Five fruits that increase libido, sex drive and treat impotence naturally –

The pomegranate is probably one of the most well-known fruits for increasing your sex drive.

During a study into the benefits of pomegranate on lowering blood presure and reducing the the risk of heart disease, Scientists found that drinking pomegranate juice can actually increase sex drive.

A number of couples were given pomegranate juice to drink then asked to perform some erotic activities and couples who drank the pomegranate juice showed elevated levels of sexual interest.

The main reason pomegranate is so effective is that it helps the body to produce (NO) or nitric oxide which helps to open up blood vessels and increase to blood flow which is great news for the libido.

The juice is more potent but the fruit can also be very enjoyable to eat and it is considered quite an exotic fruit to share with your partner, especially chilled with some shaved ice.

Figs are also very effective at increasing libido in both male and female and it is mainly due to the high level of amino acids found in figs.

Amino acids play a vital role in normal sexual function and will help increase the level of nitric oxide in the body.

The fig is said to increase sexual stamina as well as having a sexual appearance, flavour and smell to heighten all our senses to improve our mood and let our libido rise from their slumber.

Avocados are also great for our sex drive and not being your typical fruit it tends to get ignored a fair bit. How to layer lasagna with cottage cheese and spinach The Avocado contains high level of folic acid to help metabolise proteins, giving you an energy boost.

Avocado contains good levels of vitamin B6, which helps you to fight stress and gives you the energy to keep going and also help with the production of testosterone. How to make lasagna with cottage cheese and ricotta cheese They are also known to benefit a woman’s libido due to the high potassium content.

Avocados also contain healthy fats we could all do with in our diets

The banana is a great way to start your day (banana diet craze) and it will help to boost your libido with the bromelain enzyme it contains.

It has one of the highest levels of potassium to help regulate energy levels as well as B vitamins.

How about a date to fight those low energy levels and lack of sex drive?

Very popular in the Northern parts of Nigeria, they are packed with amino acids for sexual stamina as well as a good dose of fruity sugars which make them sweet and an amazing pickup.

Give them a go if it has been a while since you’ve had one. Easy meat lasagna recipe without cottage cheese They are juicy, succulent and very addictive.

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thanks for educating me on this important subject matter. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese ricotta Please do us a favour by giving us the names in our pitgen language common to all like Dates i guess is called Dabino in hausa.

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I avoid avocado pear whn my man is not around bcos it increases my sex drive time 10. Easy lasagna recipe cottage cheese Infact that fruit shud b called libido. Best lasagna recipe cottage cheese The whole of my genital and thighs bcoms extremely sensitive.

Avocado is one among my best fruits . Lasagna recipe without cottage cheese It is always in my kitchen bcos thats wht I use as my butter for my breads.

please i am a Ghanaian and very interested about taking fruit with has be dairy food but am so happy about how u were explaining things here and want to know alot about these fruits so can someone help me in give the local names for the above fruits that is the pomegranate, dates, figes avocado. Simple lasagna recipe without cottage cheese i would be grateful in u can help me . Spaghetti squash lasagna recipe cottage cheese thank u very much……

Pomegranates are also found in the rural areas of the Gambia.We call it ‘TABAAJEH’ in the fullani local language.After opening the cover it will release semen like liquid however it’s also quite a sweet fruit. Easy healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese I miss it so much as a child who use to go for hunting in our bushes.

Dates are common in the Arab world but it’s highly consumed in the Gambia during the month of Ramadan. Healthy lasagna recipe cottage cheese It’s highly recommended for use in breaking fast during the month of Ramadan.Dates are sold by most Gambians during the month of Ramadan. Easy vegetable lasagna recipe with cottage cheese I belived mulims in your countries also use it to break fast.Dates can also be found in the supermakets just ask the supemarket sellers.

I have found dates to be the the most sugry fruit among the fruits. Easy recipe for lasagna without cottage cheese Banana which is common is highly effective for low sex drive.

For the Namibian fellow,All these fruits are found in Zambia. Simple lasagna recipe without ricotta or cottage cheese Avocado is sometimes called as quarter pear. Lasagna recipe cottage cheese spinach ground beef Banana,s are found in Namibia.Figs are wild fruits growing in the savanna grasslands (there is a bible story refering to figs).

As at this moment i have never seen both fruits in Nigeria but I have seen a drink by Forever living products which contains the Pomegranate fruit, Ive also seen some drinks that contain figs, im sure if you ask around you will find one or more.

Well I am not sure about the name of Pomegranate in the Gambian local languages, however, if you know any of your countrymen living in the Gambia you can ask them to tell you the names of the following fruits in your languages. Can you make lasagna without cottage cheese or ricotta In Mandingo language, widely spoken in the Gambia, Fig is called “SOTO”, Dates are called “TAMAREH”, I guess you know bananas and Avocado. Vegetable lasagna with cottage cheese I hope this will help you.

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