Farm fresh feasts_ peanut butter, spinach and banana smoothie–an allergen friendly recipe

I feel like I’m cheating on my Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers. Banana bread recipe alton brown I have a weekly Saturday morning rendezvous with my Spinach guy because, quite frankly, he gives me what I crave. Better homes and gardens banana bread My mindset switch this year.

Betty crocker banana nut bread Instead of only eating from the farm share and the garden, I’m eating what I want in addition to the produce from the farm share and garden. Banana bread recipe bread machine And I want spinach. Banana bread with walnuts recipe For this.

If you are already a green smoothie person skip this paragraph. Recipe for banana bread with walnuts If you’re not, why not? I used to drink green smoothies (spinach or kale combined with fruits in an attempt to make the greens palatable) and feel virtuous, not satiated, so I understand the lukewarm feeling towards the green smoothie. Frosting for banana bread But I would like you to try this one, if you’ve got spinach and banana lying around and feel so inclined. Banana bread for diabetics I walk down to the farmer’s market each Saturday to buy a bag of spinach and make this. Bananas and breastfeeding It’s that good. Banana bread bread pudding It’s NOT like the other green smoothies I used to drink. Banana bread recipe with walnuts I drink it because I enjoy the taste and feel satisfied after a glass. Cream cheese frosting for banana bread My kids ask me to make this. Glaze for banana bread Our whole family enjoys this smoothie.

I’ve moved on to my neighbors and my spinach guy in my quest to change the perceptions of the green smoothie. Banana bread recipe with nuts The 5th time I said to someone, “oh it’s easy, just throw a banana, a handful of spinach and a big spoonful of peanut butter into a blender” I clued in that maybe this recipe wasn’t too simple for the blog. Banana bread topping ideas I never thought I’d share a smoothie recipe, period, but here’s my second. Banana bread topping Want a terrific idea for (most recently) teachers, or new moms, or anyone recovering from oral surgery who may need an easy nutrition boost? Check out my Make and Take Smoothies post.

I mentioned allergen friendly in the title, and yet this smoothie contains peanut butter and dairy products, two of the big players in the food allergy list. Banana bread recipe bread maker Guess what? THIS SMOOTHIE IS DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE AND/OR PEANUT FREE! Yeah, I’m shouting. Banana foster bread Spinach, banana and ice are the common ingredients, but I’ve had it swapping cultured vanilla soy milk ‘yogurt’ and vanilla almond milk for the dairy ingredients and my neighbor liked a dairy and peanut free preparation using sunflower nut butter (she let me borrow her jar for the photo op).

So many brands, so little–as in zero–sponsorship. Topping for banana bread This is what I bought. Banana bread without baking powder Or my neighbor did.

So, are you going to try this? If you eat peanut butter you’ll love this flavor. How to make vegan banana bread If you are peanut free use the nut butter of your choice. Banana bread using cake mix Are you dairy free? Use a vanilla-flavored nut milk and cultured soy milk for an absolutely scrumptious smoothie. Banana bread using applesauce [ After making dairy-free smoothies for my daughter’s teacher recovering from throat surgery, I was going to hand over the rest of the almond milk carton to my neighbor. Banana bread using oil I could use the room in the fridge. Bananas foster bread pudding However, once I tasted a smoothie I was smitten and kept the rest of the carton.]

For other recipes using spinach, please see my Spinach Recipes Collection, part of the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient, a resource for folks like me cheating on their farm share at the farmer’s market eating from the farm share and the farmer’s market and garden abundance.

This recipe makes enough for 1 very large serving or 2 servings. Banana bread with yogurt recipe Smoothies are easy to keep for several days (I use a 1 pint canning jar with these reusable caps (Amazon affiliate link) . Banana bread with yogurt and applesauce Simply store in the fridge, take out and shake up to combine the settled out flavors, and enjoy.

? cup vanilla yogurt–if using plain yogurt, add a dollop of honey (cultured soy milk works great)

1? cups milk (vanilla nut milk works great) plus a splash more if you need to help the blender go

2 cups spinach leaves (baby or grown up, the age of your spinach does not matter)

Layer ingredients in the order shown into a blender capable of crushing ice into tiny drinkable bits. Banana bread with yogurt and oil I use my ancient Vitamix. Banana nut bread beer Cover the blender, plug in and turn on [ I write this way for me, not you, appliances and I have issues]. Banana nut bread calories Slowly bring up the speed of the blades after you start to see spinach pieces spinning around. Banana nut bread with chocolate chips Blend at full power until ice is silent (fully incorporated) and you can’t see any more pieces of spinach–it’s pure green. Banana nut bread healthy Serve and enjoy, or pour some into a storage container for another day.

Confession: I buy spinach too because we don’t get it in the food share and damned if I don’t like it in smoothies. Banana nut bread cake It’s not bad as a salad base either, but my real preference is smoothies. Banana nut bread pioneer woman There’s something about it that helps make those blender concoctions satisfying.

Another confession: almond milk is my milk of choice. Banana nut bread with buttermilk Reply Delete

I stocked up on spinach before the farmer’s market closed for the season, and froze it with ripe bananas for smoothie packs.

I was getting out of shape, so I decided to start taking Green energy drinks while committing to myself that I’d get back to working out and eating better in tandem with this product. Easy banana bread no eggs Reply Delete

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