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One of my favorite recipes to make with my kids is bread pudding. Banana pictures They love to measure and pour and stir, and when they get to scoop up the soaked pieces of bread, they get giddy over the fun of making a big mess.

Of course, it helps to know ahead of time that you’ve got some excellent supplies to clean up that mess! That’s why I’m using Huggies Wipes from Walmart to make cleanup a snap.

For today’s bread pudding project with the kids, I wanted a simple, unadorned bread pudding recipe. Banana chiquita A short list of ingredients, easy instructions, and amazing results.

I have several bread pudding recipes, but I decided to do a little reading and recipe testing to figure out the very best old fashioned bread pudding recipe. Healthy banana and blueberry bread Recipe Notes: What Makes a Bread Pudding Old Fashioned

First, I had to tackle the meaning of “old fashioned.” What makes a bread pudding old fashioned?

I learned a lot from articles about the history of bread pudding. Calories in starbucks banana bread This article talks about the origin of bread pudding in the 11th and 12th centuries.

You can also learn about the British version, called bread and butter pudding, from Wikipedia. Calories in banana nut bread Or check out this list of international variations on bread pudding. Banana bread recipe You’ll also enjoy seeing this 18th century recipe for sippet pudding, which is historic American version of bread pudding.

There are several qualifications that make a bread pudding old fashioned.

• There should be some butter involved, but the finished pudding shouldn’t be greasy.

• There should be an option that explains how to add raisins if you want them.

• Usually, old fashioned recipes for bread pudding call for stale bread.

• Most older recipes do not call for a water bath (also known as bain marie), a slightly trickier step that involves placing the pan of bread pudding in a second pan of water that has been preheated in the oven. Recipe for banana bread A water bath cooks the bread pudding more gently and helps prevent the eggs from curdling from the heat. Easy banana bread recipe There is a trick to go around this, so keep reading.

I tested several recipes that claimed to be old-fashioned. Easy banana bread One ended up being too greasy (too much butter). Best banana bread recipe One curdled (too long cooking time). Banana nut bread So I made notes and adjusted my techniques and ingredients to come up with today’s recipe.

It’s a very old fashioned bread pudding, with the classic flavor and texture you would expect, and none of the drawbacks of other recipes.

Plus, this bread pudding recipe has a handy oven temperature trick that you can use for any bread pudding without a water bath to prevent curdling. How to make banana bread Starting with a high temperature brings the pudding quickly up in temperature, then lowering the oven temperature keeps it from overcooking. Moist banana bread recipe This trick speeds up cooking time and prevents curdling.

To demonstrate this recipe tutorial, I set up on my kitchen table.

Our kitchen table is a vintage table from the 1940s that we found secondhand a few years ago. Moist banana bread My mother and I carted it home from several hours away, and it’s been a treasured piece ever since. Banana nut bread recipe In a big splurge, my husband and I ordered replica vintage chairs to match it.

When I cook with my kids, they gather round our table by kneeling on the chairs so they can reach the ingredients and the mixing bowl. Healthy banana bread Of course, things get messy fast as the ingredients fly and the mixing bowl is jostled!

Our special table and our enthusiastically stirring little ones make me think ahead about how to keep everything and everyone clean.

That’s why I like to keep something handy for cleaning that’s gentle but thorough. Best banana bread As a parent of two, I learned years ago that baby wipes are excellent for cleaning up around the house.

Whether my kids get a little custard on their hands, or whether the table gets a little custard bath, Huggies Wipes make it easy to clean up.

I used two different kinds of Huggies Wipes that I picked up in the personal care aisle at Walmart. Recipe banana bread Huggies One & Done are perfect for tougher messes, like those splashes of custard that land on the table. Simple banana bread Huggies Simply Clean are well suited for wiping off any sticky stuff that gets on your hands, or on your little ones’ hands.

I had my Huggies wipes standing at the ready before we even got started. Banana bread recipe easy Place them near your preparation area, whether it’s the kitchen table or the kitchen counter, when you start cooking with your children. Healthy banana bread recipe Then you’ll be completely prepared!

Gently place the soaked bread chunks in the pan, on top of the butter/sugar mixture. Recipe for banana nut bread Fill in any gaps in the bread and gently press down on the top to make it even. Banana bread recipe moist Pour any remaining liquid evenly over the top.

Place the pan in the oven. Simple banana bread recipe Bake for 15 minutes at 400 F, then turn the oven down to 300 F and bake another 15 minutes. Banana bread recipe best The bread pudding is done when the temperature in the middle reaches 175 F, or when the center jiggles but does not slosh.

Your table sounds fabulous. Easy recipe for banana bread I could almost see the children on their knees making memories including this Bread pudding dessert. Quick banana bread I keep saying I’m going to make some bread pudding and haven’t done it yet. The best banana bread recipe You’ve done all the research. Easy banana nut bread recipe Thanks for the baking tip on oven temps and cooking times for better consistency.

Those Huggies wipes are handy to have around for all sorts of cleaning up.

I love Huggies Wipes! When you have little ones, they are perfect for cleaning up all sorts of messes. Homemade banana bread Your Bread Pudding Recipe sounds so good! I love that you included what makes it Old Fashioned — great info!

I’m sitting here staring at this and it’s making me so hungry! This looks absolutely yummy. Award winning banana bread recipe My kids are huge fans of casseroles and puddings, so this will definitely make it into our recipe catalog. Moist banana nut bread recipe Thank you!

You know you are a mom when you use wipes for everything! wipes are so much easier than spray and a rag. Easy banana nut bread This pudding looks awesome, too. Banana chocolate chip bread My kids love anything sweet so I am sure it would be gone as soon as I make it no questions asked. Recipe for moist banana bread Thanks for sharing.

I’m not really a fan of bread pudding. Quick and easy banana bread It’s something about the texture of most of them that turns me off. Low fat banana bread However, this looks like the texture might be different. Basic banana bread recipe My son would probably love it. Moist banana nut bread I agree with Michelle – it seems like it would go well with vanilla ice cream.

I like pudding and your photos make me wanna have some right now. Banana bread easy recipe The recipe is so easy to follow. Banana walnut bread I recently into baking and this one will be added on my next assignment. Banana bread cake I can’t wait for weekend my husband would surely love it.

When I was a child, my mom made biscuit pudding with leftover biscuits from the previous day. The best banana bread She would halve the biscuits and butter them, then toast them in the oven before pouring the custard on them. Receipt for banana bread I really loved biscuit pudding.

I LOVE bread pudding My grand mother made it for us alot BUT hers had ALOT of custard base. Best banana nut bread recipe I have tried and tried to make it but I NEVER see

m to get enough custard…suggestions and I do use the water bath like she did but going to try the 2 temp method too thank you have a blessed day candy

Hi Candy! Different bread pudding recipes have different ratios of custard to bread. Eggless banana bread This version has my preferred ratio, which results in a bread pudding that is very moist and tender, not too dense, but also not floating in custard. Peanut butter banana bread My suggestion for trying to replicate your grandmother’s bread pudding would be to always keep your pan size and bread amount the same, but to experiment with the amount of custard until you find the ratio that works. Banana loaf bread Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to come back any time with questions & comments. Good banana bread recipe ??

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