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The seed for a great miracle lies not in difficulty, but impossibility.

Faith Like Potatoes is an inspiring true story of a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchan, and is set in the turbulent hills of the KZN Midlands. Homemade meatball sauce Angus’ manic quest for material success is slowly transformed into a wild love for God and people, as he wrestles with faith, hope, natural disasters and tragic personal loss.

Faith Like Potatoes won the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Sabaoth International Film Festival and Best Feature at the 2006 Mumbai International FICTS Festival.

Faith Like Potatoes is one of the top 5 grossing domestic theatrical releases in South African movie history.

After her family is taken away, 16-year-old Dior is forced to live on the streets.

Jake Reeson, an up and coming country singer, has the whole world in his hands until his ego throws it all away.

Sometimes the greatest love is letting go… Homemade italian meatball recipe Like Dandelion Dust

I actually saw this movie on TV whilst on Holiday in Africa, and I must say am glad I found that you have here in your catalogue. Best homemade meatball recipe It was shown on one of the many christian stations in the West African country I was visiting (who are very religious) and found this movie truly an inspirational one, with so many twists and turns to how the main character treated his Zulu workers until he embraced his faith and after his return to his native Scotland where he showed his Zulu workers slides on his visit and (for me a poignent comment) he stated the similarity between the (black) African tribes and the Scottish tribes (or clans) and being Scottish myself I could relate to that as we are one people deep down no matter the colour. Easy homemade meatball recipe And being a true story makes this film truly a great one to watch.

Totally awesome, totally uplifting, totally heart wrenching, wonderful wonderful movie!! Would recommend to everyone over the age of 13…some parts are pretty graphic but what an inspiring and wonderful story!

EXCELLENT MOVIE!! It proves what real faith in Jesus will do! We need more people of strong faith like Angus to get the people of this world healed.

Faith Like Potatoes is a wonderful illustration of the contrast between a life lived apart from God and a life turned over to God. Easy recipe for homemade meatballs If you only like action, violence, and Hollywood acting, I suppose that would make a difference, but I loved it. Recipe for homemade spaghetti and meatballs It is so refreshing to see movies with God included.

Maximino v : Faith in this DVD, gives you the experience of suffering and believing. Homemade spaghetti and meatball recipe Patience and surrender. Authentic homemade italian meatballs How every christian should believe in what he do not see and understand. Homemade baked meatballs for spaghetti Trust in God, will change your life. Homemade barbecue sauce for meatballs Nov 14, 2015

ChristianCinema Staff: This is a great film (based on a true story) that shows the conversion of an angry man into a man that learns to trust God through some difficult circumstances. Calories in homemade meatballs with sauce It’s a little slow going at first, but the message by the end is a really good one. Easy homemade meatball sauce Great DVD overall! Highly recommended! Oct 23, 2009

Nina E : I bought the DVD, not knowing about Angus Buchanan, I did not get the entire meaning the first time I watched it, I turned around and watched it again with my friend, and got a lot more from it the second time. Homemade swedish meatball sauce It was a sad story.. Homemade bbq meatball recipe but turned out OK. Homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs I wanted a Faith movie and I got one… Homemade spaghetti and meatballs from scratch believing in the raising of the dead. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs sauce 9-na Dec 14, 2010

Paul M : George, I thought that the Bonus material was as much or even MORE interesting and inspiring than the movie itself. Homemade meatballs with italian sausage You get to meet the real people themselves and learn more about Angus’ life, especially about his crusades. Homemade meatball recipe with grape jelly I also thought that the behind-the-scenes stories of the actors were quite interesting. Homemade meatball recipe for spaghetti Dec 14, 2010

Nancy C asked: Good message in the movie regarding faith, prayer and perseverance. Homemade meatballs and spaghetti recipe However, I had a very difficult time through the beginning of the movie, It Just Was not Christian like. Calories in homemade spaghetti and meatballs In fact, I found myself asking, “where is the Christian in this movie?” and nearly turned it off. Recipe for spaghetti and meatballs homemade I actually said out loud, this is not a Christian movie. Homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce I hung in there a little longer and was glad especially in the way the transformation was demonstrated. Homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs But please keep in mind, the non-Christian stuff that we present also has a BIG impact on the audiences as well. Best recipe for homemade meatballs For me, I was appalled and the beginning negatively impacted my heart, the end however, healed it! It made me think of the ordeals and storms that God has help me weather through and the one I am going through now is just a passing storm and the next, the next, etc. Recipe for homemade meatballs baked That our faith and prayers and belief will help us through all of life’s challenges! Thank you for weathering the storms and evangelizing! Also, please keep in mind to keep down the negative parts as this too has a GREAT impact on the viewer!

A Journalist’s Personal Investigation Of The Evidence For Jesus

“They have always been on time and have good selections… Best ever homemade meatballs they have been courteous when I needed to Email them concerning any matter. Easy homemade meatball subs Most importantly they have inspiring movies WITHOUT offenses in them!” – SHIRLEY KOTSANOS

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