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I have a baking arch nemesis and its name is Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Moist and delicious banana bread It figures that I would have trouble perfecting caramel recipes when it just so happens to be one of my favorite things, ever. Sugar free banana bread Oh, to perfect a batch of salted caramel ice cream or a simple Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Who am I kidding? There is nothing simple about Caramel Swiss Meringue Buttercream, that illusive and nasty beast of a frosting…NOTHING!

After 45 minutes of sweating over hot caramel and Swiss meringue only to end up scraping a chunky batch of my failed attempt into the trashcan, I was over it. Banana bread recipe sour cream Sooo over it in fact that I did something I never do…I made a faux version. Sour cream banana bread The best part was that everyone loved it, raved about it, licked the frosting off the top of the cupcakes! Half easy, no-fail caramel mixed with my favorite vanilla buttercream recipe and I had myself a new invention. How to make a banana bread Take that arch nemesis…until we meet again.

2. Banana bread with sour cream Bring to a boil over medium high heat stirring with a wooden spoon.

4. Buttermilk banana bread Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and sea salt.

Betty crocker banana bread (Be careful, it will bubble!)

1. Banana bread with buttermilk Cream butter in a mixer with the paddle attachment on medium speed until light and creamy.

3. How to make homemade banana bread Increase mixer speed to medium and add vanilla extract & salt, beat for 3 minutes.

4. Betty crocker banana bread recipe With mixer on low, slowly add cooled caramel. Best ever banana bread Beat until all is incorporated.

I suck at making caramel and it is one of my most favorite things ever. Banana bread 1 banana I always screw it up somehow. Banana bread muffin recipe I’m not sure if its the pan I have or what, but it makes me SO angry.

Last year, I made pumpkin spice latte cupcakes as a Halloween treat for my office. Chocolate chip banana nut bread I’m going to try this frosting when I make them again this year!

Caramel is so tricky to make–and, as I have learned the hard way, it can give you some nasty burns on your fingers!

You are so welcome! Glad you are enjoying it. Oatmeal banana bread recipe Since regular buttercream is ok at room temp I am sure this will be as well. Banana bread low fat That being said, I have never left a frosted cake out for 2-3 days without the frosting getting a bit hard on the outside. Banana bread with applesauce ??

I made this frosting last week and put it on a heath bar cupcake with chocolate ganache. Chocolate banana bread They were as beautiful as they were delicious. Banana bread muffins My guests RAVED about it and everyone wants the recipe! I will be making them again for my employees. How to cook banana bread Thanks!

Haha! I was just reading the reviews for Martha Stewart’s Caramel Buttercream and it sounded like everyone was having difficulty. Banana bread sour cream This looks like a great alternative. Banana pineapple bread Any thoughts on if it would be stiff enough to hold a layer cake together?

It absolutely was sufficient for a layer cake. 2 loaf banana bread recipe I actually had quite a bit left over and I put it on thick on two 8? rounds.

BTW, we just finished the cake last night. Banana bread with chocolate chips I’m already missing it. Bananas for banana bread I might have to make it again just so I can have more of this delicious frosting.

I’ve spent the better part of 2 days looking for a recipe like this! I have a buttermilk cake recipe that I love – but I hate all caramel frostings I have topped it with thus far. Whole wheat banana bread They are either too runny, too difficult, or use a ton of egg whites (I can’t stand breaking up my eggs unless I have a use for both parts ??

I am baking cakes today, and I’m excited to try this frosting!!

After two failed attempts to make caramel fillings for my macarons I stumbled across your recipe. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar It was perfect!! I left a little bit of the caramel mixture out and put a small dollop on each macaron and then covered in the buttercream.

Quick question on the caramel, it looks great when I add the vanilla and salt but then when it cools down, it goes hard and then I cant seem to break it up or make it smooth with a whisk. Banana bread cake recipe What am I doing wrong?

I have the same problem as Michelle above. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk What should the consistency be after you add vanilla and salt?and after it cools? Mine is quite set, a bit sandy. Banana banana bread Should it be a liquid caramel when you add to the buttercream? Thanks for any advice!

Hands down best caramel buttercream I have ever tasted. How do i make banana bread It goes with everything, caramel mud cake, devils food cake and even make banana cake super decadent. Hawaiian banana bread You can’t mess it up if you try, absolutely fool proof. Banana blueberry bread recipe Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

I have had the same problem at both Michelle’s above after three attempts tonight. Chocolate chip banana bread It’s perfect until I let it cool and then it hardens and turns into a sandy mess! I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong?

Marci- that’s so odd! If it’s hardening up I would say that you may have overcooked the caramel. Banana bread recept Try cooking only until the sugar dissolves. Diabetic banana bread recipe I’m sorry to hear that it isn’t working for you!

This frosting is the best buttercream frosting I’ve ever tasted. Banana bread rezept I did dial the back the confectioners sugar – I only used 75% of the suggested amount of sugar, while also doubling the salt. Banana bread calories I usually find buttercream cloyingly sweet and crunchy in texture so made the mods I mentioned to have a result that suits my tastes. Banana bread machine recipe I absolutely love the quick and easy caramel recipe. Calories in banana bread No candy thermometer needed. Banana bread receta Yay! Thank you for sharing this genius recipe.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love sharing food with you and I hope you will make and enjoy the recipes you find here. Easy homemade banana bread Leave me a comment on today’s post and share your recipe photos on social #Freutcake. How to bake a banana bread Come back soon! Cheers, Leah

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