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Breakfast is important- we all know that. Banana bread in cake pan But to chart out different breakfast recipes during the week is one thing and to actually get up in the morning and make them is another. Blueberry banana bread recipe I am not a morning person at all. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe moist That being said, I also want a healthy, nutritious breakfast that 1) doesn’t come from a box and 2) doesn’t take lot of time/effort forcing me to come out of my slumber. Banana bread healthy recipe Since such a criteria was proving v hard to satisfy when it came to a variety, I started preparing recipes that I could make during the weekend or that I could half-cook the day before.

3 ingredient banana bread recipe So baked goodies for breakfast sounded perfect for such a cause. Banana bread with cake mix and pudding This bread is one such.

I love food, so in the name of “Watching-what-I-Eat” I cannot eat tasteless food. Banana bread recipes healthy I try to reduce calories/fat wherever it makes sense. Banana bread recipe with cake mix I find that many ppl repeatedly ask me how else they can cut out the fat in an “already-reduced-calorie” recipe I make here. Banana bread recipe with yellow cake mix I can and will of course suggest but I personally would not go that far making it taste boring or tasteless. Egg free banana bread recipe That’s a sure way of starting binge eating later. Banana bread buttermilk The changes I made for this recipe meets what I was talking just above. Banana bread recipe gluten free I replaced the shortening with butter (that’s what I had on hand) which in turn was half replaced with oil. Bananabread recipes The eggs were replaced with more bananas for the sole reason of adding more fruit. Banana bread recipe food network I normally would use just egg whites instead, for incorporating the “more-protein-for-less-calorie” aspect but this time I let pass in favor of more fruit.

This bread taste like bananas (duh!) with on and off sweet yet lightly tart blueberries. Banana bread recipe allrecipes Its a moist bread with a subtle taste of Molasses thanks to me using the Sucanat instead of the refined white sugar. Banana bread crumble You can also use brown sugar to get that molasses flavor. Banana bread crumb cake I made 2 mini loaves instead of the suggested 3 since I had only 2 mini loaf pans.

i tried this yesterday . Banana bread recipe without butter i replaced blueberries with almonds and used jaggary instead of suger . Banana bread recipe coconut oil the result was super yummmyyy very tasty the entire cake was over with in 1 hour

We dont get blueberries in India :(, so i omitted it but added some tutti fruity bits to it, it turned out so good, loved the end product, Thanku sooo much for the recipe… Banana bread streusel by the way i also added some vinegar to it since i read it somewhere that baking soda needs some acidic element to rise, i just had one question can we make this same bread with regular wheat flour??

Oh my god I was looking for eggless bread recipe for long time. Banana bread recipe with coconut oil This is perfect perfect recipe. Crumb topping for banana bread Bread turned out soo good I can’t even believe it that I made that bread. Banana bread with crumb topping Thanku for sharing this wonderful recipe. Flours banana bread recipe Send me more eggless recipes on my email. Banana bread recipe coconut flour Thanks once again.

Hi DK, I know this is fairly late but I just wanted to know what oil you used for this recipe.

I have used Organic expeller pressed Canola Oil as well as Organic Coconut oil (refined) to excellent results. Banana bread made with buttermilk Both work great for me. Banana bread with streusel topping –DK

Hi, Chef I made this recipie many times but once at the time of cooking light has gone so, I steamed it for ten min. Cinnamon crumb banana bread In the mean time light came and I microwave it for 5 min. Banana bread recipe martha stewart The upper layer was brown and the cake was many times yummy.

Can u please answer praneeta and Rosemarie question..because I have the same problem thx Dk

Pls refer to my reply to Praneeta’s question. Banana bread recipe no butter If that link is not useful and you think its a different problem, pls get back to me and I will see if I can help. Banana bread recipe with coconut flour Thank you 🙂 –DK

I baked this bread last nite and it was awesome! It was the second time for me to bake it but the taste is so good but the baking time took me almost an hour cause the center is still wet. Flour banana bread recipe Did I miss something in the process?

