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Jim Harrison once wrote an essay detailing a conversation he had with his mother about the semantics between polenta and cornmeal mush. Low fat vegan mayo recipe They are the same thing — ground meal corn that is slowly cooked until it is a porridge consistency — but it was the name that changed.

I respect his mother’s sentiment that she didn’t need the Italians to validate a dish that she had been cooking and eating happily for years. Chinese spicy mayo recipe I also understand wanting to feel like what we eat in our homes mirrors the food traditions of others. Mexican spicy mayo recipe Sometimes we adopt, sometimes we draw parallels, sometimes we can’t be bothered.

Words matter, maybe least of all on menus, but even there they represent our culture and how we choose to showcase it. Poke recipe spicy mayo I don’t like it when menus substitute words like aioli for mayonnaise because people who don’t eat mayo might be fine with aioli (which is technically a very garlicy mayo made with a portion of olive oil worked in).

I don’t like it when menus add extra flourishes like “hen’s egg” when no rooster has ever threatened to encroach on the hen’s sphere of influence. Calories in spicy mayo I don’t like the tendency to skew menus to Italian or French words simply because it sounds fancy. Carbs in spicy mayo I am proud of Midwestern food traditions and the simplicity of calling food what it is.

But then there was the time that I put Turkey Neck Sauce over Cornmeal Mush on a menu. How many calories in spicy mayo It was a nod to Harrison and the pinnacle of my #sorrynotsorry phase. Best chipotle mayo recipe Several other cooks read the menu and paused there, not saying a thing. Simple chipotle mayo recipe Then it was my husband who finally broke it to me, “ I don’t think that ‘neck’ and ‘mush’ are doing you any favors here.”

He was right. How to make spicy mayo I begrudgingly changed the menu item to read Turkey Collar and Tomato Sauce over Corn Porridge. Recipe for spicy mayo Compromise never feels like a total win, but it is certainly something to be lived with. Japanese spicy mayo recipe Try to not be off-putting while refusing to pretend to be someone else.

And in the end, all of this is just a little story to encourage you to eat a warm bowl full of cooked cornmeal, while you decide what to call it.

Most cornmeal is available in the bulk sections of grocery stores or in boxes in the baking section. Spicy mayo sauce recipe You can choose between fine and coarse depending on your preference. Spicy mayo recipe sushi The fine will take less time to cook than the coarse and (naturally) have a less grainy texture. Spicy mayo recipe for burgers I personally prefer the coarse but maybe only because I’ve always wanted to be rougher around the edges than I actually am.

Grits are in the similar vein, but often made by grinding hominy (corn treated with lye to break down the exterior and glue-like components of corn making the niacin absorbent in the digestive tract). How to make spicy mayo for sushi Grits are the opposite of polenta in a cultural sense — polenta was a staple dish of First American tribes that was adopted by European settlers and at home both north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

To prepare it follow a basic ratio of 4:1 water (or liquid) to grain.

I almost always use water to cook cornmeal, mostly because I like to keep it vegetarian so I have options and when I’ve used milk it always scorches. Chilli mayonnaise recipe I also salt the water like I would for pasta — you want it to taste salty but not as salty as the sea.

Bring the water to a boil, whisk in the cornmeal, and allow it to return to a boil, whisking regularly. Spicy mayo for sushi When it starts to bubble, turn it off and let it sit on the back of the stove to carry-over cook without the risk of burning the bottom if one gets distracted by other things and forgets to whisk regularly.

To tell if it is done, the water should all be absorbed . Easy chipotle mayo recipe When you taste a little spoonful, it should feel tender in your mouth. Easy spicy mayo recipe If it is still grainy, kick the heat back on for a bit and repeat. Sushi spicy mayo recipe Now is when I add some cream or grated cheese if desired.

Polenta can be made several days in advance of a dinner party and then simply reheated. Best spicy mayo recipe Below are two recipes for different ways to top the polenta, including the infamous “neck” sauce. Spicy mayo recipe for sushi The other nice thing about polenta is that you can use the leftovers to make a whole new dish by slicing and pan frying them. Spicy mayo sushi recipe Again, sky is the limit here for toppings.

Maybe try them topped with a hen’s egg and aioli if you’re feeling fancy.

This can be made with any sort of braising cut from any sort of animal. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken The beauty of turkey necks is that they are still dirt cheap unlike some other more fashionable braising cuts (like shank) and the collagen from within the neck bones makes the sauce incredibly silky. Spicy mayo recipe for fries Just remember that there are a lot of small, delicate bones in a turkey neck and so go through the sauce a couple of times or be sure to warn your guests.

