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Fuel your passion for endurance sport and a healthy lifestyle with host Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS, at http://www.enduranceplanet.com! This is your go-to podcast for the latest and greatest tips, stories and news in triathlon, ultrarunning, and other endurance sports, as well as cutting-edge information on nutrition, health and wellness for everyone from elite athletes to exercise enthusiasts. Best apples for sauce We feature a rotating list of expert co-hosts and special guests including triathlon coaches, sports nutritionists, sports medicine physicians, pro athletes, amateur athletes, leading experts in relevant fields, and all those who find joy in pushing their limits and discovering new challenges in sport.

Clean The Sock Doc: Healing An Unstable Shoulder, Is Plantar Fasciitis a Symptom of Overtraining? Plus: Risks of Repeated Cortisone I

On this episode with The Sock Doc: Healing an unstable shoulder joint after years of sports; treatments and recovery for athletes. Best apples to eat Shoulder issues involve the labrum, bursitis and tendonitis.

Best apples to make applesauce Options for shoulder healing including PRP,

Clean Dana Lis PhD: New Research on Gluten-Free and Low-FODMAP Diets For Athletes, and Takeaways For Your Needs

Dana Lis, PhD, is a Registered Dietitian, researcher, lifetime athlete and has a huge knowledge base on sports nutrition for optimizing athletic performance. Braggs apple cider vinegar nutrition facts Dana’s been involved in current research examining gluten-free and low-FODMAP diets for athlet.

Clean Dr. Calories apple cider vinegar Richard Maurer: Decode Your Blood Tests For Optimal Results – Managing Insulin, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Weight, Fitness and

Dr. Calories apple fritter Richard Maurer is a naturopathic physician, author, and expert in metabolic recovery and health. Calories in 1 2 apple His 2014 book, The Blood Code, demystifies blood test results & body fat measurements to reveal the primal diet and fitness needs that lead toward heal..

Clean Sports Nutrition 237: How Much Fat Can We Absorb Per Meal? Plus: ‘Ideal’ Meal Frequency and Supplements For Strength and En

Ben Greenfield is back for another edition of Sports Nutrition: Meal Frequency Dandelion tea Is it better to have more or fewer feedings throughout the day? Can eating more often have a beneficial effect on blood markers,

Explicit ATC 228: How To Build A Home ‘Gym,’ Lucho’s Volume Philosophy, Late-Night Race Starts, and More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Follow-up on cold workouts and HR issues covered in ATC 227. Calories in 1 apple Some athletes find their RPE lower and heart rate takes longer to increase in cold weather. We talk further on the individual nature of how weather affects.

Clean Sports Nutrition 236 with The Sock Doc: Food and Supplements to Ease Anxiety, Pros and Cons of Ketosis, and Chronically High Bl

On this episode of Sports Nutrition 236, we have a special guest host, Dr. Calories in 1 green apple Steve Gangemi aka The Sock Doc. Calories in a granny smith apple In addition to his chiropractic practice, Steve is a board-certified sports nutritionist and joins the show to tackle your questions… In This Sho.

Clean Dr. Calories in a green apple Tamsin Lewis: Regaining Menstruation, Breastfeeding for Athlete Moms, Postpartum Performance and More

On this episode with Dr. Calories in a small apple Tamsin Lewis of Curoseven, we dive deeper into female issues, how to be a healthy fertile female athlete and Q&A: Tawnee shares personal details about regaining her menstruation once she made the decision to stop being such a h…

Explicit ATC 225: What Constitutes Junk Miles, Breaking Mental Barriers for Better Race Outcomes, Risk vs. Calories in an apple Reward with Intensity, and Mo

On this edition of Ask the Coaches with Tawnee and Lucho: Is there a difference and/or pros and cons to doing a bulk of your MAF/base miles on an incline vs. Calories in an apple fritter on a flat surface besides the slower pace on inclines?

Clean Brie Wieselman: Foundations of Functional Medicine and Applications To Reach Optimization

Brie Wieselman is a functional health practitioner in Santa Cruz, Calif., who specializes in reprograming hormones, fixing digestion, improving detoxification systems and female wellness. Calories in apple butter Her philosophy is that our physical health creates the bandwidth…

Clean Sports Nutrition 236: Snack Attacks, Are Oxalates A Health Risk and Which Foods Have Them, Protein For Fuel, and More

Ben Greenfield joins for another edition of Sports Nutrition. Calories in apple cider vinegar What are oxalates and when would a low-oxalate diet be beneficial? Oxalates and their role in kidney stones, joint aches and pains Foods high in oxalates: Leafy greens like spinach, kale,

Clean Dave Asprey: Can You ‘Bulletproof’ Endurance Training? Plus: ‘Hacking’ Your Diet Beyond Low-Carb

Recently we attended the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, Calif., to learn about the latest and greatest in biohacking, self-quantification and self-enhancement. Calories in apple juice (Tawnee will be sharing some of the top things she learned over at lifepostcollective.

