Elder mortenson peru lima east mission

investigators though so that was pretty sweet. can you make crispy bacon in the oven Haha There is section in our area

that is actually pretty affluent that my companion has never contacted in….idk he

says his last trainer didn’t like to go there for some reason, but we have had a ton

We found a family of 5 that are super interested. bake bacon cold oven The dad is most interested of all which is kinda weird because it usually isn’t like that and so we invited them to a baptism yesterday, hopefully they come to church on Sunday.

visit to Zack”s mish (Lima Central)because I had to go and get my DNI at migrations and it’s in

the center of Lima.

how to bake bacon in the oven on a rack It is super cool over there, all of the buildings are super old structures and whatnot. how to bake bacon in the oven rachael ray I spent the whole morning from like 8 to 12

there just waiting for them to take my picture and fingerprints but

at least I can now officially say that I am an official Peruvian!

leader from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. can i make bacon in the oven He is super dope and taught me tons of new stuff about how to run things in the mish and just about life in general.

investigators. can you bake turkey bacon in the oven She had us chop all of these branches down from above the wall

outside of her house. can you bake bacon in oven It wasn’t pleasant since it was 100000 degrees and i got soooo

dirty, idk if you will be able to see it in the picture. can you make bacon in the oven But it was cool

because I got to use a machete and just swing hardcore at some fetching plants.

Also on Thursday we were going to interview one of the investigators that was

gonna get baptized on Saturday but she has literally disappeared. how to make bacon in the oven rachael ray We don’t know

what happened, she isn’t at home, her sister doesn’t know where she is and she doesn’t answer

is a super inspiring guy. bake bacon in oven rachael ray I talked to him about how I can not focus so much on

the weaknesses I have, but rather strengthen the strengths I have and use them

to help teach the gospel. can you make bacon in oven I am still trying to figure out what those strengths are but I am doing pretty well I think. can you make turkey bacon in the oven One thing I have found out is

members prepared tons of fruit and the young men and women did dances and

stuff. how long to you bake bacon in the oven It was pretty cool. how long to bake turkey bacon in the oven All of our investigators came and really enjoyed it

and have tons of friends now. how to make thick cut bacon in the oven The ward here is really good. how long to bake turkey bacon in oven Like most wards in Peru it can be dysfunctional at times but it is good.

But anyway that is about it, this is awesome and I think I will really enjoy this transfer. how do i make crispy bacon in the oven I have learned so much about more than just

the gospel and hope to keep going. bake bacon oven The spiritual thought for the week is a

scripture that I love and use to answer tons of questions that investigators

transfered to Los Portales in Vitarte. how make bacon in oven I am going to have a Son!!! I am going

to train Elder Munoz in Vitarte. how to make bacon in toaster oven Idk how i feel haha i would’nt

say that I’m necessarily ready to train someone but we will see how it goes. make perfect bacon in oven I

will do my best. how make bacon in the oven Vitarte is super ghetto and poor so that is great. how to make bacon in the oven I’m headed

from one of the richest areas in the mish to one of the poorest haha. how to make bacon in a convection oven I will

let you guys know how it goes next week with pictures and whatnot. how to make turkey bacon in the oven I’m kinda sad

to be leaving this nice area and nice ward and all of the people that i know

here but that’s the way the mission is I guess…the transfers come and go and

you just gotta get used to leaving everyone behind and adapting to a new place

our district move. how to make perfect bacon in oven It sucked haha. make perfect bacon in the oven They are closing their area and putting

elders there so idk why they even moved but we helped them anyway. how to make bacon in a toaster oven From 6 in

the morning until about 8 we had to move their stuff and there was a ton of it! But it was fine. make bacon in toaster oven We got lost trying to get back, took the wrong bus. how to make bacon in the toaster oven Later we just

chilled, went to the mall and ate burger king and walked around in the

stores in the air-conditioning. how long to make bacon in the oven It was pretty sweet, just like being

I’m going to start trying to take more pictures for you guys. how to make perfect bacon in the oven After talking to a lot of the RMs that’s what they say they wish

they had done the most. oven baked bacon And some of them did it and have loads of pics and videos to share so I will start trying.

week. oven temp to bake bacon Happy 63 or wherever you are at now! Hope that it goes well and you guys

eat my share of the Harbors Bake at Red Lobster or whatever its called. how to oven bake turkey bacon I got you

a present but I have yet to send it so just don’t get your panties in a twist, it

