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He famously said, “when government — in pursuit of good intentions — tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the cost comes in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a referee, not an active player.”

Because I believe this and have publicly advocated for the free markets, the last administration in washington was particularly difficult for me to stomach. Senator obama said he believed in the free markets when he was campaigning but once in office, massive overregulation was his go-to position.

Common sense regulation is needed to maintain a level playing field but not to favor one group against another. As friedman said, government should be a referee not a player. President obama used our taxpayer dollars like a venture capitalist would, as seed money for green energy companies like solyndra and A123 systems (think batteries for solar systems).Free market

the government shouldn’t be artificially propping up companies with tax dollars. It should be the market that best determines which companies provide the most value for consumers.

When it comes to supporting the free market, our current administration is doing better. By eliminating excessive regulation and the red tape created by the obama administration, tax cuts and tax reform, with the help of congress, will continue to pay dividends for years. De-regulation has unleashed the animal spirits that free markets need to thrive and grow. You may already be seeing this in the equity markets and your investments accounts.

Because of the growing economy, interest rates are now starting to move up, but for good reason. The economy is expanding at almost 3 percent and the atlanta fed has said it could exceed 5 percent in 2018. Remember, a little inflation is good, in fact it is wanted. A lot of inflation is a serious problem.Free markets wages that have been stagnant for decades are now on the rise as indicated by the february jobs report. Private sector jobs are being created at almost 200,000 per month and unemployment is at a 17-year low. These are all manifestations of the trump economy and things to cheer about.

Wilbur ross is the commerce secretary under president trump and is a man I have admired for years, a billionaire investor who should understand free market principals. Secretary ross has said that nation states are unfairly dumping products on the US and that is why the tariffs on washing machines (south korea) and solar panels (china) were put in place. If these two states are dumping product unfairly and our trade balance is not in balance, then mr. Ross needs to come to us, the american people, and make his case. Who are all the nation states engaging in unfair trade and why does he think these states won’t retaliate against the U.S.?Free markets

The reason you should care about this is because it will affect you if you’re looking to replace a large kitchen appliance like a dishwasher, or put solar panels on your new or existing home by paying higher prices. In cedar hills, our largest percent of permits for the last few years has been for solar panels; this is not an insignificant thing for US consumers. If you are a farmer or rancher, you may be concerned about how marketing your product will be affected if a trade war breaks out and tariffs are placed on beef or apples.

Finally, I understand president trump’s argument that he wants free trade that is fair to all parties — he is absolutely right in this assertion. But I wonder what happens between now and the end of this trade dispute. President trump and mr. Ross could be correct about trade tariffs and china and south korea may capitulate to our requests for fairer trade and it will loudly be applauded.Free markets

If they do not capitulate to our request then, this will not end well. I hope I am proven wrong, the last thing we need is for the economy to stall. Not because of the fed raising interest rates to slow down inflation but because of a trade war with asia.