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Taste the coastal flavors of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia at El Caserio Silver Lake. Bbq pork chop marinade A culinary experience, in a sophisticated environment, El Caserio offers an exotic blend of native ingredients, the best cuts of prime beef and lamb, plus a touch from the Old World from Genoa Armando Ragii Chef de Cuisine.

We had dinner with friends from all over that hadn’t seen each other for months! Great drinks, excellent fresh food from land and sea, great drinks and wonderful service.

Grilled chicken thigh marinade Our South Silverlake neighborhood secret.

The food were good and tasty. Grilled chicken legs marinade I ordered salmon and big portion and cooked right. Grilled pork chop marinade brown sugar My friends ordered jumbo shrimp and steak and were satisfied and tasted good. Pork chops bbq sauce However, on wine they offered liter instead of bottled and were good about it when we clarified and asked us to have a taste of it. Chicken barbecue marinade filipino style Wine is drinkable and don’t want to return it so we went with a liter.

A strange mix of Italian and Mexican cuisine, in an odd little intersection of the streets and 101 fwy. Marinade for pork chops grilled Not terrible food or a bad experience, yet the restaurant seems really torn between two identities, and menu items felt more confused than fused. Cooking steak on stove and oven Don’t avoid, but if recommended as a destination, expect an unusual experience.

El Caserio is one of my favorite places. Cooking steak in a skillet It’s not too crowded. Cooking skirt steak in the oven The food is great. Chicken bbq marinade filipino style The noise level is moderate so you can actually have a decent conversation with your party without having to compete with the next booth or table.

The food was good, but the service was scattered. Recipe for beef tips and rice The waitress and our servers looked like they were in space. Marinade for pork chops on the grill When we arrived the waitress mumbled something which I could not understand meant this other person will sit you down. Boneless beef chuck steak This was my second time there and it was okay…

My date and I waited 2 1/2 hours to be seated with reservations and then we were forgotten about once we got to our table ( not even a glass of water). How long to cook a flank steak It’s a very nice looking restaurant , but unfortunately their service is very subpar. Cooking flank steak in oven I understand it was valentine’s day and I hope their service isn’t that bad on a regular day. Mint marinade for lamb chops Pretty bummed since I was really excited to try this spot out, but luckily there was a Mongolian BBQ spot off Sunset that saved our night .

The DineLA menu was full of Ecuadoran comfort food. Lamb chops mint sauce The hominy both in and out of shell was delicious. Chicken barbecue sauce recipe filipino style The potato salad was exotic and savory, and the pork and goat – yes, goat – was tender and delicious. Chicken barbecue recipe filipino style This is a kind of food I hadn’t tried, and I would definitely recommend it. Recipe for chicken marinade Hearty, potato and meat-based dishes with a bit of spice, and some aromatic marinades were menu highlights. Recipe for grilled pork chops You’ll find here a warm woody ambiance, as if you’d been transported to Ecuador.

A bit disappointed with the service. Best way to cook flank steak indoors The ambiance was nice, but I don’t think I would return here. Recipe for marinating steak Our reservations were not on their list. Stir fry beef marinade Not sure what happened with that, but we were able to find seating in less than 5 minutes; so that was good. Simple bbq chicken marinade I’m not sure if my expectations were too high or my enthusiasm was too low. Homemade chicken marinade for grilling Either way, not “wowed”.

Hidden under the 101 freeway, but a wonderful find in Silverlake area. Filet mignon marinade recipe Great tasting Spanish dishes excellent service. Baked swordfish steak recipe I left my wallet there! Call them and they held it for me safely. Best way to cook skirt steak Very enjoyable experience.

Food was good but service fell short here. Best way to grill flank steak While the waitresses were pleasant, they did not follow up, and even at entree’s end (but after a long wait) simply presented us with our check without asking if we wanted dessert or coffee. Best way to cook a flank steak We sat on the patio, better than the restaurant which was freezing with air conditioning (no one dining inside this evening) but some of the lights kept going off throughout the evening. Balsamic vinegar steak marinade I think the restaurant has good possibilities but there are too many options out there to have to endure this restaurant’s inconsistencies.

Upon arrival, hostess reported that they didn’t have our reservation via Open table. Red wine marinade steak We were given a table after a couple of minutes, but we were a little nonplussed after hostess said it would be better to call for reservation instead. Beef tenderloin marinade recipes Why would you have an option via Open table then?! On other note, food was great and the servers were very efficient.

We enjoyed a lovely halibut with cajun spices and vegetables and the empanada appetizer. Marinade for bbq chicken thighs The food was well prepared and quite enjoyable. Marinade for grilled chicken thighs The portions are large and worth the price. Pan seared swordfish steak recipe The outdoor seating was perfect as the weather was warm and inviting. Grilled swordfish steak recipe Our waitress was very helpful and provided us with many suggestions, including the $12 all you can drink champagne choice. Cooking steak tips on stove top I would definitely return to this hidden gem.

