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There once was a time when the word fortnight was simply a way to refer to a period of two weeks. Thanks to the stratospheric rise of the game fortnite, it’s something else entirely – you can’t casually tell a friend how long you’ll be on holiday without someone interjecting to ask if it’s a battle royale.

In case you’ve somehow missed it, fortnite battle royale is a game from epic games released on PS4, xbox one, PC and mac in mid-2017 and this year it’s making its way to mobile.

Fortnite is a member of the flourishing battle royale genre which pits hundreds of players against one another in online multiplayer matches. You can play as an individual or join a team of up to four. The goal is to be the last person or group standing.

Fortnite is free to play (though there are in-game purchases) and it’s become a hit on game streaming services like twitch.

Now, it’s coming to mobile and players will be able to enjoy cross-play and cross-progression between android and ios devices, consoles, and pcs.Able cross-play

PC fan? You’ll be able to play against your friends who prefer console and then switch to your mobile when you have to game outside of the home. Though PS4 and xbox one will be able to cross-play with other devices, they won’t be able to cross-play with one another. But that’s a whole other ongoing discussion.

Drake and tyler blevins recently showed off the cross-play capabilities by streaming their PC and playstation game together on twitch. Records and hearts were broken.

Fortnite on mobile is still in its very early stages and it’ll be a while before absolutely everyone can access. But here you’ll find out how and when you’ll be able to get it on your device. We’ll keep updates coming as more availability is announced. Is it the full game?

This is the full fornite battle royale experience, just on a mobile device. There are obviously some small differences: it’s not quite as visually accomplished as it is on more powerful devices, the controls are touchscreen, and a lot of audio cues have been made visual so you can play comfortably in public without the need for headphones.Epic said but you won’t be missing out on any features.

At the moment, bluetooth controller support and voice chat aren’t supported, but epic has said they’ll be included in the coming months. When and how can I play fortnite on ios?

IOS devices will have first access to fortnite mobile, but access is invite only at the moment. Despite this, it’s already the number one downloaded iphone game in the US.

When you receive your invite it’s simply a matter of activating your account and logging into the app. Not everyone will get an invite as soon as they sign up – epic has said it’s rolling them out steadily so that its servers can be upgraded to cope. Will fortnite work on my iphone 6?

Recently, some users have been questioning whether or not fortnite mobile can be played on the iphone 6 after it was listed as a compatible device on the app store. It’s now emerged that it can’t.

The ios mobile devices able to play fortnite are: iphone SE, iphone 6S/6S plus, iphone 7/ 7 plus, the iphone 8/ 8 plus and the iphone X.Play fortnite what are fortnite friend codes and how can I use them?

Epic has now announced that those it’s invited to play fortnite on ios will have some invites they can send out to their ios-using friends. If epic has granted you friend invite codes you should get an email alerting you, but you’ll have to open the game up to access them.

You should see a notification in the top right corner of the screen which will alert you invites are there and tapping it will let you send out invite links to those you’d like to invite into the game. The invites aren’t endless (you should expect three) so choose carefully. Once the friend you invited has signed up, you’ll automatically be added to each others’ friend lists.

Android users will, sadly, have to wait a little longer to access fortnite. No official release date has been given but epic has said that it’ll come in a few months. We’ll update with more information as soon as it becomes available.Play fortnite be wary of scams

Though it’s exciting that fortnite is coming to mobile, do be aware of scams. Fortnite has tweeted that fans should look out for false invite links and you can see the real links in the tweet below.

We have not sent out any mobile invites yet.Please be aware of false mobile download links. Our official urls are https://t.Co/2e5rxqv3uo and https://t.Co/ayrtzupfpo. Https://t.Co/xzyfhro2w8 march 13, 2018