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Mooli Ki Kadhi is one of the best summer curry recipes. Chinese curry sauce recipe It is light on the stomach, big on flavors and requires your minimal time near the stove. Mild curry sauce recipe Yes, we are already thinking of gloomy summer days ahead.

Indian curry sauce recipe easy And started working on summer recipes such as Mooli Ki Kadhi. Spicy curry sauce recipe For a day, give a miss to your regular Kadhi and try this version. Hot curry sauce recipe It has the unique pungent flavor of radish plus it is 100% gluten and onion/garlic free. Easy curry sauce recipe using curry powder In our Kumaoni dialect, we call it Mooli Ki Jholi. Low fat curry sauce recipe In our everyday conversation, we commonly use the term jholi for kadhi. Thai curry sauce recipe And the consistency of Kumaoni jholi is on a thinner side like a shorba or jhol. Basic curry sauce recipe using curry powder Perfect to mop steamed rice with it using your fingers.

This delicious Matar Mushroom Masala recipe is easy to make, naturally gluten-free, and full of the most gratifying curry flavors that are sure to warm you up. Recipe for indian curry sauce One of my favorite meals of the week? This quick, easy, and oh-so-comforting Matar Mushroom Curry. Recipe for curry sauce for chicken Serve it with chapati or jeera rice, either way, it tastes super good. So if you’re looking for a fancy and comforting meal to share with some important people in your life this week, this delicious Matar Mushroom Masala Curry could be your favorite pick. Quick and easy curry sauce recipe It does not require a list of lavish ingredients. Yellow curry sauce recipe The trick to getting it right is in perfectly and patiently sauteeing the masala. Curry sauce recipe using curry powder If you are seeking a restaurant like Matar Mushroom Curry then at each step fry the masala till it starts leaving the sides of the pan. Green curry sauce recipe That is the only not-so-secret trick to make a classic curry.

Adrak-Lehsun Ki Sabzi is one of the best gluten-free curry recipes we have come across. Creamy curry sauce recipe If you are somehow connected to a Punjabi household, then there this curry is known as Chitt (Ch-itt). Curry cream sauce recipe It is no ordinary curry. Recipe for chicken curry sauce I’m talking about the kind of curry that hits the perfect score when it comes to – easy cooking, minimal ingredients, soul comforting and robust flavors. Healthy curry sauce recipe We usually crave for chitt on a cold winter evening to dip Phulkas for dinner. There is not one single thing I don’t love about this type of simple, everyday curries. Recipe for curry sauce using curry powder They are nutritious, quick, simple and comfort food to the max. Authentic indian curry sauce recipe I think there is no reason to not try this Adrak-Lehsun Ki Sabzi at home.

What a delicious, blissful Palak Anda Curry Recipe we’ve got going on, and just in time for the upcoming icy-cold winter days. Curry base sauce recipe The rustic spinach curry combined with boiled eggs is the answer to the question ‘What could be an alternative to traditional egg curry?’ Though I love the spicy, soup, old-school egg curry during any given day. Curry sauce recipe coconut milk But when there is an abundant supply of tender spinach leaves and the great need of robust curries to keep us warm. Easy recipe mild curry sauce The idea of Palak Anda Curry sounds so much exciting! Just this curry and the piping hot phulkas straight from the gas stove onto the plate, together they provide a delightful meal on a cold winter afternoon.

Arhar Ki Dal is an everyday comfort food to which most us are hooked. Authentic curry sauce recipe Arhar Dal Fry is one lentil curry which without fail accompanies steamed rice or garam garam phulkas for lunch in most of the Indian households. Easy indian curry sauce recipe My love affair with this humble lentil curry started at an early age. Easy yellow curry sauce recipe Anyone who is familiar with the Kumaoni food culture would understand my fondness for this dal. Red curry sauce recipe In most of the Kumaoni households, the lunch menu often consists of dal-bhaat (lentil-rice) and when we say dal, by default, we are referring to arhar ki dal. Indian basic curry sauce recipe There is an unsaid, soul-satiating comfort in mopping up the piping hot arhar dal fry with steamed rice ( bhaat) that too sans using any cutlery. Curry sauce for chicken recipe And till date arhar ki dal with rice remains my favorite comfort food, no second thought about it.

Like many other curry recipes on the blog, Pakodi Ki Sabzi is too courtesy mom’s recipe book. Tomato based curry sauce recipe But this one, in particular, she learnt from her bania (a business community in India) friend much later in life. Red thai curry sauce recipe A no onion/garlic eating regime is quite common in many Indian households but definitely not ours. Curry sauce recipe curry powder We follow this kind of strict diet only during certain festivities or mourning, else we are very much in love with our onion and garlic masala. Thai coconut curry sauce recipe So this friend of mom’s is a pro in no onion/garlic cooking. Curry sauce recipe for chicken There is a strong sulphur-rich aroma hanging in the air of her kitchen, maybe because she profoundly uses ghee, jeera and hing tadka for cooking most of the dishes. Recipe for thai curry sauce And we as a kid found that peculiar smell weirdly pleasant and tempting. Thick curry sauce recipe So we were introduced to this Pakodi Ki Sabzi by this lady (mum’s friend). Basic curry base sauce recipe And much later, when I started exploring the intricacies of local food, found that Pakodi Ki Sabzi is quite a popular recipe in many parts of Northern India.

This year, it rained like never before. Recipe for coconut curry sauce It poured cats and dogs. Recipe for red curry sauce Waking up to the sound of water gushing down, no sunshine, is almost a routine for a month now. Indian curry base sauce recipe The rain in North India always seems more dramatic somehow than rain anywhere else I have been before. Thai curry sauce recipe coconut milk Largely, because when it rains for a while, the streets begin to flood with water in a most disgusting fashion; perhaps using boats and knee high boots seems like a sensible decision to reach your destination. Vegan curry sauce recipe Being house arrested due to rain for days we have ample time to read, cook, chatter and capture the mood of the season in digital frames. Takeaway curry sauce recipe The sound of the rain, beating down heavily on the windowpanes – is enough to break the afternoon silence. Easy curry sauce recipe coconut milk I find myself oddly pleased in the midst of this raining chaos to continue the normal humdrum of life: cooking and writing. Indian curry sauce recipe coconut milk Hence, the weather is perfect to talk about this simple, unglamorous Pahadi Aloo Paani Recipe that makes me feel grounded, happy, contented and connected to my Kumaoni roots.

In India, everyday meals are an integral part of the food culture. Sweet curry sauce recipe Three full meals a day is the food ritual that we usually follow in our routine life. Indian restaurant curry sauce recipe These three full meals are the combination of rice, flatbread, lentils, vegetables, yogurt and protein either in the form of cottage cheese (paneer), egg or meat. Vegetable curry sauce recipe This seems like a hell lot of food but each ingredient or dish on the plate has a meaningful purpose and adds to a balanced diet. British curry sauce recipe From sorting the menu in advance to grocery shopping and then finally skillfully executing these meal plans every day for each course requires a lot of advance planning. As a food blogger, I am often asked what my everyday meal is like? Is it always fancy, gourmet and styled as one can see on my blog or do we eat simple meals as well? To answer, all those curiosities, we curated this series – 30 Everyday Indian Meals.

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