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Salad. Recipe spicy mayo Most people will want to stop reading there, but that would be a mistake. Spicy mayo for sushi recipe This Greek salad is anything but boring and insubstantial; rather, its many ingredients provide a full range of flavors and textures that will leave you satisfied.

Crisp romaine lettuce forms the base of the salad, but the magic of the salad comes from its many toppings: assertive red onions, peppery radishes, juicy tomatoes, cool and refreshing cucumbers, sweet-tangy peppers, crunchy celery, savory feta cheese, briny Greek black olives, meaty anchovy fillets, fresh parsley, and pickled capers. Spicy mayo sushi sauce recipe Basically, there’s something to activate every taste receptor.

I’ve always been curious about different cultures and peoples—their ways of life, their world views, and yes, their food. Sushi spicy mayo sauce recipe Even just looking at America, there are huge regional differences between parts of the country, and complex ethnic tapestries make up our cities. Asian spicy mayo recipe Now more than ever, it’s important to recognize and celebrate that diversity. Spicy sushi mayo recipe It’s what makes this country great.

One day you can pick buckets of Georgia peaches in the blazing summer sun, pausing under the shade of a tree to taste the sweet, succulent fruit. Spicy tuna mayo recipe Meanwhile, just across the border in Florida, you can walk into a Cuban restaurant and experience Caribbean flavors. Bonchon spicy mayo recipe Or try cooking Korean bbq for the first time—it’s fun and tasty even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Kfc spicy mayo recipe When I went with my friends in Chicago, we had to figure out what order to cook everything in on the fly, with the server demonstrating as new platters of meat were brought out and placed in the thick stone pan in the center of the table. Spicy mayo dip recipe In New York, you can try a dim sum place in Chinatown, where you’ll be offered tray after tray of strange delicacies. Spicy mayo recipe for sweet potato fries When we went, we were seated in a large, crowded banquet hall; carts whizzed by, stacked with metal steamers containing all sorts of dumplings, steamed buns, custard tarts and puddings, and a variety of vegetable, meat, and seafood dishes. Spicy mayo poke recipe The carts momentarily paused by our table; the servers opened the lid to the steamers to reveal the mysteries inside. Spicy chipotle mayo recipe Half the time, we didn’t even know what we were taking!

Katsukura Restaurant is located on the 14 th floor of the Takashimaya Mall in Shinjuku, a short walk from Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens. Spicy aioli sauce recipe with mayo Katsukura specializes in tonkatsu—a Japanese dish consisting of pork that has been coated in flour, egg, and panko breadcrumbs, and then deep fried. Spicy ahi poke recipe mayo This preparation produces delicately airy pork with a crispy exterior. Spicy mayo recipe for tacos If you visit Japan, you must try tonkatsu at least once!

Katsukura is a tourist-friendly restaurant. Spicy mayo ahi poke recipe Upon arrival, they brought us cold barley tea (commonly served in the summertime in Japan) and offered us English menus. Spicy tuna poke recipe mayo Fans of Japanese whiskey will be happy to see that you can order a high-ball of Yamazaki or Hakushu for around ?650 (~$5-$6 USD). Spicy mayo mussels recipe This is not bad at all given the price of Japanese whiskey in the States!

When people hear Tokyo, they often imagine a vast, Blade Runner-like metropolis of skyscrapers and neon lights—which for parts of Tokyo is accurate. Spicy mayo recipe without sriracha But Tokyo is huge and heterogeneous, with many oases where you can relax and appreciate the serenity of nature. Spicy ahi poke recipe with mayo Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is one of those.

We went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden the day after a typhoon (one of the six during our trip). Spicy mayo recipe for fish tacos With hurricanes in Florida, you usually get clear, cool weather afterwards; in Japan, you get clear weather, but it’s unusually hot. Recipe for spicy mayo for sushi We found this out the hard way! Luckily this garden is full of shade.

One of my favorite dishes is Pad Thai. Recipe spicy mayo for sushi I love the refreshing sweet and sour sauce, the bright herbs, and the juicy shrimp. Spicy mayo recipe for fish I recently tried to create an appetizer that captured all the flavors of traditional Pad Thai, but presented in a totally new way. Japanese spicy mayo sauce recipe That’s how these Pad Thai spring rolls with tamarind dipping sauce came to exist.

Ingredients for Tamarind Dipping Sauce Tamarind Dipping Sauce

This sauce is at the heart of Pad Thai. Best spicy mayo recipe sushi It’s a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salt, spice, and acidity. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken burgers To make it, you need rice vinegar, fish sauce, fresh tamarind concentrate (concentrated juice and pulp from the tamarind fruit), palm sugar (an unrefined sugar made from the sap of palm trees), Thai bird chiles, shallots, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves.

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