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I made an apple pie over the weekend from a recipe in a book. Dutch apple pie recipe taste of home It was rubbish. Caramel apple pie recipe taste of home The book used slices of apple, and thats how it stayed.

Can someone give me a simple recipe for a normal, traditional apple pie, with nice mushy apple inside, nice and sweet, and without other rubbish such as orange rind, sultanas etc

yesterday I just cut up some apples and put them in a buttered dish with some sugar and cinnamon and bunged a bit of (defrosted) puff pastry on top, brushed it with milk and sprinkled a bit more sugar on top. Apple pie recipe lattice crust It cooked in about 35 mins – lovely mushy apple with crispy pastry. Flat apple pie recipe pioneer woman Great with ice cream.

Not really cooking but it only took me about 10 mins to knock up after we came back from the pub.

Sounds like yours mushed down well, mine stayed as chunks. Dutch apple pie recipe pioneer woman Not keen on cinnamon, but it sounds like a nice quick pie. Apple pie recipe pioneer woman Glad to see im not the only one who cheats on the pastry!

The wife says i should have stewed the apples first, but she decided not to elaborate on that!

Not knowing how many apples i’d need (turns out to be 700g, about 3 apples) i collected about a half hundredweight of them! The wheelbarrow was full. Apple tart recipe pioneer woman Most have gone to the mother-in-law

It depends on the kind of apples you have if they cook down into mush easily or not. Dutch apple pie recipe paula deen Brambley don’t hold their shape but other cooking apples do. Apple pie bars recipe paula deen You’d have to experiment.

Stewing apples just means throwing a heap of cored,peeled, and chopped up apple in a pot with a very small amount of water at the bottom to keep the apples from burning before they start releasing their own juices. Apple pie easy recipe from scratch Cook over low to medium heat and stir occasionally. Apple crumble pie south africa If they’re still holding their shape, you’ll have to mash them up or blenderise them, I’m afraid.

As OH doesn’t like cooked apple, I haven’t made apple pie for years, but the bestest EVER apple pies were made by my Dad!

He was a lovely pastry cook and everyone for miles around seemed to turn up on Sundays, as Saturday was his baking night!

His apple pies had large chunks of apple in, but they were just right, cooked right though, but still slightly firm if that makes sense, and he used to add a few cloves. Apple pie recipe with lattice crust Don’t know if it added to the taste, but everytime I smell a clove, I think of those apple pies,

and his jam tarts, toffee apples, cakes, custard tarts, cheese turnovers, steak and kidney pies…………….

Is it any wonder, I’m so fond of my food? Its all your fault Dad!!!!

All you need to do is to peel, core and slice the apples. Apple pie recipe martha stewart Pop them into a pan with a little water (as Heather said) and cook them gently until they give a little with a knife (a bit like boiling spuds!)

Then taste a little of the juice, add sugar to taste and boil until the sugar is dissolved (probably a minute or so)

mash this roughly for apple sauce or use as is for a pie filling.

Just the last few apples on the tree now, going to have to climb to reach them as they overhang the hedge.

I will try and remember to defrost the pastry first this time as well

If these apples stay whole when cooked you could always try tarte tatan,or apple/blackberry crumble.

By yhe way bramleys are not usually ready to pick for a while yet and even if picked early still cook to mush.

Most of the tree is bare now. Apple cake recipe paula deen Perhaps they arn’t bramleys. Apple caramel cake recipe paula deen It is a very old tree.

The mother of a friend of the wifes says if the apples are really fresh they will stay firm. Apple tart recipe uk We gave her most of the apples and she sent us a pie back made from them – i had it hot with icecream on yesterday.

okay I don’t want to cook apple pie right away – I have stash of eating deserrt apple thingys which look as though they will be rapidly heading for the compot bin if I don’t do something useful with them (i have been eating an apple a day but there are simply too many to get through) –

can I cook them in the same way you would cooking apples (ie chopped up and simmered in a saucepan with sugar) and just freeze the result or will they be too sweet? and should i bother to peel them first?

ps. Best dutch apple pie recipe from scratch I don’t want to make wine or other alcrofrolic concoction with them!

You can just peel slice and freeze dessert apples,when you defrost do it in a colander as juice is released,amount seems to depend on variety other wise you will get a soggy pie.

I never put sugar with the apples I sprinkle it on to the pastry for sweetness and the texture.and as Neil says demerara or soft brown sugar in crumble,mmmmm.

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