🙄 baking soda and pdr are not same I wonder,because I have many recipes with both thing as their ingredient nad the temp is 350 centigrade or farhenheit. Banana bread pudding paula deen piease let me know for how much time I should beat the oil,butter sugar mixture.

I love baking….try to find low calorie recipes whenever possible but i live in cairo egypt and we dont have blue berries…we have dried apricot or prunes or raisins…what would you suggest…thank you 😀

Hey DK, I am a beginner in baking and love to try out new things. Martha stewart banana bread recipe Totally motivated and fascinated by your recipes and will be trying some of them soon.. Banana bread cooking light Need your suggestion — My cakes usually remains slightly under cooked from center.. Ingredients for banana nut bread Is there a problem with my baking pan or oven or is it my recipe.. Paleo banana bread recipe with coconut flour Please help me understand.. Banana bread two bananas I have really been trying for a long time.. Organic banana bread recipe Pls help..

Did you check if the center is cooked with a toothpick? Remove the cake only after the center comes out clean and/or dry. Banana bread recipe with applesauce All our ovens are different and work differently. Almond flour banana bread recipe Always use the temperature given in any recipe as a guideline and adjust accordingly to your oven. How long to bake banana bread muffins Pls refer this article. Strawberry banana bread recipe It might help: 7 Most Common Baking Mistakes –DK

Hihi, I really like this n Thks lots for d recipe. Banana bread baked oatmeal Just a quick question: mine turn out to be very dry n even burnt at d side of d cake. Banana bread yogurt recipe I already used a lower temperature to bake it but still burnt. Banana bread recipe with almond flour Can I know what went wrong w my cake?

Try placing your loaf pan little away from the heating element next time around. Flour bakery banana bread I still think your oven is hotter – the burning and dryness is due to it. Hummingbird bakery banana bread An oven thermometer is the best to judge your Oven’s temp. Flour bakery banana bread recipe –DK

hello, i was searching a recipe on how to cook a blueberry bread and came across to your website.. Banana bread recipe yogurt and found this recipe i was wondering if i can use a frozen blueberry? instead of fresh? i love to cook this blueberry bread… Banana bread recipe with yogurt your recipe looks delicious… Sugar free banana bread recipe a little help plss.. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt thank you… Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt have a great day…

Hi DK, this bread looks delicious…would love to make it soon. Banana bread with sour cream recipe However, when you say, you have it for breakfast and esp more of baked goods …am wondering if its ok to consume baking soda/powder on a frequent basis. Buttermilk banana bread recipe I guess Baking soda is same as our aapa soda or soda uppu (in India) and I have heard that using it in cooking too much is not advised. Banana bread food network Please enlighten 🙂

Baked goods includes the ones made with yeast. Banana bread donuts So I make those too. Banana bread recipe using sour cream Again regular is relative. Banana bread with sour cream and oil My “regular” would mean something like once or twice a month. Original betty crocker banana bread recipe I try to rotate my breakfast between cereals, toast, eggs, waffles, Indian breakfasts, pancakes, yeasted breads and then these quick breads(as u can see from my breakfast section)…so we get the BS/BP based items once or twice thereby are consumed not v often 🙂 I do not believe BS/BP are that bad for health especially seeing that in this country Pancakes/Waffles/Breads (which have BS/BP in them) is eaten every single day. Banana bread 1 egg But since I am all for natural foods without too much additives, I do not consume them that regularly.

Hi,I regularly follow your blog n quite like it!I wanted to know if any other fruit can be added instead of bananas ?n also whether any other flour would do?I m not a big fan of bananas n also allpurpose flour is sparingly used in my kitchen.would appreciate your help since this is an eggless recipe n i want to try it!

I would suggest u visit my Eggless category for other recipe ideas..they might help 🙂 (do refer the sidebar for other eggless bakes like cakes etc)

Hey DK, I regularly follow your blog and love every recipe. 4 ingredient banana bread I am afraid of baking but I guess this one looks fairly easy so I am planning to try it out. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream I live in India and as you know we don’t get fresh blueberries. Banana bread sour cream recipe Can I use the canned blueberries instead of fresh in this recipe? If yes, then should I make some changes accordingly? Please suggest.

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