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Stroopwafel, as it is known in Holland, is a unique type of cookie that has been around for centuries in its native country the Netherlands. Best ever banana bread It is a traditional daily treat for the Dutch and is mostly eaten with their morning coffee or tea. Banana bread 1 banana The Syrup Waffle (Stroopwafel) is still sold and made the traditional way, at local open air markets using propane powered cast iron grills . Banana bread muffin recipe As the delicious scent travels through the market, the customers line up with their mouths watering.

Traditional Syrup Waffles (Stroopwafels) are made with two thin wafle-type wafers that have a very special caramel filling.

Chocolate chip banana nut bread Sometimes hazelnuts or honey, or other flavors are added to the filling. Oatmeal banana bread recipe The waffle is cooked at a very high temperature on a waffle iron then sliced in half. Banana bread low fat The syrup then spread on and the two halves come together again. Banana bread with applesauce The best way to eat a Stroopwafel is either at room temperature, or to heat it in the microwave for just a few seconds.

Stroopwafel recipes are generally guarded secrets that are passed down from parent to child, generation after generation. Chocolate banana bread Good recipes are very difficult to find and even if a good recipe is found, there is a tremendous amount of specialized equipment needed to bake a proper Stroopwafel.

These delicious Caramel Cookie Waffles (called Stroopwafels by the Dutch) with richly filled chewy centers are one of Holland’s true specialties.

The history of the Stroopwafel goes back until 1784. Banana bread muffins A baker from Gouda baked a waffle of old crumbs and spices and filled this waffle with syrup. How to cook banana bread The Stroopwafel was born. Banana bread sour cream In fact the Stroopwafel was a rest product. Banana pineapple bread And therefor a popular pastry among the poor.

During 1784 the Stroopwafel was only known in Gouda. 2 loaf banana bread recipe Nowadays every bakery in Gouda has its own recipe.

Did you know…. Banana bread with chocolate chips that every Dutchman eats about 20 Stroopwafels a year!

In this stroopwafel recipe, we do our best making stroopwafels by using a pizzelle iron.

Cut one (1) cup of the butter into the flour. Bananas for banana bread Mix in the sugar, cinnamon, eggs and yeast mixture. Whole wheat banana bread Mix well and set aside to rise for 30 to 60 minutes. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar Roll dough into 12 small balls, squeeze each ball into the preheated pizzelle iron and bake for about 30 seconds. Banana bread cake recipe Cut the wafels into two thin wafels and spread with filling.

In a saucepan boil the brown sugar, the remaing one cup of the butter, cinnamon, and dark corn syrup until it reaches the soft ball stage (234-240 degrees F 112 -115 degrees C). Banana bread recipe with buttermilk Stir in ground hazelnuts at this point, if using.

Cut each wafel into two (2) thin wafels and spread with filling. Banana banana bread Repeat this process until all the filling is used.

*Note: If using hazelnuts, remove skin, if possible. How do i make banana bread Grind hazelnuts in a food processor until they are ground to a fine powder.

Tip: Try eating your stroopwafel by resting it over a warm cup of coffee or tea…the steam will warm these up just right.

If you are interested, an iron to make stroopwafels can be purchased online at Fantes.com:

Palmer Electric Gallette Iron Model 1110 Thin – Approx. Hawaiian banana bread 1/4″ http://www.fantes.com/waffles.htm#gallette

Pizzelle irons that will make either a 3-inch or 5-inch waffel can be purchased online at Amazon.com

I adore stroopwafels… Banana blueberry bread recipe I had them when I was living in Holland as a small child… Chocolate chip banana bread now, when I stay with my Dutch grandmother, she always stocks up on them for me, and when we visit the Netherlands, we also come back with several large packets of large and mini stroopwafels!

I got hooked on these because my employer has an office in Amsterdam and the employees keep giving me these as gifts. Banana bread recept I have since purchased an iron and am in search of great recipes, and this one is very tasty. Diabetic banana bread recipe My wife is going to try the filling on top of ice cream — she loves it.

They’re good, but the ones I’d get in Holland are more moist, soft, and chewy. Banana bread rezept Also the caramel inside has a granular feel. Banana bread calories I bought a candy thermometer to try to make it smoother, but not much luck. Banana bread machine recipe Any ideas out there in the stroopwafel world? Thanks, L.

