Expression and distribution of two alternatively spliced transcripts from the chicken ?2(vi) collagen gene – documents

Chantal Walchli, Rosanna Marcionelli, Bernhard F. Chicken gizzard recipe spanish Odermatt, Juha Peltonen,

Biochemistry I, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH-8092 Zurich (C.W., R.M.), Department of

Pathology, University Hospital, CH-8091 Zurich (B.F.O.), and M.E. Chicken gizzard recipe filipino Muller-Institute for Biomechanics,

University of Bern, CH-3010 Bern (B.T.), Switzerland; Department of Medical Biochemistry

and Molecular Biology, University of Turku, FIN-20520 Turku, Finland U.P., E.V.)

Abstract Two types of mRNA molecules with different 3a?? ends are transcribed from the chicken a2(VI) collagen

gene. Chicken hearts and gizzards soup recipe The major splice variant encodes a polypeptide with a von Willebrand factor A domain at its carboxyl terminus. Chicken giblet gravy easy In

the minor splice variant, this A domain is replaced by a novel motif which reveals some similarity to a fibronectin type 111

repeat. Chicken giblet gravy recipe easy In situ hybridization experiments demonstrate that the major transcript is ubiquitously expressed.

Chicken giblet gravy recipe Substantial

amounts are found in skeletal and cardiac muscle, gizzard, skin, tendon, liver, the wall of blood vessels, and the

connective tissue of peripheral nerves. Chicken giblet gravy In contrast, the minor transcript is expressed at avery low level and can hardly be

detected in any tissue by in situ hybridization. Chicken gizzard stuffing recipe Only the aortic wall contains a considerable amount of this splice variant.

However, no difference is observed by Northern blotting and the polymerase chain reaction in the ratio of the two

transcripts when aorta and the other tissues are compared. Chicken giblet stuffing Thus, the minor splice variant is not expressed in a tissue

specific manner and, consequently, it is unlikely that it plays a tissue specific role. Chicken gizzard dressing it might rather serve a general

function in the structure and assembly of type VI collagen microfibrils.

Key words: alternative splicing, collagen VI, extracellular matrix, in situ hybridization, tissue distribution

Fig. Chicken giblet stuffing recipe 1. Chicken gizzard dressing recipes Schematic drawing of the (u2(VI) collagen isoforms and

of the genomic region encoding them. Pressure cooked chicken gizzards recipe The chicken isoforms are

displayed in A, the human isoforrns in B. Chicken liver gizzard heart recipe The VWFA repeats and

the fibronectin type 111 motifs are shown by circles, the collag-

enous region is indicated by three horizontal lines. Chicken liver gizzard adobo recipe At the top,

publications. Chicken liver and gizzard recipe panlasang pinoy Exons that are subject to alternative splicing are

indicated by grey, hatched, and black boxes, respectively. Chicken gizzard nutritional facts Trans-

lation stop codons are marked by vertical lines within the exons.

The relative positions of the two DNA probes used in this study

transcript), or CAPDH (specific for glyceraldehyde-3-phosp hate

small ribosomal RNA are indicated in the margin. Red chicken gizzard plant Note that the

blot hybridized to probe PstB was exposed for 4 days, while that

Fig. Chicken gizzard noodle soup 3. Chicken gizzard soup crock pot Distribution of the major a2(VI) collagen transcript in tissues of 17-day-old chicken embryos by in situ

hybridization. Fried chicken liver and gizzard recipes A-D: Skeletal muscle. Chicken gizzard and liver adobo recipe E,F: Gizzard smooth muscle. Chicken gizzard heart liver recipe C,H: Liver. Tender chicken gizzards fried I,J: Mucosa and submucosa of the

gizzard. How to cook chicken liver and gizzard adobo K,L: Wall of the small intestine. How to cook chicken livers gizzards and hearts (A,C,E,G,I,K) brightfield; (B,D,F,H,J,L) darkfield. Chicken gizzard sauce recipes Bars = 200 Fm (A-H); 100

Fig. What r chicken gizzards 4. Deep fried chicken gizzards and hearts recipes Distribution of the major a2(VI) collagen transcript in tissues of 17-day-old chicken embryos by in situ

hybridization. Chicken liver and gizzard adobo recipe A,B: Cross-sectioned rib. Chicken gizzard salad puerto rican C,D: Epiphysis of a long bone with articular cartilage. Cream of chicken giblet gravy recipe E,F: Peripheral nerves.

G,H: Skin. Is chicken gizzard good for pregnancy IJ : Spinal ganglion. Slow cooker chicken gizzards recipes K,L: Neural tube. Fried chicken breast nutrition facts (A,C,E,G,I,K) brightfield; (B,D,F,H,J,L) darkfield. Chicken gizzard adobo panlasang pinoy Bars = 200 p m

Fig. Chicken gizzards for cats 5. Easy chicken giblet gravy recipe Distribution of the major (A,B,D,E,C,H) and the minor (C,F,I) a2(VI) collagen transcript in tissues of

17-day-old chicken embryos by in situ hybridization. Where do chicken gizzard come from A-C: Cardiac muscle with blood vessels. What are chicken gizzards made of D-F: Cross-sectioned

femur. What are chicken gizzards made out of C-I: Skeletal muscle with nerves, blood vessels, and tendon. What are chicken gizzards (A,D,G) brightfield; (B,C,E,F,H,I) darkfield.

Fig. What are chicken gizzards good for 6. What are chicken gizzards and hearts Distribution of the major (A,B,E,F) and the minor (C,C) a2W) collagen transcript in the aortic wall of

17-day-old chicken embryos by in situ hybridization. What part of the body is chicken gizzards (D,H) control hybridization with labeled pUC DNA. Easy giblet gravy recipe with cream of chicken soup (A,E)

Fig. How to clean chicken gizzards and hearts 7. What are chicken gizzards made from Amplification of the major and the minor (u2(VI) colla-

gen transcript by PCR. Are chicken gizzards good for dogs to eat Poly(A)+ RNAfrom three different tissues

was transcribed into cDNA by reverse transcriptase using prim-

ers Ln and La. Chicken giblet pate Part of the cDNA was subsequently amplified by

PCR with the primer sets indicated at the bottom of the panel.

The migration positions of the 213 bp band (indicative of the

brand factor, fibronectin, actin, salivary proteins and apro-

Peltonen J , Varga J , Sollberg S, Uitto J , Jimenez SA (1991):

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