Fran’s house of ayurveda_ recipe ~ psyllium cookies

These little cookies are so full of fibre I should really be calling them “pookies”. How to make vegan banana bread Psyllium is all fibre so it doesn’t get absorbed by the body. Banana bread using cake mix Its calories are negligible and they add lots of bulk to help keep your digestive system moving (find psyllium at health food stores). Banana bread using applesauce The oatmeal and flax are also great for the gut! Choose a nut butter, sweetener and flour according to your dosha (see below) or to your taste.

Banana bread using oil Makes around 2 dozen. Bananas foster bread pudding Pictured here using molasses, walnut butter and spelt flour.

8 Tbsp seed or nut butter (almond, peanut, walnut, sunflower, tahini…)*

1 cup whole grain flour (spelt, kamut, chick pea, rice, or a mixture of these)*

Preheat oven to 325°F and spray a cookie sheet with oil. Banana bread with yogurt recipe In a food processor or large bowl, mix together the nut butter, oil, vanilla, cinnamon, salt and sweetener. Banana bread with yogurt and applesauce Mix in the egg. Banana bread with yogurt and oil Stir in flour, oatmeal,psyllium and flax seeds, and mix just enough to distribute them evenly throughout the mixture. Banana nut bread beer You should end up with a stiff batter.

Make little balls of dough and press each cookie flat, to about 1cm high, with a fork. Banana nut bread calories Bake for 10 minutes. Banana nut bread with chocolate chips Cool and store in an air-tight container. Banana nut bread healthy I recommend you have a glass of water with each cookie, since the psyllium absorbs lots of water and will expand in the belly, which is how it adds bulk to your system. Banana nut bread cake Otherwise it could leach moisture from your intestines!

VATAS choose: any nut butter; whole wheat or brown rice flour; molasses or brown rice syrup as sweetener

PITTAS choose: almond butter; whole wheat or spelt flour; maple syrup or brown rice syrup as sweetener

KAPHAS choose: sunflower or pumpkin seed butters; millet or rye flour; brown rice syrup or fruit puree as sweetener

~ Flax is a great fibre seed for all doshas, so feel free to substitute the psyllium husks with ground flax (also better for Vatas).

~ For a gluten-free cookie, replace oatmeal with dry cereal like kamut flakes or puffed rice

~ Cooking with honey goes against Ayurvedic recommendations because honey is a living food. Banana nut bread pioneer woman Its nutritional benefits will be destroyed with heating, so in general, choose unpasteurized honey and do not use for baking or cooking.

~ I tried these with just molasses and find they need to be cut with some other sweetener as well, like maple or brown rice syrup (half and half). Banana nut bread with buttermilk I also tried these with chick pea flour and they were surprisingly good (suitable for Pittas and Kaphas)!

There’s been some discussion about trying to replicate the Metamucil(TM) psyllium fibre cookies that are on the market. Easy banana bread no eggs Using Jeniece’s guidelines, I’ve baked them as seen here, with some success! They probably taste nothing like the ones you can buy (sorry, Jeniece!), but they’re quite tasty and so full of goodness. How to make banana bread pudding Here is the recipe, with my modifications:

Combine all dry ingredients, then liquids separately, and stir together to combine thoroughly. How to make banana bread without eggs Spread the dough onto a non-stick cookie sheet and roll or press down to a 1/2 cm thickness. Banana nut bread recipe healthy Cut with a sharp knife into 16 squares, and bake at 350F for 20 minutes (for a softer and chewier cookie, bake for only 15 minutes). Healthy banana bread muffins Reinforce the cuts to separate the squares, and let cool. Best banana bread recipe uk Enjoy each one with a glass of water and let the gut magic begin!

these are my favorite. Best banana bread recipe sour cream next time i make them i’m going to try using ground flax instead of psyllium because i heard that psyllium doesn’t have the correct ratio of .. Banana bread with sour cream martha stewart umm… Banana bread with sour cream and chocolate chips soluble and unsoluable fiber? psyllium is mostly soluable so it doesn’t clean out your colon as much as a fibre with the proper ratio. Banana bread with sour cream and brown sugar (like vegtable/legume fiber) but thanks fran!! these are awesome.

Thanks to the anonymous comment! I’m very glad you (and your bowels!) like these so much. Banana bread nutrition facts 🙂 And yay, Amanda! I’m glad you like them, too. Healthy banana bread with greek yogurt And I’m with you, flax is better than psyllium sometimes, and I love flax in cookies. Moist banana bread muffins Thanks for your comment!

Wow,these fantastic!! I made 2 batches,the first I used psylliun,flax,10 grain cereal,chick pea flour and blue agave for sweetner.

The 2nd batch I used the psylliun and flax instead of oatmeal,Millet flour and some pureed prunes…they were both delicious.What a great recipie collection,so glad I found it:)

I was doubtful, but these are really tasty.. Banana nut bread moist though I had to use Skippy (bad but yummy).

