them on,’’ explains hollander. “they are all served warm when the customer orders them. They are vanilla cake doughnuts, and are a little bit crispy on the outside. You can customize toppings. There are some ideas at the counter (with 11 different coatings and 10 to 15 different drizzles or toppings), customer favorites, but you can also order them however you like them.’’

Duck donuts also offers ice cream sandwich doughnuts, served with chocolate or vanilla breyer’s ice cream, and breakfast sandwich doughnuts (choices include bacon, egg and cheese; sausage, egg and cheese; and pork roll, egg and cheese.Banks vacations

Guests can also choose between red diamond brand coffee (iced or hot), cappuccino, lattes, hot chocolate or iced tea. Coffee varieties evoke the seashore with riptide roast, light house blend and sunset pier decaf. Giving back

“we did some training last night and four of our kids were here,’’ says branconi with a smile. “I put my son to bed at 10:30 because he self-ordered two doughnuts AND a hot chocolate.’’

Yeah, they are a little giddy, but the owners promise, like most families, the doughnut eating will be more special treat than daily indulgence.

Through the duck donuts’ quack gives back program, they will help support gabe’s chemo duck. The duck is used to help comfort and educate children going through chemotherapy, through a local children’s hospital (with the south jersey beneficiary still being selected).

The business will also support marlton girl talk, the local branch of an international organization that promotes leadership in young girls, with high school students mentoring middle school students.Banks vacations

“these girls have a lot to give. They have total transparency on social media, because they are followed by everyone. They are going to grow into great leaders. Jenn and I, we have both enjoyed very successful careers professionally, we both have master’s degrees.

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