If your filling is grainy that most likely means you haven’t melted your sugar properly. Calories in banana bread When your sugar is boiling you have to take a brush or a wad of soaked napkins and wash the sides of the pot so that there are no granules of crystal sugar to inoculate your caramel, causing a grainy texture.

I will definitely have to try this recipe. Banana bread receta Looks fabulous, hazelnuts especially sound good. Easy homemade banana bread I found a mini waffle cone maker that has 3 circles on it and looks like it would make a fabulous stroopwafel. How to bake a banana bread It’s called the “Chef’s Choice International PetiteCone Express” I can’t wait to try it out!

This is a very good recipe…I can’t compare it to any other as this is the first time I have made and tried stroopwafels. Banana bread allrecipes They looked just like in the picture. Recipe for banana bread muffins We bought the Palmer iron for stroopwafels. Whole wheat banana bread recipe The kids loved them!

Made them today and they reminded me of the Netherlands. Banana bread with nuts I used a Krumkake maker which meant the Wafel was thin enough that spliting was not necessary. Banana bread recipe with baking powder I found the filling turned out better when I used a double boiler. Home made banana bread Dank U wel

Thanks a lot! I’m from Argentina and a friend gave me a package of these Dutch Delicious Stroopwafels, and when I noticed that it was close to empty I started to look for the recipe. Recipe for homemade banana bread And I am considering moving to the Netherlands. How do u make banana bread 🙂

I love Stroopwafels they are a god send when you get out of the chilly Amsterdam wind. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe Hooked on the things for at least a couple of months after I return home to the UK. Easy banana bread 2 bananas Just as a matter of interest they are very popular in North Wales and have even argued with locals about their origins lol.

Question… Banana bread 2 bananas this is not, i repeat, not a spam thing…LOL… Ingredients to make banana bread By the way, Hi everyone!!! Okay, I am going to start a Stroopwafel business in the U.S. Banana bread with baking powder and am testing new flavors so I need some feedback, and you guys sound like the experts at the tasting department. Banana bread machine What do you think of caramel-pecan-chocolate….peanut butter-honey…..and chocolate chip stroopwaffles? My friend and I are recently disabled and we love these cookies and are excellent bakers but need to begin a new line of work, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sour cream banana bread recipe Thanks and have a great day!

Greetings from South Africa! A dutch friend of mine has asked me to find out where he can purchase a stroopwafel maker/iron! In doing some research on the internet it seems the syrup-waffle is not really dependent on a specific type of iron but more on the recipe and the filling and cutting it properly to fill, is that correct? If so, does that mean that he could buy just any waffle maker? Your help will be much appreciated!! Maybe I’ll even get to taste one of these remarkable treats!

Hello everyone, my dad’s side of the family is Dutch and we grew up in MN with syrup waffles but we called them Strookenipers (don’t know about the spelling) but the iron we used has about a 3 foot long scissor type handle with a very decorative cookie press that we used on a gas stove. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Has anyone else seen or heard of these. How to make the best banana bread Thanks and have a great day.

Strookeniepers are speeled knieperkes and are made in Twente (east Holland) . Banana bread re They are not supposed to have the syrup filling! Anyone out there who is familiar with the real Syrup made out of Beet sugar? The English have some equivalent in the Golden Syrup. The best banana bread recipe ever That eliminates the not so healthy corn syrup.

I like the cookies so much, but I have a question about the dark corn syrup. Banana bread reteta Did you buy it or did you make it. How to make simple banana bread And also, can I use honey to replace the dark corn syrup, or not?

Second question. Banana bread with The pizzelle iron, how much does one cost? I can use it for my business in Ghana.

Are you required to have “Stroopwafel Iron” to make them? Or is it possible to make them with your average waffle iron? Please return an answer I am eager to try these!

@ Marthe: Stroop fabrijk (Syrup factory) “Canisius” in Schinnen, NL makes the beet syrup you are referring to. Best moist banana bread recipe ever They also make a very popular apple syrup as well. Bread machine banana bread recipe You can buy it at all of the Dutch grocery stores, but not sure about where to get it in the states.

