Easy drunken zoodle chicken casserole {paleo}

This Drunken Zoodle Chicken Casserole takes a spin on the original Pad kee mao Asian stir fry and puts in casserole form. Sockeye salmon recipe pan seared A Paleo Noodle Zoodle Chicken Casserole with tons of flavor, Thai spices, and simple healthy ingredients! Light, high protein, low carb, and delicious.

My latest obsession, among many, is making the most out zoodles in the form of spiralized comfort food.

The best salmon recipe I don’t know about you, but sometimes plain zoodles (zucchini noodles) get boring. Heck, unless your bugs bunny, we all like to eat vegetables that have some “ Ooompf !” Don’t me wrong, I love the extra veggie consumption spiralized vegetables add to dishes, but with that also needs to come more substance and/or flavor, ya know? You know I know that you know.

Anyway, comfort food in the form of casseroles and Asian food are my JAM… err Jelly? Yes, noodle bowls, spicy Thai, creamy chicken curry, homestyle tuna (zoodle) and chicken casserole favorites. The best salmon recipe ever GLORIOUS I tell you!

So just add this Paleo Drunken Zoodle Chicken Casserole to the list. Baked king salmon recipe Gosh I’ve been wanting to try this for so long. Baked salmon recipe soy sauce Drunken noodles are amazing, but when you make them into zoodle chicken casserole form, they are even more amazing. Baked salmon recipe with mayonnaise Why? Because you can transport them as a stir fry noodle potluck dish, make for meal prep, or feed the whole family around the table.

I know my Thai and Chinese foodie friends are shaking their head at me now. Baked salmon recipes simple I might have just butchered this Asian dish, but hey, don’t knock it till you try it.

The reason I chose to create a Paleo Drunken Zoodle Chicken Casserole out of the original, or pad kee mao, is really for 2 reasons. Baked whole salmon recipes simple Well, besides the comfort food zoodle recipes obsession mention above.

• Pad kee mao, includes egg. Baked wild salmon recipes In most Thai recipes, anyway. Best baked salmon recipe It also contains a copious amount of veggies, herbs, spices, and lean protein. Best baked salmon recipe ever The secret really is in the stir fry sauce, which makes for the perfect casserole concoction.

• Drunken Noodles ( pad kee mao) is one of the best of Asian comfort food stir fry noodle dishes! THRIFTY TOO! No, it doesn’t include alcohol. Best baked salmon recipe in the world I think everyone has their take on this dish, but from what I’ve heard, Drunken Noodles came about by someone who came home drunk, had the munchies, and made a dish with just the available ingredients. Best canned salmon recipes Aka “ Drunkard’s Noodles.” Oh and according to wikipedia, the other slight variation describes this dish as a stir noodle recipe that pairs well with alcohol. Best easy salmon recipe I’ll let you choose what to believe, mm mm k?

In my opinion, Drunken Noodles stir fry is the Oriental version of Mac N Cheese or any other skillet/one pot wonder. Best ever salmon recipe It’s simple. Best grilled salmon recipe It’s cozy. Best grilled salmon recipe ever And you can tailor it to your liking . Best healthy salmon recipe Ha, which is exactly what I did. Best oven baked salmon recipe Chicken Casserole form ya’ll! Low carbish. Best oven salmon recipe Veggies packed. Best recipe for salmon Protein Packed. Best salmon burger recipe EGGCELLENT! I used, gluten free tamari soy sauce, palm sugar, peppers, chicken, Thai basil, and birds eye chili peppers with extra jalapenos. Best salmon cake recipe Gasp! I know, more spice. Best salmon fillet recipe Don’t worry, you can De-spicy this dish. Best salmon patty recipe It’s a word. Best salmon recipe I promise.

Ready to get your zoodle chicken casserole on? Yes you are! Just don’t get drunk, capeesh?

• Clean your chicken then dice your chicken meat into small slices/cubes. Best salmon recipe baked Set aside.

• Slice veggies and spiralize your zucchini. Best salmon recipe ever If you don’t have a spiralizer, just cut julienne style. Best salmon recipe oven I use this spiralizer . Best salmon steak recipe Make sure to pat your zucchini noodles extra dry with a towel. Best smoked salmon recipe To remove excess water.

• Next Mix your stir fry sauce. Chicken best recipes Whisk together the fish sauce, chili sauce, ginger, tamari + sugar (to equal the dark soy sauce), lime, pinch of pepper. Delicious baked salmon recipes Taste and adjust with more tamari/sugar if needed. Easy baked salmon recipe For Paleo option, use palm sugar or molasses.

• Preheat oven to 350F and greased casserole dish. Easy canned salmon recipes Set aside.

• Place meat, garlic, onion, oil in skillet or large pan. Easy delicious salmon recipes Saute 5 minutes.

• Add your stir fry veggies, sliced red pepper, sauce, and 2-3 tbsp tapioca starch. Easy oven baked salmon recipes Stir fry 10-15 minutes until chicken no long pink (but not overcooked) and starch is mixed well with the meat/vegetables.

• Place (Zucchini noodles) zoodles at the bottom of your casserole dish

• Add the Chicken stir fry with sauce on top of zoodles; evenly.

• Next whisk your eggs and coconut milk. Easy recipe for salmon patties Pour over casserole dish.

• Bake 25-30 minutes or until the edges are golden brown and the egg mix is cooked through.

• Remove from oven and garnish with Thai basil and optional sliced Thai peppers.

• Salt/pepper to taste. Easy salmon burger recipe Sesame seeds to sprinkle over top, if desired.

If you don’t have thai red pepper, you can use any other spicy red pepper. Easy salmon dinner recipes I also added jalapeno for extra kick! thai red peppers are Available in the Asian foods section or produce section of some supermarkets, or at some Asian markets.

8x 11 casserole dish is what I used. Easy salmon patty recipe But 9 x13 should be okay, just won’t be as thick in pan once cooked.

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One of my friends and my bf are OBSESSED with pad kee mao! I had been meaning to make a homemade healthier version using the classic wide rice noodles, but now I’m 200% sold on the zoodles! This dish looks soooo inviting and is definitely a healthier change up. Easy salmon recipes oven Bravo, m’dear!

I have ventured into trying more Asian dishes and this one looks delicious and you make it look so easy. Easy smoked salmon recipes The colors are so vibrant and the ingredients healthy, that this is a perfect dinner that includes everything you need. Fresh salmon cakes recipe Yum!

I think so, but I would not bake it beforehand. Fresh salmon patties recipe Just assemble, freeze, then bake before serving. Grilled salmon burger recipe Or you could bake it all and freeze, but the zoodles might get a little soggy once reheated. Grilled salmon recipe jamie oliver Let me know if you try it!

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