Eastern ghouta access to humanitarian assistance must be provided without delay how many calories in an apple turnover

The two major rebel factions in syria’s eastern ghouta welcomed on saturday a united nations resolution demanding a 30-day truce across the country to allow aid access and medical evacuations.

To win russia’s approval, language specifying that the ceasefire would start 72 hours after the adoption of the draft was scrapped, replaced by " without delay", and the term "immediate" was also dropped in reference to the aid deliveries and evacuations.

Paris, feb 25 french president emmanuel macron and german chancellor angela merkel will hold talks today with russia’s vladimir putin over implementing a united nations ceasefire in syria, france’s presidency said, as new airstrikes pounded a rebel-held area.

Monitoring groups say over 500 people have been killed in the past week, after relentless bombings in the eastern ghouta region near damascus.

Nour adam, a media activist based in eastern ghouta, described continuous shelling and airstrikes when reached on whatsapp on saturday, before the security council vote.United nations

But the vote was postponed until 1700 GMT yesterday (1am today, singapore time) as western powers bickered with russian federation over the wording of the resolution. " over 24 hours, a total of four civilians were killed and 51 more were injured".

The final resolution has excluded ISIS, nusra front, and al-qaeda from the one-month ceasefire. "How many more images did we need to see of fathers holding their dead children?" A group in syria showing their support were arrested and tortured by the regime of syrian president bashar assad, prompting thousands to protest.

Russia, a permanent member on the security council that supports the current regime in syria, has supported the government militarily for years in its efforts to quell various uprisings against the regime. "How many more people will die before the security council agrees to take up this vote?"

Russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said damascus needed guarantees that residential areas would not continue to be attacked by rebel fighters.Eastern ghouta

"I am deeply saddened by the awful suffering of the civilian population in eastern ghouta – 400,000 people that live in hell on earth", he said to the U.N. Security council. It is home to about 400,000 people.

The united nations says almost 400,000 people live in eastern ghouta, a pocket of satellite towns and farms under government siege since 2013, without enough food or medicine.

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She went on to describe suffocating the six-month-old boy with a blanket and the infant girl by holding her nose and mouth.Eastern ghouta moronez was babysitting the last two children, all of their deaths were ruled then as sudden infant death syndrome .

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