These turned out yummy. How long to bake banana bread I had to make some changes. Banana bread baking powder Dividing this batter into 12 balls made 12 giant almost-baseball sized balls. How to do banana bread They overflowed my pizzelle maker. Banana banana bread recipe I cut each one into fourths (walnut sized chunks) and cooked them in the pizelle maker. One banana banana bread Then I sandwiched two together with filling. Banana bread 3 bananas The later ones were easier to slice, but still pretty fussy, so I decided to go with the sandwich method. Banana bread recipe with milk Thanks for the recipe!

Dana, instead of white sugar use brown (unrefined) sugar for that extra bit of taste.

Also, the waffle pattern and thickness of the waffles is variable between makers. Banana bread recipe with butter Some varieties are thicker, more crumbly, baked like cookies rather than waffles.

Same with the filling. Banana bread without brown sugar Substituting beet or reed sugar syrup for corn syrup changes the taste. Banana bread with two bananas I’ve even seen some varieties using imported maple syrup (not produced in the Netherlands, just as all reed sugar is imported too).

As written, every baker has his/her own recipe and taste. Banana bread with butter While supermarket sales have largely watered down the bulk production to a few industrial processes, this is still apparent in products purchased in small bakeries and specialty shops.

You’re recipe is great, they taste really good, even better than stroopwafles from the supermarket in Holland.

(1)Where could we buy waffle iron at Holland? What’s the price of the iron in Holland? (2)Could we make the stroopwaffle by ice-cream corn iron as well?

Hi, If it is possible I need your help. Best banana nut bread recipe ever I have decided to produce stroopwafels in my country, unfortunately the price of the brown sugar is too high. How long to cook banana bread Is there a chance to change brown sugar with the white one by mixing some other ingredients? Thank you in advance.

On my search for a recipe I saw this site and began to read it. Awesome banana bread I’m Dutch and still live in the Netherlands. Banana bread przepis But it is great to see that so many people love our stroopwafels so much. Banana bread 4 bananas Thanks to everybody that you like our wafels so much. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas I’m going to try this recipe but first I need an Iron. Banana bread recipe baking powder I’m trying to set up a line of Stroopwafels in India for a charity I’m treasurer of here in the Netherlands, www.kikindia.nl. Banana cake bread So if any one has an iron to spare please let me know….Rick

My carmel filling turned out good at first then got grainy as it cooled. Banana bread with 3 bananas I got Pizzelle makers on Ebay. Best homemade banana bread VillaWare work fine. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas The yeast in the dough of the stoopwafel make them puff and easy to split as soon as you get them off the hot iron. Banana bread plain flour If they cook they are too difficult to work with. Banana bread resepti My Dutch neighbor, told me they were great.

Interesting to read that our stroopwafels (translates as “syrup waffles”) are so popular abroad! One thing: they are not made with corn syrup or honey, and we don’t tend to eat them as a breakfast, but more like a cookie with our afternoon/evening tea or coffee, or just as a warm freshly baked snack at a market stall. Banana bread origin And did you know, these stalls sell bags of chunks of the cookie, poured over with a dollop of the hot syrup filling, as well? “Koekkruimels” (cooky crumbs), we call it. Rezept banana bread It’s mainly for kids, as your hands get very messy and sticky when eating it!

I’m rating this excellent even though I haven’t made it yet – I have a few questions. Banana bread with plain flour I don’t own a pizelle iron, nor could I find any for sale here, so can I bake it in an electric oven? What temperatures do I need, and for how long? Thanks.

I just love stroopwafels.. How long is banana bread good for My sister who live in The Netherlands always sends some to me here in the Philippines at least once a year. Banana bread recipe with two bananas I would like to learn how to make them.

Hi Henry, there is liquid in the Dutch Stroopwafel recipe, and it is listed under the recipe ingredients. 2 banana banana bread It’s 1/2 cup warm water. Banana and bread Good luck, Diana, Diana’s Desserts

Hi, I am from Cyprus and i was married to a Dutch woman. Banana bread recipe without nuts I love Stroopwafels and every time somebody comes from Holland they bring some. What is banana bread I am seriously thinking to import them to the island for business. Banana bread cooking time Any advice? Yia sas

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