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Special thanks to our Fork Yeah Miami followers for helping us get this far, here’s to reaching over six thousand followers and continuing to grow with more! To celebrate this special milestone, we paired up with photographer Carl-Fredrick Francois and went around Miami Beach to six delicious spots!

What are you waiting for? Scroll down and take a peek into our 6k adventure.

HOLY BENEDICT! Today’s 6k adventure started off with a nice little brunch mix at The Local House. They offer a variety of ways to have your eggs for a Sunday brunch on SoBe. Spicy mayo recipe for sweet potato fries I decided to get a little crabby with the CrabCake Benedict with a side of home fries.

Spicy mayo poke recipe We all know avocados make everything better, so I knew the Brisket Burger was a must have, topped with white cheddar cheese, shallots, arugula, tomatoes and avocado.

Meet Miami’s new Sushi Burrito hotspot, Japanito. Spicy chipotle mayo recipe At first, I was worried that this hole in the wall was going to be all hype, but after taking the first bite of my Maso burrito I knew sushi would never be the same! Japanito specializes in handcrafted sushi burritos and bowls made to your liking. Spicy aioli sauce recipe with mayo My favorite from the menu was the Maso burrito with tuna, avocado, cilantro, seaweed, crispy shallots, truffle mayo and kimchee sauce. Spicy ahi poke recipe mayo After thinking Japanito was too good to be true, I learned that they are available on UberEats which made my in-office lunch dreams become a reality. Spicy mayo recipe for tacos I can easily say that Japanito was my favorite place from today’s adventure.

Just a few blocks down from Japanito, came my sweet fix for the day at Emack and Bolio’s. Spicy mayo ahi poke recipe They have a variety of fun cones like Oreos, marshmallows, cookies, and my favorite, Fruity Pebbles. Spicy tuna poke recipe mayo Emack and Bolio’s is an old-school ice cream place with amazing flavors and sweet mixes that will never go out of style. Spicy mayo mussels recipe I had the Deep Purple ice cream with dark and white chocolate created by rockstar Glenn Hughes perfectly placed on a fruity pebbles cone. Spicy mayo recipe without sriracha They offer fun and colorful ice cream that will bring out your inner little child and leave you feeling like a rockstar!

Don’t be fooled by its hidden location and small venue, MisterO1 Extraordinary Pizza lives up to its name and is nothing less that extraordinary! I was intrigued with the Star Luca Pizza but couldn’t resist the ingredients from the Marco pizza. Spicy ahi poke recipe with mayo Luckily, MisterO1 was able to create The Marco pizza with the star shape with San Marzano sauce, fresh burrata stracciatella cheese, arugula, fresh tomatoes, Italian parmesan and ricotta in every dough pocket! The cheesy goodness melted throughout the pizza with every bite. Spicy mayo recipe for fish tacos This hidden gem offers a relax vibe with delicious authentic Italian dishes that you wont be able to resist.

After indulging in cheesy goodness, I needed to kick up the heat in my afternoon adventure. Recipe for spicy mayo for sushi One of my favorite cuisines is Mexican, and personally, I think it is difficult to find good quality, authentic Mexican food, but lucky for me I just found my new go-to. Recipe spicy mayo for sushi Huahua’s Taqueria offers a variety of Mexican dishes that will leave you wanting more. Spicy mayo recipe for fish During my visit I had the Elote with is grilled Mexican Sweet Corn drizzled with spicy mayo and topped with cotija cheese and cilantro. Japanese spicy mayo sauce recipe Although it was such a small and simple peek into their menu, it gave me just the right amount of satusfaction to know that I must go back and try more!

We ended our sweet 6K celebration at KITH treats. Best spicy mayo recipe sushi Kith treats is a cereal bar that offers a variety of ways to enjoy your favorite cereal. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken burgers At this cereal bar, you have the option to make a custom creation with a variety of cereal, toppings and milk options. Kfc spicy mayonnaise recipe You can also try one of their signature specials which are created by family and friends of the Kith Brand. Baked mussels with spicy mayo recipe With such a huge selection to choose we decided to narrow down our options and picked “ The Groot” which was created by David Grutman, owner of new the new Brickel restaurant hotspot, Komodo and the recently opened OTL in the district. Spicy chipotle mayo sauce recipe The Groot is a Kith favorite swilred with cinammon toast crunch, french toast crunch, chocolate cake crunch, graham cracker crumbs and whole milk.

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