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An organism possesses spherical symmetry if it can be cut into two identical halves by any cut that runs through the organism’s center.

An organism possesses radial symmetry if it can be cut into two identical halves by any longitudinal cut through its center.

An organism possesses bilateral symmetry if it can only be cut into two identical halves by a single longitudinal cut along its center which divides it into right and left halves.

The jellylike substance that separates the epidermis from the inner cells in a sponge.

Cells that move using pseudopods and perform different functions in different animals.

A cluster of cells encased in a hard, spicule-reinforced shell.

The sessile, tubular form of a cnidarian with a mouth and tentacles at one end and a basal disk at the other.

A free-swimming cnidarian with a bell-shaped body and tentacles.

Animal tissue consisting of one or more layers of cells that have only one free surface, because the other surface adheres to a membrane or other sustance.

The jellylike substance that separates the epithelial cells in a cnidarian.

Small capsules that contain a toxin which is injected into prey or predators.

A system designed to transport food and other necessary substances throughout a creature’s body.

A system of sensitive cells that respond to stimuli such as sound, touch, and taste.

A sheath of tissue that encloses the vital organs of a mollusk, makes the mollusk’s shell, and performs respiration.

A tough, multilayered structure secreted by the mantle, generally used for protection, but sometimes of body support.

A hump that contains a mollusk’s heart, digestive, and excretory organs.

A muscular organ that is used for locomotion and takes a variety of forms depending on the animal.

An organ covered with teeth that mullusks use to scrape food into their mouths.

By pulling water water through themselves and filtering the algae, bacteria, and organic debris.

5. How do you say chicken gizzards in spanish If a sponge is soft, does it contain spicules or spongin? What purpose do these substances serve in a sponge?

Spongin. How to cook chicken gizzards for dogs Spicules provide a framework that supports the sponge. Chicken prolapsed uterus Spongin supports sponges with a web of protein.

6. Chicken prolapse What is the predominant mode of asexual reproduction in a sponge?

7. Chicken prolapsed oviduct What roles do amoebocytes play in the anatomy of a sponge?

They digest food, transport the digested food to the parts of the sponge that need it, take waste products from the inner cells, exchange gases, and produce the lime or silica that makes up spicules.

9. Chicken gizzards and rice What is the difference between the nematocysts of a hydra and those of a sea anemone?

Hydra- Triggered with pressure. Chicken gizzards in crock pot Sea anemone- Triggered chemically.

10. Chicken gizzards what are they Why do cnidarians not need respiratory or excretory systems?

Because their body walls are so thin that gases go right through them.

11. Chicken wing diagram labeled Some biology books say that jellyfish live “duel lives.” Why?

Because they spend part of their lives as polyps, and part of their lives as medusas.

a. Chicken outline Mouth b. Chicken ear infection symptoms Ventral nerve cord c. Chicken causing bladder infections Seminal receptacles d. Chicken and urinary tract infections Seminal vesicle e. Chicken treatment Ventral blood vessel f. How to stop chicken cannibalism Nephridia g. Whole chicken bloody mary clitellum h. Sobelman’s fried chicken bloody mary Intestine i. Fried chicken bloody mary Dorsal blood vessel j. Chicken glasses Gizzard k. Chicken glasses storage wars Crop l. Chicken glasses video Oviduct m. Chicken glasses for sale Ovary n. Chicken glasses patent Esophagus o. Chicken kissing game Aortic arches p. Chicken with bloody stool Pharynx q. Cartoon chicken images free Ganglia

15. Fried chicken images free What benefits do earthworms give the plants in the soil they inhabit?

They make the soil fertile and mix the nutrient-rich upper soil with the mineral-rich bottom soil.

16. Chicken images free clip art If you pick up two earthworms and the first feels very slimy near the clitellum and the second does not, what can you conclude about the first earthworm?

17. Chicken liver function What similarities exist between the hydra’s sexual reproduction and the earthworm’s? What differences exist?

They are both hermaphroditic. Chicken video recipes The earthworm cannot mate with itself, while the hydra sometimes can.

18. Chicken video game What will happen to an earthworm if its cuticle gets dry?

Because the intestine branches extend throughout most of the body.

20. Chicken videos If a flatworm has no complex nervous or digestive systems, is it most likely free-living or parasitic?

21. Chicken machine embroidery designs What is the main mode of asexual reproduction in a planarian?

22. Chicken machine Place each organism in one of the following phyla: Porifera, Cnidaria, Annelida, Mollusca, Platyhelminthes. Chicken images black and white a. Liver of chicken Sea anemone. How to make chicken gizzards and rice b. How to cook chicken gizzards and rice Clam. Chicken masala tikka c. Chicken masala curry Sponge. Chicken masala indian recipe d. Chicken masala bajias cooking Flatworm. Chicken masala powder e. Chicken masala calories Segmented worm.

a. Chicken masala indian style Cnidaria. Chicken masala b. Chicken masala slow cooker Mollusca. Chicken marinades easy c. Chicken marinades for baking Porifera. Chicken marinades and rubs d. Chicken marinades with orange juice Platyhelminthes. Chicken marinades recipes e. Chicken marinades for bbq Annelida.

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