The ambiance was cool, waiters were on point, but the menu was not appropriate for a Mother’s Day brunch (which was indicated on your web-site), dinner plates were all that was offered. Best grilled chicken thighs Now if I was there for Dinner the meals would have been awesome, which I look forward to very soon.

The service was TERRIBLE! We were ignored for 20 minutes before anyone came to our table or acknowledged us, even give us water, much less take our order. Bbq chicken wings marinade They were “busy” on a Saturday at lunch, although half the restaurant was empty and one of the waiters was actually running full speed back and forth. Simple grilled chicken breast recipes I finally had to stop him from running and tell him he was making me nervous. Best marinade for grilled chicken It was an irritating and not at all relaxing weekend lunch. Easy marinade for grilled chicken The place is very nice, the food was good, but I would not go back.

Charming ambiance (Spanish colonial) and nice idea (Ecuadorean food). Best marinade for chicken thighs The food just misses– could be very good. Best marinade for chicken wings The Ceviche was very good, but too much shrimp (overcooked) and not enough fish (which was perfect– this dish would have been great if it were just fish). Ribeye marinade recipe Vongole lacked flavor though the clams were good. Baked marinated pork chops Halibut Tricolore could have been excellent, however, the fish was overcooked. Cooking marinated pork chops Rice and plantains were stellar. Lemongrass chicken marinade Service was friendly but ultimately no better than OK. Grilled steak marinades Lovely atmosphere and family feel could make this a great find, with a little twekaing of the food.

Wasnt exactly sure what to expect for Brunch, but on Easter Sunday this place was A++ and 5 Star Food at a very reasonable price for the portion sizes. Chuck steak marinade I modified a few things in my order and it came out perfectly. Marinade for steak to tenderize The Ventana Pinot Noir was outstanding and delicious!

The ecuadorian food is fantastic, the taste of the Easter Special Fanesca was incredible, they only lacked on the tiny pastries that are a part of the original in Ecuador. Chicken steak marinade Passionfruit juice was amazing. Salmon healthy Totally recommend it, affordable, great ecuadorian food.

We ordered off of the dineLA menu and it was rather disappointing. Fish sauces for salmon The service was rather slow throughout the night, it took them a while to bring out bread and we had to ask multiple times before they finally brought out some more. Salmon ingredients My biggest critique is the entrees. Swordfish steak marinade Every dish we ordered was over cooked. Tuna steak marinades We ordered all 3 dishes off the dineLA menu, which included the halibut, pork chops, and potato cakes with spare ribs. Sauce for fillet steak The pork was really tough and chewy, the halibut was dried out, and the spare ribs were a little dry as well. Flank steak marinades Although the flavors were good, the poorly cooked food made the dinner experience rather poor. Flank steak marinade bobby flay I probably would not come back and try it again.

It started a little rocky as when we walked in the restaurant was packed, the hostess did see us but did not acknowledge us, another couple walks in and they immediately greet them as if we were invisible, it still took them awhile to greet us at this point. Best chicken marinade for bbq We finally got acknowledged and waited to get seated. Turkey allrecipes Once we were seated our appetizer came really quickly, our drinks took awhile. Recipe for steak salad We ordered dinner, food was great!! Overall we enjoyed our dinner, the restaurant was extremely busy which may have contributed to some of the above; we like this restaurant and will go back we just hope that the staff that knows that ‘rushing’ doesn’t translate to good service and not so good experience to patrons.

Delicious & generous entrees, the empanadas are a must & so too the lengua (beef tongue) entree. Ground beef simple recipes A casual intimate setting with a hint of romance. Ribeye steak marinade soy sauce Indoor seating is like being a guest at an old fashioned Spanish home. Skirt steak marinade bobby flay Nice romantic music – would have been perfect if the volume was a tad lower. Recipe bbq ribs This is a great place for couples who would like a “nice” intimate dining experience where you don’t need to dress up to fit in. Recipe bbq sauce Also great for family dinners or small groups. Recipe bbq chicken It’s location in an obscure quiet neighborhood adds to the charm.

Food is really great, there are 2 of these, the other one is sort of in a run down neighborhood and has 0 ambiance but imho better food (I have no idea why since obviously they have the same owner) this one is a little nicer and has a nice little patio area but unfortunately it was ruined by a large party the night I was there. Steak marinades for grilling That may have also affected the very hard to find wait staff. Recipe for bbq chicken wings I give the run down one 4.5 stars, but this one 3 for the less tasty food and noisy environment.

There are so few Ecuadorian restaurants and this one is a gem! Having grown up in Ecuador, it is a treat to fo find foods that remind me of that time and place. Recipe for bbq chicken pizza Especially good are the ceviche, humitas, llapingacho, locro and of course the aji. Turkey marinades and rubs The staff are delightful and provide great service. Chicken barbecue marinade Love this restaurant!

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Recipe for pepper steak and rice Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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