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I’ve cracked the code for the fluffiest vegan pancakes ever, with no bananas! They require basic pantry ingredients, one-bowl, and minimal time (i.e. Moist cinnamon bun recipe totally doable for a weekday).

Pancakes are among my top five favourite foods. Recipe for cinnamon bun icing Other favourites include watermelon, nut butter, bread, and ice cream. Cinnamon bun icing recipe God bless the individual who made eating cake for breakfast socially acceptable; I am forever indebted to you.

The best part of having days off school are slow mornings.

Big cinnamon bun recipe I’m an early riser so the serene AM hours are my most productive times. Cinnamon bun recipe uk I’ll get my sweat on, tick off items on my to-do list, and cook myself a proper breakfast. Cinnamon bun recipe with yeast Sometimes it’s a fancy smoothie bowl, other times it’s a stack of waffles, but most often it’s a pile of pancakes covered in fruit, nut butter, and yogurt. Cinnamon bun frosting recipe Fun fact: I never thought of eating my pancakes with a dollop of yogurt until I watched a Jaimie Oliver video. Cinnamon bun glaze recipe Ingenious! Of the non-dairy yogurts I’ve tried, I like the plain almond one. Best cinnamon bun recipe ever I’d like to try the Silk coconut one; if you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments!

There’s something rejuvenating about sitting at the dinner table digging into a plate of the fluffiest vegan pancakes whilst admiring the white winter landscape, or whatever scenery is outside your window. Cinnamon bun recipe with icing Oh the sweet taste of accomplishment… or maybe it’s the maple syrup. Cinnamon bun glaze recipe easy Vancouver got covered in another thick layer of snow last weekend. Sticky bun cinnamon roll recipe It’s been a crazy winter of cold temperatures and snowstorms; our version of crazy of course. Cinnamon pecan sticky buns recipe Keep in mind we had to import snow for the 2010 winter Olympics (i.e. Cinnamon bun recipe martha stewart we don’t get much snow). Recipe for cinnamon bun cake The undisturbed backyard and quiet weekend morning set me in the mood to test another vegan pancake recipe.

For the longest time, my go-to recipe has been this coconut flour one. Cinnamon bun cake recipe easy Each pancake cooks up tall like a good cake layer should. Recipe for cinnamon buns with yeast But since I’ve stopped buying eggs, I have been on a mission for the fluffiest vegan pancakes. Cinnamon bun icing recipe cream cheese I’ve tried banana-based ones, ones with chia eggs, ones with gluten and ones without. Easy cinnamon bun icing recipe But in the end, simplicity won. Recipe for homemade cinnamon buns No waiting for bananas to ripen, no grinding chia seeds, no complicated flour blends, no excess bowls and dish-washing.

This recipe is a gluten-reduced version of Ceara’s vegan pancake recipe with more whole grains, fibre, and protein. Recipe for cinnamon buns from scratch It can be made gluten free by substituting the all purpose flour with more oat flour or a gluten free all purpose flour. Easy cinnamon bun recipe without yeast A lot of people add tons of baking powder into their pancake batter in hopes of getting it to rise, but too much of it makes the pancakes taste metallic. The best cinnamon buns recipe in the world The trick to getting the optimal fluff factor is to activate the baking powder with an acid; this is why classic buttermilk (acidic!) pancakes are super tall ‘n fluffy. Healthy cinnamon roll recipe In our vegan pancake recipe, we add a bit of apple cider vinegar to sour the almond milk. Easy healthy cinnamon rolls recipe Lemon juice would work just as well!

A tall stack of the fluffiest vegan pancakes can be yours in just a handful of minutes! Weekday brunch? Holla! Feel free to add 1/2 cup of blueberries or chocolate chips and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the batter to jazz it up.

• In a medium mixing bowl, make the “buttermilk” by combining the almond milk with the vinegar. The perfect cinnamon roll recipe Let it sit and sour for about 5 minutes.

• Add the flours, baking powder, and stevia to the “buttermilk” and mix until no pockets of dry ingredients remain,

• Heat a skillet over medium heat. The best cinnamon roll recipe ever Grease with a bit of oil. The best cinnamon roll recipe Scoop about ? cup per pancake and cook until edges look dry, then flip and cook until centre is done.

14 hours ago Tomorrow we will bring you exciting news: How these mountains of cookie dough turn into the best dang vegan and gluten free cookies And our summer plans! Just when we thought we couldnt top the awesomeness of last summer… Best cinnamon roll recipe without bread machine we did! Aaah we cant wait to share our crazy adventures with ya’ll! Tune in tomorrow for a new blogpost with all the deets ? #vegan #cookies #recipe #veganfood #glutenfree #vegansofig #whatveganseat #letscookvegan #feedfeed #thehealthfoodedition #foodie_features #foodblogfeed #gloobyfood #chocolate #healthyfood #healthyrecipe

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2 weeks ago Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all our fellow power(puff) girls (and ladies)! Show your colours and live everyday like it’s your day. Best cinnamon bun recipe without yeast Reach new heights, strive for success, and most imporantly, support each other, because together we can achieve great things A throwback photo from our trek up to Panorama Ridge last summer. Best cinnamon roll recipe With the seemingly endless winter in Vancouver, we’re daydreaming of the warm sun on our backs

2 weeks ago Just like how we justified yesterday’s nap in the name of National Napping Day, we will honor #PiDay with a vegan banana cream pie. Best cinnamon roll recipe from scratch This no-bake beauty oozes with a molten chocolate filling and is lined and topped with healthy cookie dough. Easy cinnamon bun recipe with yeast YUM! We’re big time pie lovers and especially during the colder months, are always thinking about our next slice. Cinnamon roll cupcake recipe from scratch What is your favourite pie? Pumpkin, peach, blueberry, or some other crazy flavour combination? We don’t have many on the blog so we’d appreciate your input! Find the full recipe for this epic pie on our blog; search ‘banana…

7 days ago Our blog turned 3 yesterday and we celebrated with a berry special tower of buns! We have over 200 recipes on the blog to date; which one is your favourite? We’re curious to know, so comment below! Also, you can find the full recipe for this vegan bumbleberry bun cake on the blog by clicking the link in our bio. Cinnamon roll waffles recipe from scratch Make it for a sweet roll loving person (or yourself ) #vegan #bread #recipe #feedfeed #baking #foodie_features #whatveganseat #veganfoodporn #veganrecipes #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganfoodlovers #letscookvegan #thehealthfoodedition #foodblogfeed #foodgawker #bcblueberries #gloobyfood

3 weeks ago Fri-YAY the weekend is near! Time to whip out the frying pan and flip some beary adorable vegan pancakes because they’re SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE Seriously though, I’ve made these pancakes at least 5 times since posting the recipe. Cinnamon roll cake recipe from scratch Get my go-to pancake recipe on the blog ‘Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes’ on www.radiantrachels.com ALSO, there is a NEW blogpost up reviewing the exercise program Leung is doing (PIIT28 by @blogilates ). Mini cinnamon rolls recipe from scratch It includes an update on my mental health 5 years post-eating disorder. Cinnamon bun dough recipe bread machine Give it a read it you are intetested in trying out a fitness regimen that can be implemented…

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