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I am so delighted to present this Eggless Chocolate Cake on this special occasion . Low sugar banana bread recipe Jeyashri’s Kitchen is turning 5 today. Icing for banana bread Five years went so fast and i still recall the first day i posted the recipe of Paal payasam ,the same day. Banana and walnut bread recipe In this journey of blogging for 5 years , i have gained so many friends and very good readership too.This journey was so successful, with the fullest support from my family. Banana bread bread maker They always encourage me in all the things i do and celebrate my success . No baking soda banana bread I thank all my readers, my friends, co bloggers from the bottom of heart and wishing that will continue in the coming years too. Famous banana bread recipe With all your support i have reached this milestone.

Special thanks to Raks , Nags and Shriprada for their continued support in the technical aspects of blogging. Resep banana cake breadtalk Very happy to have nice friends around me always.

I used my Eggless Vanilla Sponge cake recipe for this recipe by just replacing a portion of flour with cocoa powder. Banana bread in bundt pan I have no clue about the icing . Jamaican banana bread recipe My reader who started a blog also now, gave me all ideas about icing. Is banana bread good for you Thank you so much Sujatha ram of Indian veg kitchen for clarifying my silly doubts and guiding me even in buying the ingredients for icing too. One egg banana bread I am trying this same cake for the second time. Is banana bread healthy I made this 2 months back for our wedding anniversary.

I am planning to share Lunch menu Ideas on every Saturday on my Facebook page . Is banana bread bad for you I am getting requests from readers to post lunch meal plans but already i am posting Indian Kitchen basics, Microwave cooking and Bachelor cooking recipes on weekends. Bread maker banana bread So follow Jeyashri’s Kitchen on facebook for Lunch menu ideas .

• Sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder so that they will be mixed evenly.

• In a separate bowl, add the yogurt and sugar and allow the sugar to completely dissolve .

• When dissolved, add the oil and the vanilla essence and the red food color. Banana bread whole wheat flour Adding red colour is optional. Banana loaf cake recipe I wanted to make a red velvete cake, but unfortunately it didn’t give out the red colour.

• Mix well and slowly add it to the sifted flour mixture and mix well. Banana and walnut loaf recipe Preheat the Oven at 160 degrees for 10 minutes..

• Grease the cake pan and dust it with some flour. Banana and walnut cake recipe Pour this cake batter to the cake tin.

• Bake this for 35 to 40 minutes. Banana bread with bread flour Insert a tooth pick to the centre of the cake and if it comes out clearly the cake is done.

• Allow this to cool completely and put a cling wrap on this and keep it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

• Let us make the icing. Homemade banana nut bread Before that keep the Whipping cream in the freezer for 15 minutes. Banana muffins with coconut flour Also freeze the vessel in which you are going to whip the cream.Keep the blades too in the refrigerator. Banana cake with plain flour Always use a tall vessel or a wide bowl, so that the cream will not splutter while whipping.

• Powder the sugar and cornflour together, if using icing sugar no need to powder it.

• Whip the cream till it forms a soft peak. Banana bread with coconut milk Mine took 8 minutes. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk I used the REDMAN brand whipping cream which we get here in Phoon Haut shop.

• After that add the powdered sugar mixture to this and beat well. Banana poke cake with condensed milk If adding agar agar powder, add now.

• Agar agar gives firmness to the icing and will not melt even if it kept in room temperature.

• After adding sugar mixture the cream will become more firm too.

• When you are ready to make the icing, take out the cake from the refrigerator and place the cake in a plate and keep it on a inverted bowl. Banana pudding recipe with condensed milk and cream cheese This step is to make the cake easily movable while doing the icing. Healthy banana bread applesauce Hold the plate in one hand while doing the icing.

• Using a spatula or a butter knife start doing the icing. Bread machine banana nut bread Put a portion of the icing mixture on the top of the cake .

• Spread the mixture evenly with a spatula. Recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins Carefully spread first on the top and slowly do it for the sides. Starbucks banana nut bread calories Mine was bit uneven as i was doing for the first time.

• Wipe out the extras spread on the plate and keep this cake with icing in the freezer for and hour.

• This will be dry now and using a butter paper level the cake to get a clean even look.

• I used a icing nozzle and filled up with cream and did some decoration.

• Take 3 tblp of cream in a bowl and add a drop of the red cherry color to this and mix well. National banana bread day Fill this mixture in the tube and cover the piping tube.

• Feel free to do the decoration according to your won imagination.

• Slice the cake and enjoy the cake. Banana oatmeal bread recipe The cake was spongy and it tasted so yummy with the whipping cream icing.

• Always keep the whipping cream, the vessel you are using to whip the cream in the freezer for 15 minutes before whipping.

• Do not do the icing on the cake when the cake is not cooled completely.

• Use electric hand blender to beat the cream, mixie will not work out for this.

• If making cake on a peak summer season , keep the bowl on a ice cubes and then beat the cream.

• Once the cream forms a soft peak stop beating this as it is ready for icing.

• While baking the cake do not open the door of the oven for the first 10 minutes. Difference between banana bread and banana cake This will make the cake sink in the middle.

Stay tuned for another interesting recipe which i made with the left over whipped cream. Banana recetas Any guesses you can mention in the comments section too. 1 banana banana bread A clue: Not a baking recipe

Your cake is superb I am planing to prepared cake to my friend on his birthday.I have few more cakes in this website ; online cakes delivery. Banana comic which one is better. Banana pictures funny Reply Delete

Thanks for the recipe. Banana pictures Yesterday only i tried and the results were just WOW! 🙂

Mam can u please tell me why there is a need of adding cornflour to it?

Welcome to my Kitchen . Banana chiquita Jeyashri’s Kitchen is authored by me, Jeyashri suresh, Scroll down to know more about me. Healthy banana and blueberry bread My passion for cooking has started right from my school days being inspired by my grand mom and mom who cooks extremely well and many varieties of food too. The recipes on Jeyashri’s Kitchen are mostly are the ones which i learnt from my mom, mil and few from some cook books and other cooking websites.

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