Heat the oven to 300F. Recipe spicy mayo Cut the onions thinly. Spicy mayo for sushi recipe Mince the garlic cloves.

In a large dutch oven heat a glug of oil (either neutral or olive). Spicy mayo sushi sauce recipe Brown the turkey necks evenly. Sushi spicy mayo sauce recipe Remove the necks and fry the thyme until fragrant. Asian spicy mayo recipe Add the onions and garlic with a good pinch of salt and sweat until tender.

Deglaze with the wine, scrapping up the brown bits. Spicy sushi mayo recipe When the wine is reduced by half, return the necks to the pot. Spicy tuna mayo recipe Add the tomatoes, chili flakes, and sugar with another good pinch of salt. Bonchon spicy mayo recipe Cover tightly and cook in the oven until the neck bones lift easily from the meat. Kfc spicy mayo recipe Remove from the oven and let cool 30 minutes.

Slowly pick all the little neck bones out of the sauce (checking it twice).

Taste the sauce and adjust seasoning as desired. Spicy mayo dip recipe Serve over a hearty heaping of cornmeal mush with grated cheese and maybe some greens for good measure.

I like this served for breakfast but it does well for dinner too. Spicy mayo recipe for sweet potato fries I also like it with fresh goat cheese or Leelanau Fromage Blanc dotted on top at the end. Spicy mayo poke recipe The key to the mushroom sauce is enough salt and black pepper to balance the richness of the cream.

It almost goes without saying that this recipe is spectacular with morel mushrooms and is maybe indicative of my anxiousness for the spring fungi.

Slice the mushrooms thinly or quarter if little guys. Spicy chipotle mayo recipe Slice the leeks into half moons and soak in a good deal of water agitating now and again to get the dirt to fall away.

Heat a big knob of butter and fry the mushrooms with the thyme leaves until lightly browned and cooked through (season with salt and pepper along the way). Spicy aioli sauce recipe with mayo Lift the leeks from the water (as opposed to pouring the dirty water over the leeks) and add to the frying pan.

Allow the leeks to sweat until tender. Spicy ahi poke recipe mayo Add the white wine and let reduce until dry. Spicy mayo recipe for tacos Add the cream and bring to a bubble. Spicy mayo ahi poke recipe Wilt the spinach in the warm sauce just before serving. Spicy tuna poke recipe mayo Taste and adjust the seasoning as desired

In a large frying pan, fry the eggs until the white is set. Spicy mayo mussels recipe Season each egg liberally. Spicy mayo recipe without sriracha Scoop the cornmeal porridge and top with a good spoonful of the sauce and then the egg. Spicy ahi poke recipe with mayo Serve immediately.

I find that I only make this recipe with leftover polenta and so the size of the cakes varies based on how much I had left. Spicy mayo recipe for fish tacos This recipe can be cooked on a grill, but I always worry about the cakes falling apart and me getting grouchy because of it, so I stick to a pan. Recipe for spicy mayo for sushi But, as always, it is up to you.

The toppings can also change based on when you are eating and what you want out of the dish. Recipe spicy mayo for sushi For breakfast, I top it with honey and raisins. Spicy mayo recipe for fish For lunch or a dinner side, I’ll top it with pesto or fresh tomato salsa and cilantro. Japanese spicy mayo sauce recipe The only key is a hot pan to get a good crust on the outside.

Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap. Best spicy mayo recipe sushi Spray with pan spray or a light coating of olive oil. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken burgers Pour the leftover polenta into the loaf pan and fold the plastic wrap over the top. Kfc spicy mayonnaise recipe Chill overnight.

Lift from the loaf pan and slice into 1-inch thick pieces. Baked mussels with spicy mayo recipe Heat a glug of oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan. Spicy chipotle mayo sauce recipe Slide in the slices and fry until well-browned. Spicy mayo recipe sriracha Flip and brown the other side (you may have to do these in batches depending on how many slices you have). Real japanese spicy mayo recipe Remove to a serving platter or individual plates, sprinkle with salt, and serve with your desired garnish.

Abra Berens is a chef and former farmer specializing in Midwestern food. Spicy sushi sauce mayo recipe She co-founded Bare Knuckle Farm in Northport and now cooks in Chicago. Spicy mayo sauce recipe japanese For more writing and recipes go to

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