Easy barbecue trout recipes with fresh tasty bbq ingredients

Barbecue trout recipes are easy provided you have one essential ingredient – freshness. Recipe for baked salmon fillets Fresh trout and fresh accompaniments make all the difference and here’s a couple of great examples, a novel cooking technique and to finish a recipe for salmon trout.

As you can see in this picture, you don’t need to have state of the art

equipment to grill fish.

Baking salmon fillets in oven The cooking time is so short that fish is ideal

I took this photo whilst on holiday in France. Baked salmon fillets The group of people

that were next to us on the camp ground were leaving the next day and

didn’t want to buy a large bag of charcoal so they just bought one of

those small disposable charcoal barbecue grill trays for their final cook out.

(It just goes to show that still many think of BBQ grilling as

cooking only for vacations whereas us seasoned all year round grillers

Best known of the trout family is the rainbow trout which is farm

reared extensively. Bake salmon fillet in oven The river trout or brown trout is a game fish and

available only when in season. How to bake salmon fillet Generally speaking you can buy it locally

rather than through the supermarkets so it is not that common but it is

– 30 minutes depending on the size of the fish and the only thing you

really have to worry about is ensuring that the fish doesn’t break up.

Your best bet is to use a fish basket or teflon mat that has been brushed with cooking oil as this makes flipping easy.

fish basket and this will stop the fish from sticking and breaking up.

Grill the trout on medium coals for about five to ten minutes on each side depending on the size of the fish.

TIP – You can tell when trout is cooked because the eyes turn a milky white color.

BBQ trout is so easy and so tasty, all you need is a good fresh

I love a little spice in my barbecues and so I’m going to start with one

There’s nothing in the spices so just look out for the fish! Ingredients:-

Take your trout (washed and gutted) and make some some oblique slashes down each side of the trout, this helps the spice mix penetrate deep down into the flesh of the fish.

Now simply rub the spice mix all over, in the cavity and into the slashes. How long to bake salmon fillet Refrigerate for an hour while the spices do their work and it’s time to light the barbecue.

Fennel goes very well with trout so for this grilled trout recipe we’re going to do a simple grilled trout and drizzle over some

I also wanted to add some heat to this one so there’s birds eye chillis in there too. How to bake a salmon fillet The chillis are small but that doesn’t mean that they are mild (far from it) so feel free to reduce the number of chillis if it’s not your thing.

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes Infusion Time:- 30 minutes Cooking Time:- 15 minutes

Crush the fennel seeds in a pestle and mortar just enough to release the

aroma and add to the olive oil. How to bake salmon fillet in oven Remove the seeds from the chillis, chop them and add to the

The longer the oil stands, the more the flavors take hold so don’t use it straight away, leave it 30 minutes.

a couple of incisions with a knife diagonally down each side of the

trout to help it cook more evenly. How long to bake a salmon fillet Rub in a little of the fennel oil

(not too much otherwise it will cause a flare up) and season with salt

medium heat flipping once and when your trout is cooked serve with a simple red

tomato salad and drizzle over some more fennel oil. How long bake salmon fillet Variation

Substitute the fennel with two cloves of garlic and the zest of one lemon.

This is one of the easiest steamed barbecue trout recipes ever

you’re going on a camping trip or doing a spot of fishing then this is

the recipe for you because it’s equally as good on a camp fire as it is

There’s a saying in England that today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and

chip paper and this is so apt considering the quality of journalism

today. Baked salmon fillet Wrapping fish and chips in newspaper was one of the great paper

re-cycling stories before the environment was on the political agenda

but sadly our chip shops now have to use clean paper with no ink.

this recipe you wrap the trout up in the newspaper, soak it in water

and slap it on the grill. How to bake salmon fillets The fish steams, you peel away the paper and

there you have it. Baked salmon fillet in foil I’ve done one trout below but feel free to up the

quantity depending on how many folks you’re serving (or how many fish

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes Cooking Time:- 30 minutes Total

Gut your trout (your fishmonger will do this – unless you’re in the

woods), season with salt and pepper and stuff a slice or two of lemon in

the cavity. Baked salmon fillet recipes Take 3 or 4 sheets of newspaper (you may need the Wall

Street Journal if it’s a large fish!) and wrap up the fish, dunk the

parcel in water so that it’s completely soaked and place it on the grill.

it 25 – 30 minutes and peel back the paper. Baked salmon fillets recipes If it’s done, the newspaper will be dry, the eyes will

be milky white and the skin of the fish will come away with the paper.

Take care when flipping to approach the fish from the side without

the cocktail sticks and this will ensure that you have something good to

tomatoes, cucumber and anything left of the sun dried tomatoes. Easy baked salmon fillet recipes Lightly

salted with a drizzle more of the leftover oil and there’s you have the

perfect healthy grilled trout recipe for a summers day. Calories in baked salmon fillet See Also:-

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