We are manufacturing our ready-made sauces in Stockholm, Sweden, with flavours from all over the world.

Our main business is manufacturing of high quality spice sauces in our own factory in Stockholm. Chicken curry recipe coconut milk tomato We do everything from table sauces to different condiments and cooking sauces, all based on our own product development and recipes.

Chinese restaurant curry sauce recipe Our products include a wide variety of blends, from mild and aromatic to really hot and spicy, all with a lot of flavour and mostly with an Asian touch.

?Our goal is to provide our customers with a large variety of sauces and condiments with extraordinary quality and taste which goes beyond the usual. Chinese takeaway curry sauce recipe Let our wide range of products inspire you and help you to reach excellent results in your cuisine.

Peter von Walden, phone: +46 70222 95 00,E-mail: peter.von.walden@parampara.se

?Lennart Norin, Phone: +46 70734 38 77, E-mail: Lennart.norin@parampara.se

?Vincent Yap, direct line +46 8 556 13 878 , Mobil: +46 70512 38 18, E-mail: vincent.yap@parampara.se About us

Param Para AB was founded in 1995 with a vision to offer customers an extraordinary experience of flavours from all over the world through sauces and condiments, which should provide a genuine character to all cooking regardless of cuisine, recipes or dishes.

Today Param Para AB is manufacturing its sauces in their own production facility in Stockholm, which also includes sales office in the same building. Chicken panang curry paste recipe Our customers are found in both whole sale and restaurants as well as on the retail market. Curry recipes tikka masala ?

The HOT SPOT, HERMANS and Crazy Chef are products sold under our own brand, We are also developing products together with recognized chefs and personalities such as Jonas Borssen, Christian Hellberg, Melker Andersson, Danyel Couet and Christer Ridderheim. Low calorie thai curry recipe Another important part of our business is to produce tailor-made sauces and condiments made from the customers own recipes. Healthy thai curry chicken recipe This service is already provided to several well-known brands within the food industry. Recipe thai chicken curry coconut milk Quality

We are only using fresh and thoroughly selected ingredients including pineapple, lime leaves, current, honey, dates, raisins, plums and bananas. Red curry paste recipe nz To guarantee quality we are using the quality system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Healthy chinese curry sauce recipe Suppliers from abroad are also obliged to guarantee that GMO are not included in any delivery.

Ideal for seasoning all kind of wok dishes, skewer, beef and chicken. Red thai curry paste recipe Our Asian sauces are inspired by flavours from China, Japan, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Most of our around 20 different BBQ sauces have their inspiration from the American south. Red thai curry paste recipe jamie oliver Our large variety of BBQ sauces include flavours like original, liquid smoke, cognac, honey, chili, and hickory and chipote. Thai panang red curry paste recipe All may be served hot or cold together with all kinds of grilled dishes.

Here you will find ketchup and chili sauces like Thai and green sweet chili, banana ketchup, Sriacha, soya, Worcester, pasta sauces and hot pepper sauces like beast/lion sauce. Real thai red curry paste recipe Most of our table sauces may be used for dipping, either directly or mixed with sour scream for a milder taste.

Most of our curry sauces are creamy with a profound aroma of garlic. Authentic thai red curry paste recipe Traditionally served with pork but are also great together with chicken, lamb, fish and seafood.

Among our dressings you will find those which are aromatic and spicy with an Asian touch, acid based on pesto or with an Italian style based on tomatoes. Healthy easy curry recipe We also have more traditional dressings like hamburger dressing, Ceasar Ranch dressing and garlic dressing.

Our delicious marinades and glazes have flavours like chili, mango, papaya, peach, apple, chipote and pineapple, some hot and some milder. Healthy easy chicken curry recipe Using a glaze gives the dish a great finish. Healthy chicken curry recipes for two Our marinades may be used both with grilled dishes and to prepare your food 24 hours in the fridge before stir-fry.

Among our salsas you will find genuine tastes from all over the world, Caribbean, Argentinian, Spanish, Mexican and Italian. Healthy chicken curry recipe coconut milk Salsas are usually fruity, sweet and spicy, some really hot some milder.

Here you will find a variety of products like nacho chips, ready to serve chicken wing and mozzarella sticks. Healthy chicken curry recipe yogurt We also have Mexican wheat tortillas in all sizes, and with different flavors as spinach or tomato, chili jalapeno, tomatillo and our rich guacamole with 93 % avocado.

We are providing a large variety of wok sauces, traditional and old favorites as well as more exotic and innovative. Healthy chicken curry recipe bbc Our wok sauces are cook-in sauces, i.e. Healthy chicken curry recipe slow cooker they should only be heated gently not to change their character.

Here you will find our popular Shanxi noodles, which are great in soups and wok dishes and also sesame oil and spice mixes. Healthy coconut curry recipe Rubrik

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