I used a little less flopur since I used part molasses and part Splenda, and it worked fine. Easy banana bread recipe uk Has anyone used more psyllium than 1/4 cup? there’s actually only 3-4 g of fiber per cookie, which isn’t as much as those metamucil wafers which are 6 per serving.

Hi Jeniece! I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised 🙂 Feel free to increase the psyllium by 50%, I’m sure they’ll still work fine but will be more fiber-y and you’ll need to drink more water with each one so it can bulk up nicely in your intestines!

By the way, frannie, since you seem to be a genius with this psyllium stuff… Banana bread recipe with sour cream and brown sugar do you happen to have or have an idea for a recipe that’s similar to the metamucil cookie things? dunno if you’ve tried them but they have 120 calories, 6g fiber, 5g fat (which is fine if it’s good fat) and are reeeeeeallly tasty. Banana loaf with chocolate chips They are almost like cinnamon shortbread… Gluten free banana chocolate chip bread crispy and crunchy and crumbly.

I just checked out Metamucil’s website and they list the ingredients of the cinnamon cookies. Moist banana chocolate chip bread They look good!

Wheat Flour, Corn Oil, Sucrose, Psyllium Husk, Oats, Fructose, Oat Hull Fiber, Corn Starch, Soy Lecithin, Cinnamon, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Molasses, Sodium Bicarbonate, Ascorbic Acid (Preservative)

I’ll try turning these ingredients into a crispy cookie recipe and post here if they work out… Healthy chocolate chip banana bread fingers crossed 😉

I did some calculations using the nutrition facts and the info they give about relative amount of ingredients. Banana bread without nuts Came up with:

I would eyeball the amounts of spices and put in 1/2 or so tsp of baking powder, bake at 350? I feel like this is going to be way too dry though. Healthy banana chocolate chip bread Maybe add water? though the package doesn’t say it’s added.

I haven’t tried this yet, just tossing it out there as a base recipe.

Check out the metamucil cookies experiment! I’ve posted a photo plus the recipe based on your amounts, Janiece, but it was really dry so it needed an egg and some mashed fruit. Banana nut chocolate chip bread The weight of the final cookies in total was 540 grams — approximately double the weight of a box of the biscuits, and they have 12 cookies per package (the above recipe makes 16). Banana walnut chocolate chip bread If the above recipe is cut into 12 large cookies instead, then 1 cookie is the equivalent of 2 Metamucil cookies. Best banana bread muffins What do you think?

Was a dry and crumbly dough but I wanted the cookies to be crunchy so I just mashed it together and smashed it into a thin huge pancake on a baking sheet. Banana bread muffins healthy Baked for 10 mins at 350, took them out and cut the huge cookie into baby cookies so they’d brown better, turned off the oven and left them in for 8 minutes more. Vegan chocolate chip banana bread I think that they should have less molasses, more honey, but the molasses does help to hide the psyllium-ness. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe martha stewart They are tastyyyyy!

Hello! I just stumbled across this site when looking for psyllium cookies.. Banana bread recipe applesauce well done & much appreciated! Following the posts, i see the lasted incarnation uses Splenda. Paleo banana nut bread Soo…if one wanted to use something other than splenda, what would you recommend, please? Thanks!

Yes, I don’t recommend Splenda as it’s an artificial sweetener. Banana nut bread recipe paula deen If you want a no-calorie sweetener, you can use stevia (a natural plant extract) and sometimes you can find it sold combined with some other substance so you can use it in equal amounts as sugar (ie. Banana bread beer recipe if a recipe calls for 1/2 cup sugar, you can use 1/2 cup of this stevia powder mixture). Peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips Otherwise, use stevia from packets according to the directions. Banana bread without buttermilk Hope this helps!

Hmm, I’ve never seen whole psyllium in stores. Banana bread recipe muffins You can certainly try it though my guess would be that it’s too light to grind properly. Banana bread recipe vegan Also psyllium doesn’t have oils that go rancid, so buying pre-ground or powdered psyllium does not take away health benefits.

1. Banana bread muffins with chocolate chips You don’t even want whole seeds, you want the husk, that is the valuable part, and you want it seperate from the the seed so it can do it’s thing.

2. Banana bread muffins uk Excellent alternative sweetener: Wheylow. Banana bread recipe with cream cheese 4 calories per teaspoon, use just like sugar, tastes just like sugar. Banana cake without baking soda Comes in brown sugar, maple sugar flavors, and like confectioners sugar. Banana bread chocolate chip muffins Google it now!!

These are absolutely wonderful. Banana bread with almond flour i found your recipe and realized i had all the ingredients and made them immediately! I used Agave for the sweetener. Banana muffins with chocolate chips Thank you for posting this recipe! Can’t wait for the family to try a couple! 🙂

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