Elder Falabella is coming to talk to us this week on Wednesday. bake turkey bacon in the oven He is the area 70 here and half of the mission will go one day and

half another. bake turkey bacon in oven It should be pretty sweet to hear him speak he is a super good

speaker and super powerful too. oven baked turkey bacon I will let you guys know how that goes next

about me but the emails are coming in today from Coach Wells and Maile. how to make the perfect bacon in the oven I’m keeping the focus on the mission for now but soon enough my time will

trios and it was super cool, we went with Elder Garate from Arequipa. oven baked bacon wrapped shrimp He is

super dope. oven baked bacon recipe He taught me so many cool things like how to learn

scriptures and how to be a leader and whatnot. how to bake turkey bacon strips in the oven I just try to take advantage of

all the divisions with more experienced elders because they really do know a lot

more than i do and the way i see it is that it isn’t necessary that i relearn everything

that they have already learned when they can just tell me different ways that work

that’s about it haha. how to bake turkey bacon in the oven Today for pday we didn’t really do anything. how to bake turkey bacon in oven I found a

place in San Borja that has a ton of homies practicing to be barbers and they

give haircuts for free in the mornings so i got mine done today. oven baked bacon wrapped chicken We played

cards and chess and wrestled in the chapel today and then some dude in the

another week haha. oven baked bacon on rack We went to the temple this morning and had to be there at

six-thirty so we ended up waking up at four-thirty to get there on time. oven baked bacon wrapped chicken thighs But it

was alright because we got in and out and had all of our pday to chill. oven baked bacon wrapped chicken tenders I bought a small quad because my scriptures are enormous and hurt to carry around all day.

in our mission came to our room to help us clean and make it better. oven baked bacon wrapped chicken breast Hahahaha

he was trying to fix the shower and idk what happened but he blew out the power

and almost started a fire in our room. how to make turkey bacon in oven Nothing huge happened. oven cooked turkey bacon But we didn’t have power for a day and it ended up knocking out the power to the whole house where 3 other families live hahahaha. oven baked chicken breast wrapped in bacon But they got it all fixed and we didn’t end up

but its hard to believe i have 6 months already in the mish haha. turkey bacon cooked in oven To celebrate

we burned a tie but the video is super boring so i won’t send it to you, it’s just

7 minutes of us standing there. oven baked bacon wrapped shrimp recipe We also went to Pizza Hut again because that is

like one of the only places i like here haha and they had a good deal going on.

I wanted to go to Chili’s but it’s super expensive and i felt weird among so many

going to be baptized freaked out the other day because she saw some pics of a

kid’s baptism in our ward and they threw like a whole party for him and so she

thought she would have to do the same and she doesn’t have any money because she

is a teacher and they are on vacation rn. bacon wrapped shrimp baked in oven But its all good we moved her date to

the 18th and they will be fine to be baptized then so i am excited! they had us

over for dinner last night and she made us salchipapas which is just fries with

hot dog but i really liked it…i do miss eating hot dogs roasted over the fire

waking up at seven and we do our comp and language study after lunch rn. make turkey bacon in oven I really like it tbh. baked shrimp wrapped in bacon in oven Being out in the sun at 2 in the afternoon is

the worst, i just want to die everyday! They say the radiation from the sun here

progress. can turkey bacon be cooked in the oven The book is amazing and holds so much doctrine. recipe for oven baked bacon Haha i have learned

soo much in only 6 months. recipe to bake bacon in the oven It is absolutely amazing what you can learn when you

read the scriptures every day and are helping people with their problems and

have to live in a way to have the spirit constantly with you.

been the absolute weirdest thing i have ever done. how do you make crispy bacon in the oven I always saw the

missionaries as a kid like they were Angels but actually being a missionary i

feel very differently. how do you bake bacon in an oven It has been super weird and difficult to leave my old life

behind, from just chilling, playing ball every day and whatnot to talking with

everyone we see. how do you make bacon in oven I have been so humbled just seeing the way others live and

being able to live in the same circumstances. how long to bake bacon in oven at 375 I think one of the coolest things

is though, that the church is the same here in our humble 100 member ward as it

is there with the 3 wards of like 500 that attend our chapel in North Logan haha. how do you make bacon in an oven But ya

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