Feeling nauseous after eating fruits

When I had an H-Pylori infection, I could not even eat one bite of fruit. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe healthy It was the acidity that would make me gag. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with yogurt On the other hand, the Coke thing does not make sense to me in that context either.

The other problem item was coffee.

Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with greek yogurt Again, it was the acidity that bothered me.

Once I removed the infection, I was able to eat fruit and drink coffee again.

My friends say that I’m “acidic” that’s why I’m feeling this way. Strawberry smoothie recipe yogurt But if I’m acidic why does the feeling go way when I drink Coke or Pepsi? So it’s a bit strange really.

Also drinking coffee is no problem for me. Strawberry smoothie recipe with yogurt and orange juice Only fruits make my stomach turn, and, let me add, tomatoes. Strawberry blueberry smoothie recipe with yogurt I have to remove tomatoes in everytime I eat sandwiches that have them.

You have serous health problems and toxicity if healthy items like fruits are giving major problems like vomiting while toxic coke and coffee goes down fine.

If you think this is a problem you will have to detox and change your eating habits. Cranberry sauce recipe with orange juice and brown sugar If you are fine with it, you can continue to eat/drink unhealthy food like substances that do not provoke immediate reactions at the expense of long-term health to maintain temporary comfort.

Something to try. Cranberry sauce recipe with orange juice and cinnamon In greek culture we use a spice called mastica, also known as gum mastic. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with apple juice It cures ulcers and fights H-Pylori infections. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe with orange juice You can buy it and take capsules of it. Mango salad dressing recipe orange juice Try it for a few weeks, and if you are into bread making or making shortbread cookies, break open a capsule and add it to the dough, it gives a really nice flavor. Orange juice concentrate chicken recipe Good luck.

I had a kidney disease and I see that there are some similarities in between.

I am not a doctor, but you might check if this applies to you.

While reading on an article on some foods/fruits that people with kidney disease should avoid I found out that: Fruits with high potassium apply to most of the fruits you have mentioned (most of them your favorite ones). Orange juice chicken marinade recipe For example: mangoes, bananas, honeydews, cantaloupes, and oranges.

You symptoms are similar to mine. Sangria recipe white wine orange juice My symptoms were: nausea, blurry vision, dizziness, short breath, etc.

Therefore, you might want to see a doctor to check up your kidneys by doing a blood test.

You might also want to google fruits that are not good (with high potassium or sodium) for people that have kidneys disease and check if the symptoms apply to you as well.

h-pylori makes sense to me. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe from mcdonalds I had similar experiences after moving years back and developed what I believed to be a h-pylori infection. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe with yogurt After an orange made me absolutely nauseous one day, and on another hungover morning it felt like I had been shot in the stomach after taking a sip of water I decided to try and tackle this problem.

There are expensive teas and medications that attempt to cure h-pylori, but almost every bit of advice recommends cabbage in addition to whatever treatment – and lots of it. Pineapple mango smoothie recipe So I unpacked the blendtec, bought a few heads of cabbage and drank cabbage juice three times a day. Pineapple coconut smoothie recipe Two or so days later I wanted to see if it was working so I ate an orange and felt perfectly fine. Mango strawberry smoothie recipe without yogurt I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a casual relationship.

I got back onto making a green smoothie every morning and added some cabbage after it treated me so right. Mango banana smoothie recipe without yogurt A few years of mixing an ample amount of about 5 different greens, a couple fruits, berries and whatever ground up nuts and seeds I have on hand for breakfast and I never get sick or have a blemish in my complexion. Carrot apple ginger juice recipe Can’t forget dates, honey and lemons for sweeteners.

I’m not a doctor and even though I’m operating under the assumption that you have h-pylori, I figure taking my advice could do nothing but help – and the meds for h-pylori that you get from a doctor apparently aren’t all that effective as it is. Passover sponge cake recipe orange juice So figure out a way to get a ton of cabbage into your body and see if it helps. Recipes using frozen orange juice concentrate Best of luck

those fruits have the highest sugar content of all too… Orange sherbet punch recipe with pineapple juice my theory is that the caffeine in the soda is the only reason you can take the sodas. Carrot celery juice recipe without that metabolism boost from that, all the sugar and potassium from the fruit is too much for your organs… Mango carrot juice recipe the body has reactions like that for a reason… Punch recipes non alcoholic for baby shower a diet should always be changing, evolving. Punch recipes non alcoholic ginger ale best to move on imo. Punch recipes non alcoholic cranberry try picking lower sugar seasonal fruits for your area

Drifter, I have the exact same problem. Grilled chicken marinade recipe orange juice I am so glad to discover that I am not the only one with this problem. Carrot cake recipe with orange juice It just happened about two years ago, before that I could eat all my favourite fruits including tomatoes now I cannot. Orange julius recipe with orange juice not concentrate I went for a full health check-up and doctor could not find anything. Non alcoholic blue punch recipes for baby shower Did you find out what is wrong with you?

I know I’m a little late to this conversation, but you litterally described my problem exact. Party punch recipes non alcoholic baby shower I didn’t always have this problem where I felt sick when I ate fruits, it’s started when I was around 9 (I believe) and I’m 14 now.

I still don’t know why I feel sick when I eat fruits or why drinking a sip o soda stops me from feeling sick when I eat fruits.

And yeah, I should probablyyyyyy see a doctor about that tbh.

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