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BATESVILLE — Several states have legalized marijuana, and legislators in others are considering it. Easy homemade meatballs without breadcrumbs But what effect has this had on the citizens and cities where the drug is readily available for purchase?

How can far-flung families celebrate winter holidays together? Jim and Char Dreyer hit on a plan about two decades ago that they have modified to perfection – a Thanksgiving- morphing-into-Christmas blockbuster weekend.

The tradition started when the parents of seven moved from Batesville to Tucson, Ariz., in 1990, leaving some of the kids here. Easy homemade meatballs and sauce Now Batesville, to which the Dreyers moved back in the late 1990s after a stint in Gastonia, N.C., is the meeting spot for three days in late November.

“That allowed our adult children, their families and spouses’ families to have their Christmas celebration on Christmas Day,” Jim points out.

Starting this Thursday, six of the children ranging in age from 42-50 will congregate: Dave (wife Melanie), Brad (wife Susan) and Mark (wife Shelley) Dreyer and Teri Coleman (husband Mike), Batesville; Mike Dreyer, Laurel, Md.; and Jeff (wife Kathy) Dreyer, Noblesville. Easy homemade meatballs in crockpot Missing will be Doug (wife Debbie) Dreyer, Concord, N.C.

In addition, 13 of 15 grandchildren from 8-20 will be ready for fun. Easy homemade meatballs in oven “They just can’t get enough of one another,” Char reports.

For the last six years or so, the Colemans have hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Cooking homemade meatballs in oven This time Teri expects about 25 around the table. How to make homemade meatballs in oven Last weekend the full-time worker began cooking “so I’m not going crazy that morning.” She has secret weapons to lighten the load: “Mike fries two turkeys outside in the driveway,” plus several relatives pitch in. Homemade bbq meatballs in oven “Melanie brings homemade macaroni and cheese every year.” Others contribute items ranging from wine to chips.

“We always eat right at 1.” The challenge of the huge feast is “getting all the food out and hot at the same time.”

Must-have dishes include her spin on mashed potatoes (“I put cream cheese and sour cream in mine”); the classic green bean casserole; and a recipe from local dietitian Kathy Cooley, roasted sweet potatoes, green peppers, mushrooms and onions, tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

The meal is rounded out with stuffing and a variety of desserts: leftover birthday cake from the grandmother’s birthday the day before, and apple, cherry and pumpkin pies from Kroger’s freezer.

Any Thanksgiving fiascos? Coleman can’t recall kitchen disasters, but says one fall when the kids and men were playing football in a nearby church parking lot, “Dave broke my husband’s watch” during a tackle. Best homemade meatballs in oven Even though the glass shattered, cutting Dreyer’s hand, “they kept playing … Homemade turkey meatballs in oven Mike had to get a new watch and Dave can still feel” a piece of the watch in his hand.

Friday everyone will just hang out until that evening when Brad and Susan Dreyer will host an adults-only dinner for about the 10th year.

“Susan just likes to cook,” according to her husband. Homemade italian meatballs giada “She slaves away and I end up tasting things …. Homemade italian meatballs crockpot You can’t beat it.”

“We usually have some kind of a pasta dish, some kind of a cobbler” and the home is decorated for the holidays. Homemade italian style meatballs recipe After dinner, Christmas presents are opened. Recipe for homemade meatballs with sauce “Some people give gifts and some don’t. Easy homemade meatballs and spaghetti We don’t pick names,” Teri says. How make homemade meatballs They normally stay at the Dreyers, but last year ventured to Belterra for a little gambling. How to make easy homemade meatballs for spaghetti “It was fun,” Char remembers.

“It’s a time to get caught up with everybody” without the interruptions of children, Brad says. Homemade meatball recipe with ground beef His mom explains that the conversation is light-hearted. How to make homemade meatballs with ground beef “They talk about everything they got away with that I thought I knew, but didn’t.”

Char Dreyer used to do a lot of the cooking, but now Brad considers the weekend a tribute to his mother. How to make homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs “Mom does so much for everybody (during the rest of the year) and this is our way of thanking her.”

While the parents are mingling, the grandkids will be watching scary movies at the Colemans’ house. Make homemade italian meatballs “You never know what you’re going to come home to,” Teri observes.

Saturday will be all about celebrating Christmas. How to cook homemade meatballs in oven The children and dads will meet at McDonald’s at 11 a.m. How long to make homemade meatballs for lunch while the women are setting up the Hillindale Commons clubhouse. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti sauce After the entire Dreyer clan arrives there, Santa and Mrs. How do you cook homemade meatballs Claus will distribute gifts for the grandchildren chosen by the grandparents.

Then the youngest generation will guess how much money is contained in each of eight or 10 glass jars. Homemade bread crumbs for meatloaf According to Char, “Grandpa has become very adroit at folding and hiding currency among the nickels, dimes and quarters to make it harder to guess the full amount. Recipe for homemade meatballs in crockpot The closest guess wins the money in that jar.” A new rule was made after Batesville’s Drew Coleman won three banks one year: “If you guess more than one, the highest amount you get, but you can’t win any more” than one.

Then there is the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and a birthday cake for him. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs halloween costume “We don’t want to lose the real reason for Christmas,” Coleman says.

After eating some leftovers and perhaps pizza, everyone departs for a laser tag center in Cincinnati. Homemade meatballs and gravy in crock pot Because there are so many, the family takes over the whole facility. Homemade meatballs and gravy recipes “All the grandchildren delight in ‘shooting’ Grandpa and also seeing who can get the highest overall score,” the grandmother reports.

It’s kids vs. Homemade meatballs with grape jelly and bbq sauce adults in the first round, then boys vs. Homemade meatballs without breadcrumbs girls. How long do i bake homemade meatballs “It is so cool,” Char Dreyer says. Homemade meatballs in crockpot “The girls are just wandering around shooting people. Homemade meatballs allrecipes The guys have platoons and are doing the guy thing. Homemade turkey meatballs baked They’re so organized with how they go about getting the girls.”

The weekend is always one of the year’s high points for the family’s matriarch. Homemade meatballs recipe oven “I still believe in Santa,” she confesses. Homemade barbecue meatballs recipe “I just love being around everybody.”

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