Clean Kona Special: Race Recap of the Record-Breaking Day at The 2016 Ironman World Champs with Thorsten Radde

It was a record-breaking day in more than one way! So much excitement and surprises went down at the 2016 Ironman World Championship. Calories in apple pie On this Kona Special, we recap the pro men’s and women’s race with Thorsten Radde providing his commentary and stat

Clean Kona Special: How To Race Well in the Heat, a Few ‘Tricks’ To Stay Cool and a Giveaway with Paul Laursen, PhD

Paul Laursen, PhD, is back already to discuss how to race well in the heat and avoid detrimental heat stress especially at a race like the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Calories in apple pie slice Paul is an adjunct professor at Auckland University,

Clean Kona Special: ‘What it Takes’ To Qualify With Alan Couzens

For this Kona special we are making about you. Calories in applesauce We all have dreams and many of us have that dream to Kona Qualify. Calories in green apple Well we have back with us Alan Couzens, MS, to present real-life data on what separates those who qualify for the Ironman World Championsh..

Clean Kona Special: The 2016 Ironman World Championship Race Preview with Thorsten Radde

Our annual Ironman World Championships preview featuring expert Thorsten Radde of trirating.com. Calories in medium apple If you want the full guide to this race, download Thorsten’s 2016 Kona Rating Report. Calories in one apple On this show we give you all the important need-to-know info to be di.

Clean Stacy Sims, PhD: The ‘Everything’ Guide for Female Athletes — How to Navigate Your Menstrual Cycle, the Menopause Years,

Stacy Sims, PhD, joins the show for a second time to talk all about women, and how female athletes can maximize their potential by understanding their bodies, and how women function differently than men. Calories in one large apple Stacy recently released a new book co-authored w..

Clean Dr. Calories in red apple Tommy Wood and Chris Kelly: How to Use the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and Other ‘Elimination’ Strategies for Gut Healing, Pe

Dr. Calories in red delicious apple Tommy Wood and Chris Kelly of Nourish Balance Thrive join to discuss how athletes can go the next step in healing and bulletproofing their guts and bodies. Calories in red delicious apple large On this show we cover: Exploring the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) and cutting-edge concepts t…

Clean Sarah Piampiano: On Managing Hashimoto’s Like A Pro, Chasing Dreams, and Launching ‘The Habit Project’

Since going pro after a career in finance, Sarah Piampiano‘s accumulated multiple 70.3-distance wins, an Ironman win and many other podium performances, as well as a 7th place finish at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Explicit ATC 215: Rio’s Polluted Waters, ‘Training’ to Override Central Governor, Aero and Weight Weenie Tips, Calculating Caloric

Chat about upcoming Olympics, in particular triathlon and favorites to win Water quality issues in Rio, should the athletes still swim despite the risk? Ways to reduce the bounds of our central governor, and train to be able to better override central …

Clean TriNews: Iron Trivia, Records at Roth, July Cutoff Kona Qualifiers, and More

We’re joined by Ironman statistician Thorsten Radde, of www.trirating.com, for another installment of TriNews. Calories in redd’s apple ale It’s a pivotal point in the season with the first round of Kona Qualifiers announced based on the current KPR rankings.

Clean Endurance Tales: Backpacking the High Sierra Trail, Summiting Mt. Calories in small apple Whitney, and Comparisons with Competitive Sport

A special edition of Endurance Planet with Tawnee and her husband, John, who are interviewed by Lucho about their backpacking honeymoon! Click here for the full written recap of the trip on Tawnee’s blog that includes more photos, GPS files,

Clean Dr. Calories in small green apple Phil Maffetone: Maintaining Healthy Hormones for Athletes, Plus: Is A Slow MAF Pace Causing Aches and Pains and Getting you

We are back with the godfather or health and wellness for endurance athletes, Dr. Carbs in red delicious apple Phil Maffetone. Today we dive into the tricky subject of how to achieve a healthy hormonal status while still training for your sport. Carbs in redd’s apple ale That is,

This is the best endurance podcast I have found so far. Cnn nutrition apple cider vinegar I love Lucho the best, but nutrition episodes with Ben I skip 99% of the time. Custard apple health benefits I listen to it when I run. Custard apple nutritional value Learned a lot and really appreciate the work that goes into this program.

I would love to say that the information contained in the podcast can outweigh the negatives, but sadly, it does not. Gala apple nutrition facts The host, while lovely to look at, makes listening absolutely impossible. Granny smith apple nutrition facts Either find someone intelligent to talk to interviewees or don’t bother.

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