Easy banana muffin recipes

My kids love eating muffins, and over the years, they’ve unofficially become my biggest critic when it comes to muffin making.

Muffins are extremely easy to make because it requires minimum mixing (mixture should look coarse and lumpy)

The only equipment you really need is a large spoon and a mixing bowl.

When making muffins, keep this in mind – too dry and it feels breaded, too dense and it feels cakey. Starbucks banana loaf recipe To prevent this, you need to be accurate about the flour measurement.

A simple way to gauge is this. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch If the muffin rises unevenly (like an erupted volcano), it’s most likely due to too little flour. Starbucks banana bread recipe If the muffin doesn’t rise properly, it’s most likely due to too much flour. Banana nut cake recipe Over mixing the mixture will also make the muffins hard (with holes in the middle).

To bring out the intense banana flavor in the muffins, use overripe bananas. Banana bread cream cheese recipe I have tried many variations of banana muffin recipes from recipe books and magazines, using different types of fruits, nuts and spices to add new flavors to the banana muffins. Banana bread without butter And the results are – a compilation of the best banana muffin recipes!

Try these recipes. Banana bread food com Somehow, I feel you’ll going to enjoy making them.

Egg Free & Butter Free Applesauce Banana Macadamia Nut Muffins

Besides these easy banana muffin recipes, check out delicious cookie recipes too. 5 star banana bread Simply click here.

BTW, have you downloaded my FREE e-cookbook, 25 Ridiculously Easy, Delicious and Good Recipes to Enjoy, Indulge… and Show-off. Banana bread greek yogurt It’s a compilation of 25 delicious, tried and tested, easy banana recipes that was created for the most uncoordinated chef in mind, using the simplest ingredients and simplest equipment. Almond flour banana bread I hope this free recipe e-book will inspire you to start your journey into fun and easy cooking for your loved ones. Coconut flour banana bread And someday, show-off your culinary skills…:-). Spelt flour banana bread Click here to download now.

If you have a awesome, yummy recipe, please share it with all the banana lovers here. Coconut flour banana bread vegan Tell us how you came up with your recipe, what inspired you, and everything else… Oat flour banana bread we love to know! Even share a picture, if you have one. Almond meal banana bread Your recipe may even be featured on this website’s homepage as “Recipe of the Month”!

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• Egg Free & Butter Free Applesauce Banana Macadamia Nut Muffins

I made this one vegan for my niece and it was truly amazing! About to make it again for my in-laws and can’t wait to eat some!

I am not a good baker AT ALL….but this was easy, delicious and I will make it again for sure!!! Happy Baking!

These muffins are absolutely beautiful! Who knew sour cream would make the muffins so good! Definitely a new family favourite 🙂

Usually my muffins don’t turn out that well, but these were AMAZING!. Banana muffins without baking powder So soft and fluffy, and VERY yummy. Banana bread with cream cheese frosting Only problem now is that I have eaten too many 🙂

Great recipe! I had two ripe bananas at home and wanted to use them right away, so I searched for ideas on the Internet. Banana bread cookies I found this recipe and decided to give it a try. How to keep banana bread fresh Since I only had two bananas, I used only half of every ingredient (I added a dash of cinnamon) and baked itfor half the time, too! It was so delicious!

Lovely site I must say! when i found this recipe I thought “this is too good to be true”, when I saw the comments I was like “yeah right, these are so not real”. No egg banana bread recipe But I tried this recipe and trust me, I have NO regrets! awesome!!!! If you don’t have baking soda, like I did, use two teaspoons of baking powder

Thanks so much for the easy banana bread recipe. Banana bread cookies recipe I’ve made other recipes but yours is by far the quickest and easiest.

Super easy, super yummy! I love this banana bread recipe. Banana bread with pecans Thanks for sharing!:D

Thank you for posting this recipe. Low sugar banana bread recipe The best banana bread recipe ever. Icing for banana bread My kids loved it and my work colleague loved it too. Banana and walnut bread recipe I can just eat the whole lot myself. Banana bread bread maker So easy to make as well.

Love it! Cant believe how easy it was and what a beautiful cake it makes! Easy enough for my kids to do and so professional looking and tasting! Even our fussiest banana bread lover loved it!! VERY impressed!! A++++

Excellent! This would have to be the most delicious and moist banana cake ever! I used wholemeal flour instead and it was still unbelievably moist. No baking soda banana bread Also, I baked it for 50 mins instead, then left to cool and that helped make it more moist yet not undercooked. Famous banana bread recipe This has now become a firm family favourite, thankyou!.

I’m a 12 year old girl who just loves cooking and I was trying to find an easy banana cookie recipe.. Resep banana cake breadtalk And then I found this! I added some chocolate chips just to make it taste better, but it already tasted amazing. Banana bread in bundt pan It was all gone in 1 day! Thanks a lot.

This might be my new favorite recipe! Plain, they are like mini, takealong banana bread bites! Delicious! Then I got creative, and dipped them in semisweet chocolate, then pressed a walnut on top and now they are anelegant cookie! I wowed my friends at our cookie exchange this year, but little did they know how simple it was! Thank you for the best kept secret I’ll ever have in my kitchen!

My Australian neighbour said, this banana cake can go for competition, it’s moist, light, white and beautiful.

This was a very delicious,chewy filling and healthy desert that everybody enjoyed. Jamaican banana bread recipe even without the eggs which i forgot…it came out great!!!!

Wow – this worked like a charm even with a makeshift steamer.

Was craving for some pudding and tried your recipe. Is banana bread good for you It was incredibly easy and good. One egg banana bread I also added lots of bananas to the pudding. Is banana bread healthy Wow – heaven!

Even though I forgot the eggs, it was still so delicious and it wasn’t to sweet! All you busy banana and chocolate lovers will love it cause it’s easy, quick, and tastes great!

Great easy recipe but I used brown sugar this time instead of castor as it was all I had, and wow it was sensational!

Turned out lovely and moist. Is banana bread bad for you Was a hit with everyone. Bread maker banana bread I added walnuts for a bit of texture. Banana bread whole wheat flour Thanks for the recipe!!

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